Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A "Sweeping" Life Change for told by Travelin' Jack...her dog-brother.

This post is my entry into the  "BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare Inc"

Yes, I know this is MY dog-blog...but sometimes we have to refocus our dog-tention on some other critter.  In this case....I defer to my step-dog-sister, Roxie the Boxer.  She was in our home long before me..and she is Top Dog in my books!

So without further's Roxie's Story....straight from this bulldog's mouth!

  Her picture appeared many years ago in the Animals Available for Adoption from the Albuquerque City Shelter section of the Sunday "Albuquerque Journal".

Her forlorn little face reflected a combination of sadness, bewilderment, longing, fear....but somewhere mixed up in that bevy of emotions was a glimmer of hope in her eyes.....hope that she might just get lucky and find a forever family that would love and take care of her...and that she in turn could love back. The name tagged below her picture said:  "Beauty. One Year Old Female Brindle Boxer".   Now my people family have been Boxer lovers from way back & when they saw that picture they headed to the shelter to check her out.

FAST FORWARD TWO DAYS Albuquerque Eastside Animal Shelter

"Here she is....she hasn't been eating...and she has lost weight...and she's been here over 30 there's not much time left. Do you want to take her out to the play area?" The Animal Welfare Agent told she looked on at a cowering dog.....backed to the farthest section of her cage. She was shaking even as the two ladies looked at her. Literally, not more than skin and bones, the pitiful dog looked anything but the vision of a stately Boxer--as Jill was used to seeing. While the thought went through her mind...."WE MUST SAVE HER"....Jill answered "YES" to the question. They took her out to the play area. There a transformation occurred before their eyes. The skinny little pup romped around the perimeter of the circular play area. And each time she passed by the two ladies...she would stop...plant a quick kiss on their outstretched hands...and then would continue to run full circle again....repeating that same cycle over and over. SOLD. While she may have appeared a lost was clear to see she had a fervor for life...for freedom...for happiness. ADOPTED.

FAST FORWARD 10 YEARS. Beauty was renamed Roxie. She moved up to Chama NM to be the Lodge Dog/Greeter at our tourist lodge. She does a pretty good job in my dog-estimation. Lots of folks love on her. She is fat and sassy now (well not fat...just right). She rules the mountains on our Sunday afternoon romps...always leading me, Travelin' Jack, to new adventures. She has taken on...and survived encounters with bears, porcupines, skunks, other dogs....all with another story. She has survived Cancer, Porcupine Quills, and various and sundry disasters. She has helped heal a little autistic girl (this in her own published story about that special tale).  And over the years, she survived her sad, early pup-hood days...never to complain, or hold it against any one or thing. But most of all...she has embraced our family, our visitors, welcomed me into the family and into her life. And we've all been blessed by her love and her grace and her character.

                                                              Christmas Time Snuggling at the Lodge
                                                          Roxie sporting her snazzy winter parka.

                                                       "OK now's the plan........"

                                                               Summertime in .the Mountains
                                                                         Hello there World!
                                                      Whad'ya think Roxie? Are we up high enough?

FAST FORWARD TODAY. Yes, my people family saw a photo of a forlorn little dog in the Sunday Journal that special day.  But that was the gateway to a life of love for all involved...and still today we continue to support The Albuquerque City Shelter in so many ways.

Because of Roxie, we know what love an adoption can mean to people and critters.....
..................................we know what a donated dollar can do to help, even when we can't adopt................
................................we know what a shout out to someone in need of a loving companion might do..telling them that they should check out the Shelter for their next best friend.......
...............................we know that sharing the message with many will help save lives and unite families and furr-kids......

And because of all the good things that come from Shelters (Including ME-Travelin' Jack)....I have successfully run my Canine Campaign for Dog-Governor...I have written my book promoting shelter adoptions...and I have dedicated 4-paws to the good of my furry friends in the shelters....but then THAT is ANOTHER story...about me.  For now I'll just close this story about my Roxie by proclaiming to the world.....

