Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A "Sweeping" Life Change for told by Travelin' Jack...her dog-brother.

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Yes, I know this is MY dog-blog...but sometimes we have to refocus our dog-tention on some other critter.  In this case....I defer to my step-dog-sister, Roxie the Boxer.  She was in our home long before me..and she is Top Dog in my books!

So without further's Roxie's Story....straight from this bulldog's mouth!

  Her picture appeared many years ago in the Animals Available for Adoption from the Albuquerque City Shelter section of the Sunday "Albuquerque Journal".

Her forlorn little face reflected a combination of sadness, bewilderment, longing, fear....but somewhere mixed up in that bevy of emotions was a glimmer of hope in her eyes.....hope that she might just get lucky and find a forever family that would love and take care of her...and that she in turn could love back. The name tagged below her picture said:  "Beauty. One Year Old Female Brindle Boxer".   Now my people family have been Boxer lovers from way back & when they saw that picture they headed to the shelter to check her out.

FAST FORWARD TWO DAYS Albuquerque Eastside Animal Shelter

"Here she is....she hasn't been eating...and she has lost weight...and she's been here over 30 there's not much time left. Do you want to take her out to the play area?" The Animal Welfare Agent told she looked on at a cowering dog.....backed to the farthest section of her cage. She was shaking even as the two ladies looked at her. Literally, not more than skin and bones, the pitiful dog looked anything but the vision of a stately Boxer--as Jill was used to seeing. While the thought went through her mind...."WE MUST SAVE HER"....Jill answered "YES" to the question. They took her out to the play area. There a transformation occurred before their eyes. The skinny little pup romped around the perimeter of the circular play area. And each time she passed by the two ladies...she would stop...plant a quick kiss on their outstretched hands...and then would continue to run full circle again....repeating that same cycle over and over. SOLD. While she may have appeared a lost was clear to see she had a fervor for life...for freedom...for happiness. ADOPTED.

FAST FORWARD 10 YEARS. Beauty was renamed Roxie. She moved up to Chama NM to be the Lodge Dog/Greeter at our tourist lodge. She does a pretty good job in my dog-estimation. Lots of folks love on her. She is fat and sassy now (well not fat...just right). She rules the mountains on our Sunday afternoon romps...always leading me, Travelin' Jack, to new adventures. She has taken on...and survived encounters with bears, porcupines, skunks, other dogs....all with another story. She has survived Cancer, Porcupine Quills, and various and sundry disasters. She has helped heal a little autistic girl (this in her own published story about that special tale).  And over the years, she survived her sad, early pup-hood days...never to complain, or hold it against any one or thing. But most of all...she has embraced our family, our visitors, welcomed me into the family and into her life. And we've all been blessed by her love and her grace and her character.

                                                              Christmas Time Snuggling at the Lodge
                                                          Roxie sporting her snazzy winter parka.

                                                       "OK now's the plan........"

                                                               Summertime in .the Mountains
                                                                         Hello there World!
                                                      Whad'ya think Roxie? Are we up high enough?

FAST FORWARD TODAY. Yes, my people family saw a photo of a forlorn little dog in the Sunday Journal that special day.  But that was the gateway to a life of love for all involved...and still today we continue to support The Albuquerque City Shelter in so many ways.

Because of Roxie, we know what love an adoption can mean to people and critters.....
..................................we know what a donated dollar can do to help, even when we can't adopt................
................................we know what a shout out to someone in need of a loving companion might do..telling them that they should check out the Shelter for their next best friend.......
...............................we know that sharing the message with many will help save lives and unite families and furr-kids......

And because of all the good things that come from Shelters (Including ME-Travelin' Jack)....I have successfully run my Canine Campaign for Dog-Governor...I have written my book promoting shelter adoptions...and I have dedicated 4-paws to the good of my furry friends in the shelters....but then THAT is ANOTHER story...about me.  For now I'll just close this story about my Roxie by proclaiming to the world.....

"Roxie WE LOVE YOU...and we Love all the good things that the Albuquerque City Shelter does to help people and pets!" 

PAWS UP for everyone who hears this story...and cares!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Yours dog-truly Travelin' Jack.


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