Friday, September 30, 2011


OK it's all said I was BAD TO THE BONES...but now there's actual  proof!


I---Travelin' Jack am 4-paws ready to go trick-or-treating...but not before I get LOTS of votes on the PetSmart Monster Cute Halloween Photo contest! IF I win...yours truly will appear on a PetSmart TV commercial!

Now we all KNOW that I have star power.....but just give me that extra little boost so I can go national! 

                                                          PRETTY PULEESE!?!?!

Click on the link below. My photo is located in the gallery. But if you don't want to go through the gallery (where there are LOTS of other monster cute animals)  you can also access it by typing in my name Travelin' Jack (go figure!) and my species- Dog (go figure again) and under the SPOOKIEST category.          

Now pretty please vote for Travelin' Jack...and VOTE DAILY now through October vote a day!

And JUST in case you are wondering where I got this snazzy pet Halloween costume....nothing RUFF about this's PetSmart of course!  It comes in ALL sizes....and even coolest of all (I tested this out myself and it is pups-tively TRUE) ...IT  GLOWS IN THE DARK!

                              Yup..the proof's in the PuP.....I guess I am just BAD to the BONES!
                                                                      THE END!

PupScript:  Thanks a dog-zilion!!!!!!  Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Travelin' Jack
(and Jill says thanks too!)

505 220-4933

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

THE NEXT BIG IDEA IDEA FESTIVAL in Los Alamos & the 1st Prototype of the 'JACK-CAM'

The Next Big Invention--the dog-ficial JACK CAM at the NEXT BIG IDEA Festival!

Here's the, I mean scoop...straight from this pooch's lips.   Los Alamos New Mexico has this big scientific festival for all those Brainiacs up there at the Atomic City!  And who else but Miss Kelly of Los Alamos County comes up with an idea...Travelin' Jack will sport a brand new state-of-the-art scientific dog-scovery of a special head mounted camera....THE JACK-CAM! And I would test it out at the festival!  And then the Chamber sent me my own dog-personal invitation.  Now you tell could I turn THAT invitation down....a JACK CAM?   

I'm can bet your biscuits on that one!  So NEXT BIG IDEA I come!  

 But the night before the BIG event...I need to get my bulldog beauty I check into the very pet-friendly Holiday Inn Express in Los Alamos!  And guess what!  Manny...the evening Manager..was waitin' for me!  (seems my famous dog-personality precedes me!) 

And not only did he personally welcome me...he even had a doggie biscuit for me at the front desk!  That's all it you can dog-magine! This pupparoo NEVER turns down a treat! 

Thanks Manny....Nice Welcome and a Tasty Treat!  Los Alamos Holiday Inn Express......
                                         Paws UP in my pup-inion!

                                      Now let's get to our room to put in a little RELAX TIME before the big day!
 HMMM....nice room....snazzy furnishings....AND a grand view of the canyons right out my window!  A good night's quiet rest for this workin' pup...and next morning off to the BIG event! 

But first....WOAH....stop the car! What's that I dog-spy out the window?  A DOG PARK!  Right in Los Alamos!
                                                   East Park (4 acres) 300 East Road in Los Alamos
Not only does Los Alamos have a Dog Park, but there are picnic tables, a hiking trail, a play lot..even a miniature golf course! Double Dog WoW! Being the Travel Dog Writer and Reporter that I am....I'd better check this out dog-personally!

Made a new friend right off!  Chelsea...and her dog Margo.....were there to dog-ficially welcome me to the Dog Park!

 WoW...check this out!  They even have a wading pool for pooches!  And even a water hose to get cooled down with!  Now that's JUST what every rompin' pup needs!  And check out all the green grass, the big  running area in the park.....lots of space for dogs of all sizes and shapes!  NICE JOB LOS ALAMOS! Glad to see you remember the Dogs too! 
                         But times a-wastin'...and I have to get to the NEXT BIG IDEA Festival already! 

                                           we go.  Let's get this ducky dog-vention JACK CAM set up.  There's work to do. 