"Roxie WE LOVE YOU...and we Love all the good things that the Albuquerque City Shelter does to help people and pets!" 

PAWS UP for everyone who hears this story...and cares!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Yours dog-truly Travelin' Jack.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travelin' jack sings "ON THE ROAD AGAIN" this time to our nation's capitol!

Well almost anyway....we were headin' down the highway to Vienna VA...just outside Washingto DC for the 2011 BlogPaws Pet Conference

1879.2 miles each way.  ...New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma to Arkansas to Tennessee to Virginia....whew..that's a lot of miles for these ol' paws...glad I was ridin' shotgun in the car!

BUT never fear..this travelin' pup can handle the winding road whether it's a long or short trip.  Most important thing....we're hittin' the road for some good times ahead! Checked out a number of different pet-friendly hotels/motels enroute...more on that later.....some national chains, some independents...but we were sure glad to pull into our host hotel Sheraton Premiere in Vienna on August 25th...just before Hurricane Irene started rainin' on us.

 Check in time at the BlogPaws Conference headquarters...and WHOO-EE doggies..would you take a look at this bag a goodies they had waitin' for li'l ol' me! 
HMMM.  snacks.....(how did they know I love to eat!), doggie toys....doggie supplies doggie attire...and even a ticket to the premier first-ever film screening of a new Disney film....and this was just the beginnin' of the good times!  I snagged 5 gigantic bags of goodies before it was all over! WHEW! Those sponsor companies sure do know how to treat us big-dogs!   Seems like they kinda know I'm dog-portant!

Pretty doggone cool, eh?  We sure were excited to get here. Lots of firsts for Travelin' Jack......Like this is my 1st EVER pet conference, 1st time I've been a PAID Dog-Speaker (yup...all true!) , 1st ever cross country road trip...and first ever Hurricane!  Now THAT's A LOT OF 1sts...all for the 1st dog of New Mexico!

But seems like before you know it...we're off to our Planning know us dogs gotta put in our paws-share of the work for our big presentation!  We're teaming up with PetSmart...and Miss Toni (mwaaah-luv ya Toni!) and cute ol' Tango the Firedog and his Firefighter Mom Miss Dayna! about a team!  PetSmart....Firefighters...and Pet Travelers too! 

Our Job... to wow the crowd with all our dog-spertise about Niche Blogging and being the Pet Expert in our area of dog-know-how!  But don't despair world....we are DOG-PARED for this role of Dog-Speaker.... now that I'm back home again in my most favorite state...NEW MEXICO I'm restin'..recuperatin'...and ritin' my dog-blog.....

...meanwhile YOU stay tuned for Part 2 of this special edition of Jack's Dog-Blog-Travelogue reporting right from within Hurrican Irene and BLOGPAWS 2011! Just too much excitement to cover in one writing.........


Your on-the-road-canine-reporeter...Travelin' Jack

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Doggles Are Dandy! And so is ABQ Trolley Company!

 Another special post arrival from PetSmart!  My new very chic Doggles!  Had to try them on Tout-Sweet! Hmmm....lookin' good in my dog-stimation!  And haven't even really tried them out from the sunny angle yet. Here's the scoop on Doggles.
 Doggles do more than just look great ...they're award winning dog goggles designed to protect a dog's eyes from the sun, wind, and even flying know...when a dog JUST has to stick his head out the car window!) UV protection (very dog-portant in sunny New Mexico)....stylish, easy wearing with 2 adjustable straps...and  they even come in a grand little Doggles EyeGlass Bag.  What's the Doggles motto?  "Protecting the world...One dog at a time" tm  
Pretty doggone cool eh? They are best utilized in the outdoors for boating, camping, skiing, hiking....ore maybe even taking a siteseeing tour!  That's the game plan for this pup....let's test out these Doggles on a tour in pet friendly Old Town Albuquerque!  Maybe I'll catch a ride on that super cool trolley car.....  

