Friday, February 22, 2013

PAW Prints & Celeb FACE SHOTS!

In case you are a-wonderin' what I, Travelin' Jack am up to these days....for one paw PRINTS are making the pages of several magazines.

For starters......the state's most loved and well recognized publication, New Mexico Magazine is covering my favorite topic-PET-FRIENDLY New Mexico.  I have to give a paws-up to Jill for writing the article entitled DOG IS MY CO-PILOT....but the publisher and editor of the magazine KNEW that they needed my mug shot in the article too...of dog-course! So VOILA! Here I am....front and center in this great mag!

POOL TIME at Buffalo Thunder Hilton Resort

 Now here are your marching orders! 
Go get your paws on this great mag that includes me-Travelin' Jack.
No IFs, ANDs or Dog Butts about it!

1) BUY the March issue of New Mexico Magazine never know, they might just run out of this 'pupular' issue!
                                                           New Mexico Magazine - Santa Fe, NM
2) SUBSCRIBE to the magazine.  You won't want to miss a single issue of this showcase magazine that covers Everything New Mexico from featured destinations, art, music, books, food and now even us pets! If you haven't already subscribed....WHADDA Ya Waitin' For?  Here's the link to New Mexico Magazine!

3)  and if you JUST MUST get a SNEAK PREVIEW of MY ( Jill and my) article just click the link right now to read DOG IS MY CO-PILOT.

YUP-PUP...we're pretty doggone proud to be part of New Mexico Magazine!  Why I'm even doin' cartwheels about it.......
                                          NOT!!!  No cartwheels for this dawg!

But...HEY this ain't all the places I've been puttin' my PAW prints lately!  I've been a hard workin' pup ...and here's another publication I'll be poppin' up in mid-March...... 
                                        High Desert Dog Magazine
                               There will be an article JUST about li'l  ol' me!
You better subscribe to that magazine too while you are at it! 
And be on the lookout for it mid-March in pet boutiques and stores everywhere!
Seems I'm just everywhere these days!  Paw Prints.............why even my FACE Shots are poppin' up!

Like on the latest BOOK I'm gonna be in....Terrie Q and Travelin' Jack's PET FRIENDS. 
This doggone cool book will be filled with PRETTY PICS of all sorts of PETS!  And it's a fundraiser for our Animal Shelter too!  You know how pup-portant it is to support those 4-footed friends at the shelter don't you?  Well....this is a NEW way for you to support the cause....BUY A COPY OF THIS BOOK!  
HOW you ask?  Well....for starters, you might want to listen in Saturday morning on 770 KKOB Radio when Miss Terrie Q  (ya know that means QUEEN of the air waves, don't you?)  will be talkin' with us about this book.  I'll be YAPPIN' up a tune in and maybe I'll throw you a bone on HOW and WHERE you can get this great book!

But HEY...even THAT ain't all for this pupular dog-guy....MOI-Travelin' Jack! just never know but my dog-gorgeous mug shot might just show up on some
                                    NATIONAL CELEBRITY SHOW! 
             HMMMMM........wonder what THIS ??????? BIG SECRET could be all about?

                                I'm NOT talkin'......maybe YAWNIN'......
                           (that is a HINT for you friends out there in my Blogger Land).
You might just want to tune in TODAY to a very well known Doctor......who has a very popular Medical TV show.....who may just share a name with a very famous Wizard of __________! (two letters!)  
YUP-PUP....if you are smart at all you can figure out this little pup-quiz of mine....and you just might see me yawnin' it up on national TV.....and that would be TODAY....February 22nd! 
So you paw prints and my dog-famous pup-mug are showin' up everywhere!  Hope you check out ALL these fun places where I'm puttin' my paw prints and celeb mug! 
I do so LUV all of you----my Friends and Fans out there!  MWAAAAHHHHH!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's a Dog to Do? PAWTEE, Party and PAWTEE some more!

It's PARTY time....and the good times are a-rollin' in one on top o' the other so fast...why even Travelin' Jack can hardly keep up with the action....

...But Never Fear....This dog is Ready to Roll with the Good Times!
and speakin' of Good Times.....

 Laissez Les BONE Temps Roulez! they say in N'Awlins.  I might be in New Mexico and not on a float throwin' out those beads...but I can still partee up Mardi Gras Style!  Don't you agree?

And what happens right in the doggone middle of Mardi Gras this year?  Only THE best dog show in the world...the Westminster Dog Show.  GOTTA....just gotta take in the action.  (PAW-NOTE: Can't Believe the Bulldog didn't win! Bah-humbug!)
But my bully cousin never fear 
For there is always next year!  
(HEY I'm a poet and I didn't know it....I'm such a clever dawg!)

 But there's no slowin' down YET of the good times for this pup though! 
Why I've just started! 
And it's time for the 2nd Annual JACK'S SMACKS KISSING BOOTH!
At the 15th annual Bob Gerding Outdoor Show.
Wouldn't miss this Sweet event for a dog-zillion bones, no way!   