Not so sure this thingy-mabob camera is gonna work...Let's get it on straight wouldja please!?!  Whatever......I think we might just have been better off gettin' one of these scientific types on this job!  But let's go....gotta check out the Festival!

First things first......gotta make friends with the festival goers! Check out this sweetie pie. Her name's Elyse...and I think I'm gonna get comfy with her!  And NO I am NOT sitting down on the job.....well, maybe I am....but who could resist her....doggone it!

Think I'll check out Ashley Pond...hey little guy! Are you a Big Time Scientist too!?  Wanna be my friend pretty puleese?

Let's see what else is there to check out at the Festival?  Impromptu dancers?   But hey.....WHHAATTTT?

OH MY DAWG!!!!! I think I just dog-spied something VERY interesting!!!! Is that Albert Einstein dancing with the dames? Sure the dog-heck looks like him to me!  But then....of course...this IS a Science Fair....and of course Einstein would know that this is THE place to be for all those scientist types!  PRETTY dog-pressive if ya ask me! 
More friends....and of course Travelin' Jack never misses a chance to help out his 4-footed friends in the shelter.  So let's sell some of my books Travelin' Jack's Story...from Shelter to Star!  And we'll donate the moneys to Los Alamos Animal Shelter.  

Well, it's been a doggone grand day at the NEXT BIG IDEA Festival in Los Alamos NM!  I've made lots of new friends, enjoyed a great festival, helped out my cousins at the local shelter (we sold enough books to donate $70 to the foster kids waitin' for a forever home)...I even dog-splored Los Alamos and dog-scovered a great dog park....and found another great pet friendly hotel..... offense year...couldja pretty please maybe get one of these Brainiac scientist types to create a REAL working JACK CAM!  Do that for me please....and I'll be BACK I dog-guarantee! 

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roadside Stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo...AND impromptu Travelin' Jack photo shoot!

Travel Tip #6752 (almost anyway!)

When you are on the road on a long-distance drive, it is very dog-portant to stop every couple hours.  You know, us pups do need our potty breaks and a little stretch of the my recommendation.....
Look for Interesting Sites Along the Road. That way you get your potty break and walk in while doing something new and doggone interesting.
And with that said....on my recent cross-country trip to BlogPaws Pet Conference... I Travelin' Jack followed my OWN dog-advice  and looked for those interestin' sites along the highway.  And what do we find near Amarillo TX you ask? 

None other than Cadillac Ranch.....check this place out.  Lots of old Caddies parked all topsy-turvy.....and paint cans scattered all around!  "Wonder why doggone it?" I said to myself.  So upon closer check by this snoop dog-doggie, I discovered a one-of-a-kind-paint-landscape in perpetual progress.  That is....    

 People are welcome to bring spray paint to the site...and create their idea of a work of art on the cadillacs!
Pretty doggone groovy eh?  Some even get up high to create their own visual art-scape!

 ...and get this....this is NOT littering!  Nope, here at Cadillac Ranch it is just fine and dog-dandy to leave the paint cans lyin' around after Caddy-picasso has done his work!

                                                    We decided to get in on the action, so.....

 I got out my own paint can...and dog-cided to paw-digraph my name on the side of this ol' caddy.. Do you see it?  JACK in white letters? Yup there it is!
                                                          OK...done...what's next?
 Of course gotta get a photo op in at the site, right?  Is this a good pose Ms. dog-personal photographer?
                                             ...and another photo. 
...and then all of a sudden I was surrounded!  The Pupparazzi had arrived!  (or somethin' like that...) There was this team of photographers from California (top-dog photographers in my dog-pinion!)...and they just started shootin away...seems they know a dog-star when they see one!  

OKey Dokey's this Angle?

                                             Maybe you want to get my handsome profile?

And of course a full front shot too!

 Yup....make sure to get all the good angles!  Good job guys!  You are just dog-FAB in my books!
                                                  Luv ya Beau!  Let's do this again soon, eh?

 And as we are walking back to the more shot...from low-down dog view......
Thanks guys!  This was just the BEST potty stop ever! 

Potty break....hike in the Texas impup-tu photo shoot.
This is one for the Dog Journal fer sure!  

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Friends... Four Footed....Two Footed...even FLAT pets..AND movie Stars too!