 Here we are!  Can't wait.  Let's cruise the town in this baby! ABQ Trolley Co offers the one and only tour of Albuquerque on board this great little open air trolley car.....
 Yep, I'm ready for the tour....and dog-nab-it if these Doggles aren't JUST the cat's dog's worries here.  The 310 days of sunshine in Albuquerque can be mighty strainin' on a doggie's eyes...

 BUT not if you're a-wearin' your very fashionable Doggles!  Notice how the bronze color matches my blonde hair...and sets off my black muzzle?  Just too fashionable for dog-words!  And the two handy-dandy under the chin and one around my head (adjustable even for my fat head!) fits nice and snug. Why they are just doggone comfy for this Travelin' Jack!

OK, now it's time to get dog-serious.  Gotta read the brochure to see where all we're goin'.  Old Route 66...Old Town area....Nob Hill....University.....Club House District..... why this dandy tour....(that I might add is DOG-FRIENDLY too! How cool is that my fellow pups!) just THE BEST tour in all of Albuquerque! 

And the tour guides, Jesse & Mike are just TOPS....not only were they totally dog-spitable to me (and to everyone else too!), but they REALLY know their stuff!  Why I couldn't catch em up on even one little factoid about Albuquerque!  They are one smart duo...these Two Guys and a Trolley!   
Definitely the way to see Albuquerue, have fun in an open air trolley...AND learn a whole bunch of neat things about the Duke City!  Thanks sure do know how to run a great tour!  ABQ Trolley Co has Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5-paws rating!  Why I might just come back for another ride soon I had such a doggone grand time!  Oh...and hey...notice how cool the Doggles look atop my head too....just another grand look for this dog and his Doggles!  

 But now that the tour is tummy is grumbling.  And what better place to go than to Church Street Cafe..right in Old Town Albuquerque.  This historic casita-turned-restaurant has everything a hungry critter (people too!) could want!  Authentic New Mexican cuisine....cozy eating areas, both inside and on the pet-friendly patio...yep that's where I  am a-headin' now!
 Take a look at this dee-licious lookin' TACO salad.....and I just LUV the waterfall to my derriere!   This sunny Patio is ANOTHER great place to wear the Doggles!  OH...and I JUST found out another fab use for my snazzy shades!  Keeps the Pup-a-razzi away!

Well...maybe not....seems a bunch of cameras were snappin'  & catching shots of New Mexico's favorite dog-star...Travelin' Jack!  And is there any wonder whY? gotta admit it...I am one cool dude in my Doggles....maybe they should call me Hollywood Jack!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses

Oh and PS.....My Doggles were gifted to me by my very favorite pet store PetSmart!  Aren't they just the best?  Top-Dog in my book! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Row Row Row your Boat...Gently Down the Rio!

 Well, it's August...and that means the dog-dayze-of-summer are upon us!  What's a pooch to do during these hot summer days?  Well,  being the road warrior, adventure seeker pup that I am...I decided it was time to hit the waves on the what better place than the RIO CHAMA in northern New Mexico!

Now, let me pup-ucate you a bit here if yer not up to snuff on your Spanish!  Rio means River in Spanish...thus the appropup title of this dog-blog-travelogue! 

AND dog-forbid...don't EVER call our 'big river' in New Mexico the Rio Grande River!  Why that is just  wrong!  Anyway, I dog-gress!  Back to rowing down the river....or rio as we say it here in New Mexico......
 Ever since my new Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket arrived in the mail....compliments of PetSmart...I've been itchin' and scratchin' to try this pet-friendly product on for size!  Course I had to get the large know...for my manly muscles and all....but they come in different sizes for all sizes & types of pups!  And different colors too for that fashion conscious pooch!  I picked ORANGE...compliments my blondeness so paw-fectly!

