Thursday, August 11, 2011

B&B to the Pup Test. Does it Pass Jack's review?

We all know that the true test of a dog-friendly lodging property is when the one and only Travelin' Jack has put it to the Pup-Test. And not just the test...but's the power of THIS dog.  Not only do I review pet friendly places...but I even talk them into becoming pet-friendly! It's a doggone true fact.  Why recently I had a serious dog-scussion with the owners of the Bottger Mansion B&B.  This historic B&B is located in  Old Town Albuquerque...and seems that the owners Steve and Kathy Hiatt didn't know that us travelin' dogs are gaining FAST in the travel arena. So after I dog-splained to them that Pet-Cations are THE THING..and that more and more folks are travelin' with their pooches....well they made the BIG DECISION to add a Dog-Friendly room to their Inn. 

 And of course when it was ready...who else did they call to INAUGURATE the Inn for its all-new Dog-Friendly status?  That would of course be MOI, Travelin' off Jill and I went to check her out...from top to bottom!  Hmmm.  Grand Entrance to the Bottger Mansion B&B, I'd say...wouldn't you?    
Parlor passes the PUP test...Nice sitting area...passed my sitting test just dog-dandy..and Jill seemed to like it too!
 Comfy cozy bedroom...why there was even a robe on the bed for me....well maybe that was for Jill.  But none-the-less, nice room no matter whether you are people or pooch.
 Hey, check THIS out....the bathroom has my own little resting pad and room for my dining spot too. 

 And plenty of room even for my extra large doggie know my little dog-personal traveling home! Nice.
And what's this waitin' in our suite?!?  Sweets for little ol' me! How dog-phisticated is that!
 Yep the interior of the B&B passes the test for sure! about the garden area? PRETTY doggone important in my pup-pinion!
Aaaahhhhh now this is the life. Cool green grass, cool shade...and plenty of sitting areas for the folks too! Why what's not to like? A little R& R then we call it a day and a night-night in our suite quarters...tomorrow morning I'll tell you WHY it's called a B&B.....

Morning time!  Meet me on the Veranda for a tasty Breakfast!  AHA!  Another great discovery by this bulldog reporter.  This is PRECISELY why it is called a Bed & Breakfast!  Brilliant...even if I do bark so myself!  New Mexico sunshine (310 days a year no less!), warm summer mornings... 
 ....and then a scrumptious New Mexico breakfast that's sure to make your mouth water.  Glad to see some of that famous New Mexico Green Chile tucked inside that yummy looking egg entree.
 Sure made my tummy grumble.  Hey WHERE'S MINE????? Have you forgotten about ME??????
 .....Miss Kathy to the rescue.  WHEW...wouldn't want to miss a meal ya know!  And she had these YUMMY gourmet doggie treats for me! DOG-licious! 

But....I gotta get down to "BUSINESS" now.  I came here on a 'job' ya know...and I hear through the bark-vine that Bottger Mansion has their very own DOGGIE DOOTY PARK....let's check it out okay?
Pretty Doggone NICE!  A special potty area just for the visiting pooches!     Hey what are ya lookin' at? Turn that camera don't think I'm gonna inaugurate the park with that camera pointin' at me do ya now?
 Okay...that's better.  Done!  The Bottger Mansion B&B has been dog-ficially indog-trinated by yours truly Travelin' Jack!

And now that I've done my dog-ficial duties.....if you are REAL'll check out this fine historic B&B for yourself! I dog-truly recommend it! 

Bottger Mansion B&B in historic Old Town Albuquerque has just received Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5 PAWS RATING! Now Kathy and can add THAT to your bragging rights!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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