New friends to be had....from near and far...big, little, cute, funny, famous....even the Puparazzi Friends! Yup...I'm one lucky pup.  Here's a quick snapshot of lots of new friends I made at BlogPaws 2011!  Once you see these grand'll dog-sure wish YOU'd been at BlogPaws too! 

Why we hadn't even gotten through the BIG state of TEXAS...when we had a close encounter with some crazy old caddy-cars at Cadillac Ranch...all topsy turvy......psychodelic colors and all...check it out will ya?! And they EVEN let you paint on 'em I dog-cided to get in on the action!

 If you look REAL close....can you see my name I painted JACK in white letters?  Cool, eh?
 And just as I'm done paw-digraphing my name.....I look up...and there's pup-arazzi all  around me! Seems everyone sees my dogonaire good looks and my pup-photogenic side! 

OK round 1 for new friends on the road!  Thanks Beau and Team!  You are just too doggone cool NOT to be my friends!

And on we go.....a quick lunch stop at LuAnne's folks home in fav photographer......and who do I meet there?  Little Biscuit....ain't he a cutie!
Enter Virginia.....Sheraton Premiere....BlogPaws 2011 Conference headquarters and seems they're awaitin' just for me!  Thanks for the ride Gus!  You're the BEST!  Sure's a tootin' you are on my new friends list too!
And then I get introduced to my Team-mate Tango, the Firedog......
....hey, don't we make a dog-dandy pair?  YUP Tango's on my friends' list AT THE TOP!!!!!

Tango's got an awful sweet Mama too...that Dayna, she is one sweetie pie....and Tango...I did a dog-dandy job when you adopted your people-person!  

 Then of course there is the rest of our action.  Miss Toni.....the PetSmart Queen.....she JUST might be the brains behind this whole gang!  And that's PAW-some in my book!  Luv YA Toni!

And then there were my very own special PetSmart Rah-Rah Gals!  Now you tell me...who wouldn't love these two dolls.....I know I'm in LUV!

Well everything was goin' along just fine....when all of a sudden I dog-scovered something VERY strange.....FLAT PETS!!!! WHAT??????  Yup even the flat pets were there at BlogPaws.  I got to meet some of 'em up close and dog-personal like.  They're on my friends' list now too!

And there were pups of all sorts......


........and sizes........

This guy shure as heck caught my EYE!!!!!! Cool dude, eh?
 ...why there were even CATS at the big party....not to mention the ferrets, guinea pigs.......maybe even a bird or two.....yup....LOTS o new friends for this pup from New Mexico.
 ...AND Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.........there is a FAB-dogulous movie premiere!  Disney no less.  We were dog-privileged to see the WORLD premiere of the new movie (out this fall) called SPOOKY BUDDIES.  (HINT...check out this trailer!)

Of course I had to say PAWS UP on the movie to the Director/Producer/Writer himself.....Mr. Robert Vince......bark about hob-nobbin with the BIG BOYS from Hollywood!  Whoo-eee that was one DOG-THRILL....for both Jill and me!!!  Thanks, Mr. Vince for sharin' a photo with me....and JUST in case yer searchin' for a good lookin' guy like me for your next Paws up in the air WAY HIGH.....Hollywood here Jack comes!

Had to get my paws back on the ground after that...but NO  the excitement was NOT over yet for this pup! 

 I found myself in a very dog-earnest conversation with a VERY special PEEPS......shhh...don't worry, your secret is safe with Travelin' Jack!  Just don't forgit me, okay?  Remember how GOOD lookin' I am too!.......and I am at your bark and call....if the need for a Spokes-Dog arises!  hint-hint.

Yup...even though we had to leave town early because of rascally Hurricane Irene (NO I DID NOT CAUSE IT!!!!) was a Doggone Blast from Start to finish!  Luckily....I got to rest and dog-cuperate while Jill did all the pup-chauffeuring!

And I now have added a dog-zillion new friends...four footed, furry even my Dog-Diary!  Thanks BlogPaws 2011!  It was just the cat's meouw....and dog's bark too!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses

Travelin' Jack