 It's WAY too fun kissin' up a storm....but more on this later. 
I'm dog-dedicating a whole OTHER blog on Kissin'....Kissin'.....Kissin'  So Stay Tuned JACK Fans...that report will be here soon!
In the meantime, think I'll just relax here a bit and wait for some famous person to pass by......

AND here he is!  None Other than our dog-fabulous Mayor of Albuquerque....Mayor Berry!  He's TOPS on my list for many reasons.....but one for sure is the upcoming
....and you can bet your bones I"LL be there!  That's just the Albuquerque Dog-To-Do of the Year!   

But back to NOW happenings in this pup's world.  Gotta get back on the air with my all-time FAV TV host, Nikki Stanzione on New Mexico Style on 2 KASA Fox TV
And being the Expert on ANYTHING's MY job to ensure that the world knows all the important things there are to know for your with the NEXT Big Holiday looming
Valentine's Day
...why it only makes dog-sense to talk about the best part of the holiday

So here I am on the TV set today
...with my kissing tie on...
 ready to emBARK upon another great segment to enlighten the world! 
My recommendations You Ask?
Well just click on this link....and you'll see me in action with Nikki and Kristin and Jill.


                                            And an extra note along with a word to the wise!
                                You better get some roses for YOUR sweetheart too! 
                                         I'm ready now...just don't tell JILL Okay? 
                         I sure as dog-heck don't want to be in the Dog House this Valentine you?

And if THAT isn't enough celebratin' and partyin' for one week.....there's one more holiday happenin' right around the corner...this week...
That means we have a long weekend ahead of I'm thinkin' ROAD TRIP!  There's SO many fun places to go...things to do...people to see....a pup's gotta sleep on this one a bit.  But never fear...I'll figure out my next ACTION plan right quick...
 Right after a little snooze......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Going....going......
                                                             GONE!  Nite-Nite!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's PAWsitively XOXOXO Time!

Time to put away the old football for another season!
Super Bowl is over and....... is Puppy Bowl 2013
Another doggone grand game by those luvable puppies! 
Don't know 'bout you...but this is MY favorite part of that special Sunday filled with good football action!
But time marches onward and my XOXO favorite holiday is JUST around the corner so to BARK....or SMOOCH in my case!
And that means it is time for that fabulous event that just EVERYONE is talkin' about..........


Where I'm kissin' it up for the 4-footed furry kids at the shelters.
Last year I dog-personally doled out a DOG-zillion kisses! 
But I've got a trick up my paw-sleeve.....
IF (HA-more like WHEN!)
you get pup-smooched by HAVE to make a $ donation to the shelter kids! 
We're goin' for a record 500 JACK SMACKS this year!

                                 JACK'S SMACKS LIP SMACKERS!
BUT if my Jack Smackaroo just ain't enough SWEETNESS for you.....
you can take a bite outta this sweet Lip Smacker....
Available ONLY from Travelin' Jack
So head on over to the

at Expo New Mexico.  I'll be there
AND so should YOU!
All the details are on this link. 

And after this busy weekend ends.....gotta get out my thinkin' cap on other dog-citing Adventures. 
Why there's SO much goin' on.....where-oh-where should a pup start? 
Hmmmmm.....sounds like a doggone grand plan for this party Pup!  I'm ready to
(pssssstttttt in dog bark that means Let the Good Times Roll-WOOF!)

AND then there is VALENTINE'S DAY--
THE dog-ficial reason to kiss up a storm.
AND I'm thinkin' maybe just DOG-MAYBE the best Valentine for Jill this year might be a little
Valentine Get-Away.....'er- a Pet-Cation! (Tee-hee....I know how to puplan these things!) 

So maybe we should just take a Valentine break to
Buffalo Thunder Resort and while away the day.....sippin' a bit o' the ol' bubbly on our private Valentine Veranda!  Yah-That's A GRAND idea!

 ....or maybe we should head to Red River for some slopeside People Watching.--one of my favorite sports!
                        (Yah-I know...that's what happens when you are a Couch Potato Bulldog!)
                                                           Yah-That's A GRAND idea!

Or Maybe we should toast our toes by the fire at the historic Bishop's Lodge Resort in Santa Fe.Yah-That's A GRAND idea!


Or maybe we should head on down to Truth or Consequences New Mexico to our favorite Hot Springs Pet-Friendly Spa Resort.....Sierra Grande Resort
This is one of my dog-favs....while Jill soaks in the natural hot springs in this bee-u-tiful setting...I can sit pool-side and take in the relaxing aura too! Yah-That's A GRAND idea!


              Ahhh...what's a dog to do?  So many doggone fab get-aways!
 Guess we'll just have to do ALL of them! 
And if you are smart (like ME!) ....
you'll take your Sweetheart on a Valentine's Get-away to one of these fab spots too!  
                           And this is some good advice from Dr. JACK SMACKS!

Get on it.....time's awastin' ....and Valentine's Day is ALMOST here!