Friday, July 27, 2012


                                                      ROCKER DUDE JACK.......... 
reporting on the TOP-DAWG pet product line of 2012!   And if you are wondering WHAT? and HOW? and WHY? did I-Travelin' Jack become a Rocker Dude's the scoop.

 It all began at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City Utah!
Now this is only THE pet-event of the case you're wonderin. 
And this Pet Travel Reporter was THERE....representing New Mexico...and of course MOI-Travelin' Jack! 
 Well, I put my paws in forward motion and headed right over to the tradeshow booth of my favorite pet store....PetSmart! (I heard through the bark-vine that they were handin' out goodies!  Well...that rumor was TRUE!)  I met up with my fav PetSmart gals......schmoozed 'em a bit (doesn't take much for this pup-Romeo!)
and what did I get?  TOYS!  yup-pup...bark about some good STUFF! 

AND then...just when I thought I had seen it all.....whoah-doggies!....were my brown eyes opened wide when WHO do I see there but Bret 'cardboard person'!  YUP! True...he was there....and I got to meet him up close and dog-personal!  He might just be America's most loved my dog-pinion for sure!   
          (JACK-TIP:  Click on this Bret Michael's link..and he'll talk to you!)

And 'specially now that he has created this dog-onaire pet product line! My PetSmart sweetie, Kelly  not only introduced me to BRET....but even to his absolutely paws-down furr-tastic PET PRODUCT line!  Take a look at this neat dog-bed!  WoW!  Pretty comfy lookin' if ya ask this dawg!  I'm gonna get my own for back home...but maybe not in Pink....if ya know what I mean! 

And because PetSmart LOVES me...I'm one of their dog-ficial Product Reviewers ya know!.....I got invited to their special luncheon where they showed off the whole fab Bret Michaels product line! 
                          Course I had to get one of these flamin' HOT Bret Michaels Doo Rags! 
                             WhY what rocker dude dog wouldn't want one?
 I also tested out one of the cool water bowls...too...Why I liked it SO much....
I brought it home with me!  ROCKIN' KOOL, ain't it? 
And I brought home a couple other goodies from BlogPaws too!  TEE-HEE.....
                                                   BARK about Hitting the JACK-Pot
                                  Now this is what I call MY lucky day! Wouldn't you agree?
 Now which ond should I play with first!  Tough call....just take a LOOK at all these rockin' neat Bret Michael's pet toys too! 
                           's another JACK-FACT (and hot tip) for the day! 
It's PetSmart's 25th Anniversary!!!! YAH...just think of all the happy dogs, kitties, birds, fish.....(I could go on all day long here!) that have gotten toys...and clothes....and supplies.....and FOOD from PetSmart! I know that sure does include ME! And they even gave me their little commemorative 25th-Anniversary Kitty toy ...and some special PET gift certificates too! I can go add to my Bret Michaels wardrobe too!  AND go shopping at PetSmart!  

                       (Later that day...After my shoppin' trip to PetSmart)
This is MY new Rocker T-shirt wardrobe!  Pretty doggone KOOL, eh?  Here's my Dog-vice for you!  Head on over to your local PetSmart and get your very own Bret Michaels duds.  AND in recognition of PetSmart's 25th anniversary...there are discounts of 25%  on this TOP-DAWG line!...Oh and tell 'em Travelin' Jack sent you too...okay?  I'm just doggone sure that will get your pup a treat at the check out counter!  (tee-hee...better stock up on doggie bones PetSmart!) 

 Couldn't wait to wear my new T-shirts so here I am modeling one other T-shirt form the Pets Rock Rebel T-shirt!  I'm thinkin' they made this one 'SPECIALLY for me....don't you dogree?  It fits me to a TEE!   (Ha!...slipped one of my famous Jack bulldog jokes in there too!)

BUT....we're not done yet!  Remember that BLACK/PINK dog-bed that I showed you from the tradeshow?  Well.....HERE's the special Bret Michaels dog bed that I chose! ( pink for this dog-dude!)  This one is the Cuddler Skull/Guitar Bed....and believe you me........

