Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Festivals, FUN & Fido....er Travelin' Jack

Whoo-EEE doggie!  Have I been fast tracking!  Lots and lots of great summertime festivals in New Mexico...and THIS snoopy dawg is checkin' some of them out! 
Did 3 different festivals the last 3 weeks and they were doggone fun for people AND Fido!
But first....a couple of top dog travel tips from this Road Warrrior!

1) ALWAYS make sure you take the dog with you!  We LUV vacations and adventures too!
2) Pack a tasty Picnic Lunch....I HIGHLY dog-recommend this tasty part of the trip!
.....And  DON'T forget summertime's all-time FAV taste treat......................

WATERMELON!  Double-Dog Yumm!!!!


But enuff about travel tips...it's time to get 'tracking' and back to the subject at paw!
----------------------------FIRST FESTIVAL STOP--------------
Chama....and Mountains....and Cool Festivals....
There's some good times to be had here in the mountains! So here we go!

I heard there was some action in town....you know that Cowboy Kinda Rootin-Tootin' Fun Old West shoot-em up...haul em in action! BUT....Never Fear...........
The TOP DAWG Sherriff  IS in Town! 
Yup..it would be me of dog-course!  I'm sworn to uphold the safety of all visitors BOTH 4 and 2-footed!  And that would mean mozyin'on over to Chama's TERRITORIAL DAYS!  There's all sorts of crazy action...but I'm headin' west to "The Hanging" ...heard they hauled in a CHICKEN THIEF and they're gonna hang him high!
Whew!  Got here just in time! 
He is HUNG! 
Dedder then a Door Nail (as they say in the ol' wild west!)
  There was NO mercy for this thievin' no-good son-of-a-gun! 
Chama don't mess around...that's for doggone sure!  Glad it wasn't ME!
Next stop at Territorial Days!  The Train Depot of dog-course!  In addition to Chama's old-tymey steam train, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR....there's damsels and dudes dressed in territorial style! 
OK....I got that pic...ready for some railroad action!
Now while LOTS of folks choose to RIDE the train (and I DO dog-recommend this highly!), only service dogs are allowed on the train proper....but THAT won't stop this dawg..no sirree! I've got another plan!
I'll CHASE the train! 
That's how the fancy-dancy photographers "shoot" the train! AH...here it is with all that mountain scenery behind the train!

Here comes the Train---rollin' into the Cumbres station (over 10,000 feet high!....nice and cool).
Whoo-whee....that is one NOISY train!  Steam blowin', Wheels rumblin', and Brakes screechin', to a stop! It's the REAL thing...let me tell you! 
If you haven't ridden the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR yet...you better get 'trackin' !!!!
 (HA! Another one of my famous bulldog jokes slipped in there!) 

 But before this train rolls outta the station....I caught some photo action with the Train's
Top Dawg......Conductor Allen!  He's a good guy and takes care of ALL the passengers both off and on the train!  Thanks for takin' time out of your busy train schedule for me
                 (And here's another HINT....bet he'd do the same for you if ya just ask nice!)

Yup....Territorial Days were fun....but it's time to head out of town at sunset...on to the next festival!

It's time for Rio Rancho's fab, fun and very tastee "PORK & BREW FESTIVAL".

   FOOD?  Did someone say Food? 
Brew!  Did someone say BEER?

                                           OK..I'm SO there!  

 I'm headin' out toot-suite to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho....where the fun and action are spread out nice and easy to..........
.....navigate around! 
Course this pup gets the TOP DAWG treatment!  I'm chauffeured into the festival by none other than Mr. Mike in the handy dog-dandy official Pork-n-Brew Scooter-Mobile!  Thanks for the great ride and hospitality....you are so PAWSOME!
We went by the oh so many exhibits!  There was BBQ....BBQ and of course-More BBQ!!!!!!
Now that's what I call King of the oink world!  
(PLUS lots of other cool stuff too!)
But time to get to work!  Yup...this dog earns his bones! (so to bark!)
I was paw-digraphing my book Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star" for the 1st 100 families that came through!  And here's the doggone BESTest part of it......The Santa Ana Star Center hosted me, bought my books AND......
I got to give out the books FREE to the kids!  Now ain't that just the cat's meow (er somethin' like that!) Notice how we are all modeling our stuff!  These gals are posin' PRETTY and I am PRETTY doggone KOOL in my Pork n Brew T-shirt!
 And look at this PRETTY awesome dude all fancied up with a crazy face! 
It was one Dog-Dandy festival! 
I highly dog-recommend goin' to it next year!  And maybe you'll just see me there again too! 
 I give this Rio Rancho event a 5-PAWS rating!

But WHOA-Doggies!  I ain't done yet!  No way.....Jose!  
The Lavender Fest to end all lavender events!
In Los Ranchos de Albuquerque!
Home of Lavendar fields galore!
This is the 2nd time I've been invited to PAW-digraph my book and visit with the folks who come!
And come they did!

                                                            Big sweet gals

Nice little guys........
OOPs maybe I barked too soon!  This guy has a thing for the camera!
AND he's sittin' on me! What's with that eh? 
Oh well...it's all in a day's work!  That's what I get paid the big bones for I guess!
 Once I finished my book signing......I revved up my engines and headed over to the #1 Race Car at the festival.... Right from the Unser Racing Museum and the racing legend Unser family collection.  I had to see this cool race car for my dog-self.
Pretty doggone KOOL car, eh? 
 I'm dog-pressed for sure!  Yep those Unsers...they run with the FAST crowd....if ya get my drift!

Well, like I said....New Mexico has LOTS of fan-dandy festivals.  They're sure fun for the family and Fido!  And there's lots more all over New Mexico! 
So if you want to check out an up-and-coming festival of ANY kind...just check out New Mexico's travel website.  It will give you all the good info for the makings of a
 fab-tabulous festival fun-furr-all!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!    

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