So Jill and I hit the road....and decided to do some white water rafting in my new pet life jacket to try it out for size. 
 OKAY...we're here on the shore of the Rio Chama.  HMMMM...fits pretty nice and snug.  Got 3 easy snaps that adjust to fit the doggie girth just right.  Two easy snaps on the side...then one nice velcro/snap combo around the neck. Extra cushion at the neck too...just in case a pup needs to float awhile in the water ya know!  And a nice snug fit underneath the tummy too!  Yup...feels mighty fine!

 So....I'm all dressed up in my high performance dog floatation I'm ready for some water sport adventures....but hey...1st of all how the dog-heck do you get in this raft-thing anyway!?!  I sure DON'T want to get my toes wet!!!!
 A little help from my friend....and a handy landing spot to grasp onto with my paws
 and I'm on board ready to roll! 
 Now you MUST admit...I do look pretty snazzy in this dandy Pet Life Jacket by Outward Hound!  Now let's go....get that engine roarin!  What you laughin' at any way? Oh...there's no engine!?!  There are OARS????? And you have to ROW??????  Sorry....I just had a paw-dicure...guess you'll have to do the rowing missy!
Rowin'.....rowin'...rowin' down the rio.......See ya round the bend!!!!!

ps (which means Pup-Script)  Thanks to PetSmart who provided this product to Travelin' Jack for his dog-personal review!

Monday, August 15, 2011

ANIMAL CAFE interview showcases MOI-Travelin' Jack!

HA!  One more for this ol' pupparoo!  An interview about li'l ol' me on national pet podcast Animal Cafe.  Here is the interview....but let me warn you....we all know Jill can be a bit chatty.....shulda been named Cathy (chatty cathy...get it? HA! One of my bulldog jokes for ya!)

 ...but back to the subject of ME....the interview is about 22 minutes long...but hey....doggone it...well worth it in MY pup-pinion! sit back, grab a glass of the bubbly and tune in to my DEBUT on Animal Cafe

Thursday, August 11, 2011

B&B to the Pup Test. Does it Pass Jack's review?

We all know that the true test of a dog-friendly lodging property is when the one and only Travelin' Jack has put it to the Pup-Test. And not just the test...but's the power of THIS dog.  Not only do I review pet friendly places...but I even talk them into becoming pet-friendly! It's a doggone true fact.  Why recently I had a serious dog-scussion with the owners of the Bottger Mansion B&B.  This historic B&B is located in  Old Town Albuquerque...and seems that the owners Steve and Kathy Hiatt didn't know that us travelin' dogs are gaining FAST in the travel arena. So after I dog-splained to them that Pet-Cations are THE THING..and that more and more folks are travelin' with their pooches....well they made the BIG DECISION to add a Dog-Friendly room to their Inn. 

 And of course when it was ready...who else did they call to INAUGURATE the Inn for its all-new Dog-Friendly status?  That would of course be MOI, Travelin' off Jill and I went to check her out...from top to bottom!  Hmmm.  Grand Entrance to the Bottger Mansion B&B, I'd say...wouldn't you?    
Parlor passes the PUP test...Nice sitting area...passed my sitting test just dog-dandy..and Jill seemed to like it too!
 Comfy cozy bedroom...why there was even a robe on the bed for me....well maybe that was for Jill.  But none-the-less, nice room no matter whether you are people or pooch.
 Hey, check THIS out....the bathroom has my own little resting pad and room for my dining spot too. 

 And plenty of room even for my extra large doggie know my little dog-personal traveling home! Nice.
And what's this waitin' in our suite?!?  Sweets for little ol' me! How dog-phisticated is that!
 Yep the interior of the B&B passes the test for sure! about the garden area? PRETTY doggone important in my pup-pinion!
Aaaahhhhh now this is the life. Cool green grass, cool shade...and plenty of sitting areas for the folks too! Why what's not to like? A little R& R then we call it a day and a night-night in our suite quarters...tomorrow morning I'll tell you WHY it's called a B&B.....