 It's a keeper-cuddler! And it fits dog-dandy inside my travel crate too!  I'll be hitting the road in style now for sure! YEP...this Bret Michaels PETS ROCK Collection is just doggone DREAMY....and speakin' of dreams.......I'm gonna cuddle down here and dream about the day that I am really.....really....REALLY.... a PET ROCKER Dude Dog ...and I really DO hit the stage with my favorite rockin' partner...Jill.............

                  PS  THIS is what I call dreamin' in full color...! 

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS....(Most) of these great Bret Michaels Collection items were gifted to me by PetSmart!  But NOT ALL...cause I just had to add more good stuff to my dog-personal wardrobe.  LUV...LUV...LUV this Bret Michaels PETS ROCK Collection!  And they are found exclusively at PetSmart stores and on-line too!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I found the Mother Lode! (Chloride NM!)

Now some folks might think that this means I struck Silver
And in LOTS o ways...I did!  
Chloride---this old silver mining town in Sierra County is located on the Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway! 
(It's close to the towns of Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte!)
And let me bark at ya.....this is one treasure find....fer sure! (HA-get that?  pretty clever for a bulldog eh?)

I'm not gonna bore you with a lot of history.....NO, I take that back! 
This town is LOADED with some doggone interestin' listen up
and I'll fill you in on all the de-tails! 
I know...because I got the #1 Tour of Chloride by one of the 13 Inhabitants of Chloride, Miss Linda Turner...and a very SAVVY lady she is! Her family is responsible for keepin' Chloride alive and renovating many of the original buildings here!  Good goin!  We LUV this OLD WEST history....and Chloride is a real Treasure chest of New Mexico History!  
(Here's a Jack-Hint...when you go to Chloride...ask for the Top-Dog Tour Guide of Chloride-Miss Linda.  She is doggone GOOD...friendly...has LOTS of great old-tyme facts and she is interesting too!....'course it don't hurt that she likes dogs too!)  

Me with my Tour Guide Gals

Here I am with my TWO tour guides....Miss Dianne Preisser, the Tourism Director of Sierra County and Miss Linda Turner of Chloride
YUP-PUP....when I travel I run with the Big Dawgs! 
No tippy-toeing sirreee!  I want the Top Dog Tour!  

But back to Chloride. .... 

Here I am in front of the Pye Log Cabin

Now this particular porch I'm a-sittin' on is the porch of the OLDEST building in Chloride-the Pye Cabin.  It dates back to 1879....when a certain Mr. Harry Pye built the cabin after his secret discovery of silver.  And not just any old silver...but (get ready for another Jack-Fact here) CHLORIDE Silver!  Ergo the name of the town!  (see....I did learn some good stuff from my tour!) so happens that poor Mr. Pye met his end shortly there-after at the hands of some he never got to wear any fancy silver sad!  BUT  folks all around heard about Mr. Harry Py'es silver strike and soon flocked to this site.  A town sprung up...and was officially designated a town in 1881!
Me in front of the Monte Cristo Saloon

In this town of thirsty silver miners, there was a Saloon and Dance Hall (well lots really!)--but there was one in pup-ticular called the Monte Cristo Saloon.   Today it's a fancy-dancy Gift Shop filled with all sorts of cool things made by local artisans....just ask Jill...she dropped some dollars there!)    

And right next door was--and still is--the Pioneer Store...which operated as a general store till 1923.  Now listen up!  Here's another tasty tidbit of history!  The two brothers who operated the Pioneer Store (the James Brothers) locked up the store in 1923...and they left town for good.
It stayed locked up for over 50 years. 
 In 1977 the store was re-opened and what did they find inside?  A REAL life general store from the early 1900's...with canned goods, tools, clothes...even an old-tymie cash register!  Why they didn't have to do anything...except hang the sign MUSEUM out front!
  Me in front of the Pioneer Store Museum!

And it is one dog-dandy museum too!  Now...I must dog-fer here a bit.  I stayed dogs allowed inside because of all these very important historical articles and such!  But......never fear....they have this all figured out for the dog-visitor too!  
Me in the Outdoor Museum 

They gathered up all the old antique equipment....made a too-cool outdoor museum...and fenced it in!  I was able to relax in the shade of a big ol'  tree while the gals meandered through the museum! 
Suited me JUST fine! 
I like watchin' the world go by!  No better place to do that than in the shade of a mighty tree!
Click image for larger version

Name: Hanging Tree web.jpg
Views: 159
Size: 46.9 KB
ID: 686 The Hanging Tree (I'm NOT here!)

