Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yup, it's true...this dog does like to travel.....and being New Mexico's pre-eminent Travel Dog Reporter, it's dog-portant that I research not just places...but great pet travel items too!  And with that in mind....MAJOR DRUMROLL HERE ...PetSmart asked me to review some of their really top-dog pet products (how's THAT for too cool to woof about, eh?!)
.....so, being the outdoorsy travel type that I am....I decided to first check out the snazzy Excursion Dog Backpack from OUTWARD HOUND!
We ordered it direct from PetSmart under the DOG category (of dog-course!).

I couldn't wait to get my paws on it!  When it arrived in the mail, I checked her out. And being the ultimate sharp-eyed reporter that I am....I dog-scovered some mighty fine features of this dog pack!

  • POCKETS GALORE! Great for storing tasty treats, water and gear that I always pack for the road. Three big zip pockets ....and even a little handy pouch to store my business card
  • NICE MESH SIDES to allow for air-flow while hiking
  • HOOKS, RINGS AND HANDLES for leashes and attaching important STUFF
  • PADDED TORSO STRAPS for a secure fit and maximum comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES for a perfect fit
  • SNAZZY DESIGN for that dog-scriminating canine user!
BUT the real question is....... 

WHAT DOES New Mexico's very own outward hound--Travelin' Jack-- THINK ABOUT 
the Excursion Dog Backpack by Outward Hound ?

So...I put her on...hopped in the car....and off we went! 

We headed for the mountains... one of my most FAV places to wander.  How'd the Dog Backpack work out?  Well you can see for yourself..... 
                                     Nice comfy fit.....allows for lots of happy mountain hiking......
 Ample pockets for my personal stuff.....doggie treats, bandanna, water bottle, dog-cetera....
                                              Pup-Styling for great modeling
 Comfy to sit down in......
                          Fastens nicely around the neck with adjustable easy snap closures,                                    
                                    as well as two under the tummy for good balance....
                                                   Stays balanced while on command

                                            and even stays balanced when running......
and then again....another photo op...with my stylish Outward Hound Dog Backpack!
Why it even stays on in a roll-over!

 But now....I think I've hit the end of the trail......snooze time for this pup.                                                     And hey, it's even comfy during doggie down time! 

Before I hit the snooze button....what is Travelin' Jack's rating for the OUTWARD HOUND Dog Backpack?  It earns Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5 PAWS RATING!

And just like me...you too can get it easily and quickly....right from PetSmart....the place where every dog in the know shops! 
Stay tuned for more......from your favorite Canine Travel Reporter...Travelin' Jack!


  1. What a great review! Siren and Tango the Fire Safety Dogs want one now!

  2. It really is a great backpack. Nice and snug fit...Jack is very comfortable in it!

  3. Hi Jack your backpack was truly nice and cute.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Looks like you have LOTS of great backpacks. Thanks for following me and hope to see you down the travelin' road again soon!


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