Morning time!  Meet me on the Veranda for a tasty Breakfast!  AHA!  Another great discovery by this bulldog reporter.  This is PRECISELY why it is called a Bed & Breakfast!  Brilliant...even if I do bark so myself!  New Mexico sunshine (310 days a year no less!), warm summer mornings... 
 ....and then a scrumptious New Mexico breakfast that's sure to make your mouth water.  Glad to see some of that famous New Mexico Green Chile tucked inside that yummy looking egg entree.
 Sure made my tummy grumble.  Hey WHERE'S MINE????? Have you forgotten about ME??????
 .....Miss Kathy to the rescue.  WHEW...wouldn't want to miss a meal ya know!  And she had these YUMMY gourmet doggie treats for me! DOG-licious! 

But....I gotta get down to "BUSINESS" now.  I came here on a 'job' ya know...and I hear through the bark-vine that Bottger Mansion has their very own DOGGIE DOOTY PARK....let's check it out okay?
Pretty Doggone NICE!  A special potty area just for the visiting pooches!     Hey what are ya lookin' at? Turn that camera don't think I'm gonna inaugurate the park with that camera pointin' at me do ya now?
 Okay...that's better.  Done!  The Bottger Mansion B&B has been dog-ficially indog-trinated by yours truly Travelin' Jack!

And now that I've done my dog-ficial duties.....if you are REAL'll check out this fine historic B&B for yourself! I dog-truly recommend it! 

Bottger Mansion B&B in historic Old Town Albuquerque has just received Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5 PAWS RATING! Now Kathy and can add THAT to your bragging rights!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yup, it's true...this dog does like to travel.....and being New Mexico's pre-eminent Travel Dog Reporter, it's dog-portant that I research not just places...but great pet travel items too!  And with that in mind....MAJOR DRUMROLL HERE ...PetSmart asked me to review some of their really top-dog pet products (how's THAT for too cool to woof about, eh?!), being the outdoorsy travel type that I am....I decided to first check out the snazzy Excursion Dog Backpack from OUTWARD HOUND!
We ordered it direct from PetSmart under the DOG category (of dog-course!).

I couldn't wait to get my paws on it!  When it arrived in the mail, I checked her out. And being the ultimate sharp-eyed reporter that I am....I dog-scovered some mighty fine features of this dog pack!

  • POCKETS GALORE! Great for storing tasty treats, water and gear that I always pack for the road. Three big zip pockets ....and even a little handy pouch to store my business card
  • NICE MESH SIDES to allow for air-flow while hiking
  • HOOKS, RINGS AND HANDLES for leashes and attaching important STUFF
  • PADDED TORSO STRAPS for a secure fit and maximum comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES for a perfect fit
  • SNAZZY DESIGN for that dog-scriminating canine user!
BUT the real question is....... 

WHAT DOES New Mexico's very own outward hound--Travelin' Jack-- THINK ABOUT 
the Excursion Dog Backpack by Outward Hound ?

So...I put her on...hopped in the car....and off we went! 

We headed for the mountains... one of my most FAV places to wander.  How'd the Dog Backpack work out?  Well you can see for yourself..... 
                                     Nice comfy fit.....allows for lots of happy mountain hiking......
 Ample pockets for my personal stuff.....doggie treats, bandanna, water bottle, dog-cetera....
                                              Pup-Styling for great modeling
 Comfy to sit down in......
                          Fastens nicely around the neck with adjustable easy snap closures,                                    
                                    as well as two under the tummy for good balance....
                                                   Stays balanced while on command

                                            and even stays balanced when running......
and then again....another photo op...with my stylish Outward Hound Dog Backpack!
Why it even stays on in a roll-over!

 But now....I think I've hit the end of the trail......snooze time for this pup.                                                     And hey, it's even comfy during doggie down time! 

Before I hit the snooze button....what is Travelin' Jack's rating for the OUTWARD HOUND Dog Backpack?  It earns Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5 PAWS RATING!

And just like too can get it easily and quickly....right from PetSmart....the place where every dog in the know shops! 
Stay tuned for more......from your favorite Canine Travel Reporter...Travelin' Jack!