...and speakin' of trees! 
Here's ANOTHER Jack-Factoid
This is none other than Chloride's official HANGING TREE! Goes right through the middle of the how often do you see that eh?
BUT...this is no ordinary hangin'!  
WHY? ask.....
Well.....and you heard it from this snoop-dog reporter, Travelin' Jack.....
Pretty doggone cool if ya ask me!  They just SCARED people to be threatenin' the hangin' tree!
Works for me!  I'm not gonna break any Chloride Laws while I'm here! 
I don't want to be the 1st dog to be HUNG from the Hangin' Tree.....nope---not ME!

Me by the Chloride Bank Building

But on with the tour...NEXT STOP...Chloride's another Chloride gem! 
The Bank never opened...cuz it went BANKRUPT before it opened its doors! 
How-dog-ever, that didn't stop the good citizens of Chloride!
Nope...they weren't about to let a good building go to became a 'watering hole' of sorts.  You know the kind where you mosey on up to the bar and say "Gimmee a Cold One Barkeep!"  or somethin' like that! 
And that is the dog-nabbed truth!  My tour guide, Miss Linda told me so..that's how I know! they're turning it into Chloride's one-and-only Eatery, soon to open in August 2012! 
                              It will be called the Chloride Bank Cafe
Now ain't that clever! Wonder how long it took for them to come up with that name!?!  (JUST KIDDING Miss Linda---it's a very apro-pup name if ya ask this pup!  I can't wait to come back to try it out!)        

Me by the Grafton Cabin

 Oh...and before I forget...they are renovating this building the Grafton Cabin too...soon to be another dog-dandy museum filled with all those things of yester-year!  And take a look at this machiney-thing I'm posin' in front of ....fer sure had to be some kind of mining equipment, if I'm a-guessin' right! Pretty cool, eh? 

 Yep this is one dandy old-timey silver mining town....and it is sure a great place to visit. 
BUT this dawg is ready to call it a day!  Yup...the sun is settin' in the Old West! 

HOWEVER.......I have saved the BEST tidbit of history to the last!  And we're right back where we started this tour...the PYE CABIN. 
Me in the Pye Cabin

 Take a sneak peek at how they have fixed this cabin up nice and dog-dandy!  It's now a RENTAL cabin!  AND.......drum roll's PET-FRIENDLY!  Yippee I-O-Kiyay!  I'm sleepin' here tonight!

So...with that barked out loud...I'm signing off....with one last JACK-FACT for this day....
If you are smart, you'll pack your car up WITH YOUR DOG...and you'll head out Sierra County way....and make a dog-dandy discovery this charming town of yesteryear....CHLORIDE!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Festivals, FUN & Travelin' Jack

Whoo-EEE doggie!  Have I been fast tracking!  Lots and lots of great summertime festivals in New Mexico...and THIS snoopy dawg is checkin' some of them out! 
Did 3 different festivals the last 3 weeks and they were doggone fun for people AND Fido!
But first....a couple of top dog travel tips from this Road Warrrior!

1) ALWAYS make sure you take the dog with you!  We LUV vacations and adventures too!
2) Pack a tasty Picnic Lunch....I HIGHLY dog-recommend this tasty part of the trip!
.....And  DON'T forget summertime's all-time FAV taste treat......................

WATERMELON!  Double-Dog Yumm!!!!


But enuff about travel's time to get 'tracking' and back to the subject at paw!
----------------------------FIRST FESTIVAL STOP--------------
Chama....and Mountains....and Cool Festivals....
There's some good times to be had here in the mountains! So here we go!

I heard there was some action in know that Cowboy Kinda Rootin-Tootin' Fun Old West shoot-em up...haul em in action! BUT....Never Fear...........
The TOP DAWG Sherriff  IS in Town! would be me of dog-course!  I'm sworn to uphold the safety of all visitors BOTH 4 and 2-footed!  And that would mean mozyin'on over to Chama's TERRITORIAL DAYS!  There's all sorts of crazy action...but I'm headin' west to "The Hanging" ...heard they hauled in a CHICKEN THIEF and they're gonna hang him high!
Whew!  Got here just in time! 
He is HUNG! 
Dedder then a Door Nail (as they say in the ol' wild west!)
  There was NO mercy for this thievin' no-good son-of-a-gun! 
Chama don't mess around...that's for doggone sure!  Glad it wasn't ME!
Next stop at Territorial Days!  The Train Depot of dog-course!  In addition to Chama's old-tymey steam train, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR....there's damsels and dudes dressed in territorial style! 
OK....I got that pic...ready for some railroad action!
Now while LOTS of folks choose to RIDE the train (and I DO dog-recommend this highly!), only service dogs are allowed on the train proper....but THAT won't stop this sirree! I've got another plan!
I'll CHASE the train! 
That's how the fancy-dancy photographers "shoot" the train! it is with all that mountain scenery behind the train!

Here comes the Train---rollin' into the Cumbres station (over 10,000 feet high!....nice and cool).
Whoo-whee....that is one NOISY train!  Steam blowin', Wheels rumblin', and Brakes screechin', to a stop! It's the REAL thing...let me tell you! 
If you haven't ridden the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR better get 'trackin' !!!!
 (HA! Another one of my famous bulldog jokes slipped in there!) 

 But before this train rolls outta the station....I caught some photo action with the Train's
Top Dawg......Conductor Allen!  He's a good guy and takes care of ALL the passengers both off and on the train!  Thanks for takin' time out of your busy train schedule for me
                 (And here's another he'd do the same for you if ya just ask nice!)

Yup....Territorial Days were fun....but it's time to head out of town at sunset...on to the next festival!

It's time for Rio Rancho's fab, fun and very tastee "PORK & BREW FESTIVAL".

   FOOD?  Did someone say Food? 
Brew!  Did someone say BEER?

                                           OK..I'm SO there!  

 I'm headin' out toot-suite to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho....where the fun and action are spread out nice and easy to..........
.....navigate around! 
Course this pup gets the TOP DAWG treatment!  I'm chauffeured into the festival by none other than Mr. Mike in the handy dog-dandy official Pork-n-Brew Scooter-Mobile!  Thanks for the great ride and are so PAWSOME!
We went by the oh so many exhibits!  There was BBQ....BBQ and of course-More BBQ!!!!!!
Now that's what I call King of the oink world!  
(PLUS lots of other cool stuff too!)
But time to get to work!  Yup...this dog earns his bones! (so to bark!)
I was paw-digraphing my book Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star" for the 1st 100 families that came through!  And here's the doggone BESTest part of it......The Santa Ana Star Center hosted me, bought my books AND......
I got to give out the books FREE to the kids!  Now ain't that just the cat's meow (er somethin' like that!) Notice how we are all modeling our stuff!  These gals are posin' PRETTY and I am PRETTY doggone KOOL in my Pork n Brew T-shirt!
 And look at this PRETTY awesome dude all fancied up with a crazy face! 
It was one Dog-Dandy festival! 
I highly dog-recommend goin' to it next year!  And maybe you'll just see me there again too! 
 I give this Rio Rancho event a 5-PAWS rating!

But WHOA-Doggies!  I ain't done yet!  No way.....Jose!  
The Lavender Fest to end all lavender events!
In Los Ranchos de Albuquerque!
Home of Lavendar fields galore!
This is the 2nd time I've been invited to PAW-digraph my book and visit with the folks who come!
And come they did!

                                                            Big sweet gals

Nice little guys........
OOPs maybe I barked too soon!  This guy has a thing for the camera!
AND he's sittin' on me! What's with that eh? 
Oh's all in a day's work!  That's what I get paid the big bones for I guess!
 Once I finished my book signing......I revved up my engines and headed over to the #1 Race Car at the festival.... Right from the Unser Racing Museum and the racing legend Unser family collection.  I had to see this cool race car for my dog-self.
Pretty doggone KOOL car, eh? 
 I'm dog-pressed for sure!  Yep those Unsers...they run with the FAST crowd....if ya get my drift!

Well, like I said....New Mexico has LOTS of fan-dandy festivals.  They're sure fun for the family and Fido!  And there's lots more all over New Mexico! 
So if you want to check out an up-and-coming festival of ANY kind...just check out New Mexico's travel website.  It will give you all the good info for the makings of a
 fab-tabulous festival fun-furr-all!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!    

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


                                                         Yankee Doodle Doggie Jack!!!
Yup Pup...that's right..this Yankee Doodle Doggie is celebratin' a birthday today...#4 on the 4TH of JULY!  Along with America...who's celebratin' her Birthday too!

...And I'm one PAWtee this here blog is dog-dedicated to America.....Freedom......Red, White and Blue...and of course this birthday boy---MOI, Travelin' Jack!

Now, I'm thinkin'...there's no doggone better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to be on the set with Nikki Stanzione of "New Mexico Style".  Yesterday, we dog-scussed the important safety things to do for your pet on the 4th of July...starting with NO FIREWORKS FOR FIDO!

So while YOU are celebratin' America's holiday---here are a few of Travelin' Jack's tips:
  • Leave your pet at home indoors. Keeping your pets indoors is the safest thing you can do. Fireworks and other loud noises can terrify pets. Pets left outdoors and free-roaming can be frightened by the sound of fireworks, causing them to jump over or burrow under a fence and run frightened through the streets. They can get lost or even hit by a car. Keep windows and doors closed so that they cannot escape out through those areas either.
  • Keep Noise level controlled for your pet. Easy things to do for your pet while you are away enjoying a fireworks display include turning on the TV, Radio, Fans and Air Conditioners. Providing sound gives your pet a sense of comfort.
  • Consider stress reducing aids like the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt is a miraculous aid for stressful pets.  While the Thundershirt has been used successfully for years with fearful dogs, they have just now introduced a new Thundershirt for the stressful cat too!
  • Provide your pet with toys & favorite items. Favorite toys, a snuggly blanket....all help Fido feel less alone and ultimately more relaxed.
  • Keep pets away from fireworks and dangerous items. Fireworks ingested by pets can be deadly. Other common potentially harmful items include Lighter Fluid, Matches, even glow-lights and glittery costumes can contain harmful ingredients.
  • Make sure your pet is ID'd. Always have your pet ID'd, both with name tags and also a permanent chip or a tattoo. Collars can come off.  A permanent ID can help a lost pet be tracked back to the owner.
  • Have emergency contact info handy. Keep a list of 24 hour veterinary services. IF an emergency ccurrs....go directly to a Vet. Time can make a big difference.
  • Never leave your pets unattended in a car. Even 10 minutes in an enclosed vehicle can be deadly to a pet. Heat rises much more quickly in an enclosed car than outside temps.
  • DON'T take your pet to an event where it is not safe for him. Better to leave him at home.
  • Hydrate your pet. Carry water and a drinking bowl with you at all times. Dogs need to be kept hydrated in hot temperatures. And DON'T provide or allow beer or alcohol be given to your pet! This is not healthy and it can be dangerous for your pet!
  • Plan Non-Fireworks activities with your pets. Finally, there is nothing grander than an old fashioned picnic...and pets love to be included in a backyard BBQ.... 
                                                              or....a picnic!

 AND if you are lucky enough to have a BIRTHDAY on the me, you might just want to have a party at home!  With that barked out loud......I am ready for MY birthday party NOW!

 Jill said I had to close my eyes while she got the PAWTY ready!  OK done that!  What now?
                                                         Doubled-Dog YUM! 
My own personalized cake and 'pet-i-fours' from my all time FAV bakery, Three Dog Bakery 
 ...a tasty cool bowl of water in my BRAND NEW Bret Michaels bowl from PetSmart. 
(Hint: check out this rockin' new pet line called "Bret Michaels Pets Rock")   
 But let's get back to my PAWTY...if you don't mind!  Looks like EVERYTHING is ready.....Pupcake...CHECK....Water....CHECK......Doggie Toys....CHECK...
I'm ready...but where are the guests?
 HERE they are!  These are my little doxie-sister buddies, Winnie and Pinnie.  I told 'em it was OK to bring their pet-parents, John and Michele along for the party too!  (They don't have their drivers' licenses yet!) 
 Now this is doggone cool!  They brought me a present!  WoW!!! Look at all those doggie treats!  Can't wait to try them out!  Thanks Gals! LUV ya!
 FINALLY!  I get to EAT my birthday pup-cake!  YUM! 

DONE!  Now that was one grand birthday party if ya ask this  pup!  But I feel a birthday nap comin' on I'll go rest in my crate while you head out to the fireworks Peeps!

Happy 4th of July!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!