Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roadside Stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo...AND impromptu Travelin' Jack photo shoot!

Travel Tip #6752 (almost anyway!)

When you are on the road on a long-distance drive, it is very dog-portant to stop every couple hours.  You know, us pups do need our potty breaks and a little stretch of the my recommendation.....
Look for Interesting Sites Along the Road. That way you get your potty break and walk in while doing something new and doggone interesting.
And with that said....on my recent cross-country trip to BlogPaws Pet Conference... I Travelin' Jack followed my OWN dog-advice  and looked for those interestin' sites along the highway.  And what do we find near Amarillo TX you ask? 

None other than Cadillac Ranch.....check this place out.  Lots of old Caddies parked all topsy-turvy.....and paint cans scattered all around!  "Wonder why doggone it?" I said to myself.  So upon closer check by this snoop dog-doggie, I discovered a one-of-a-kind-paint-landscape in perpetual progress.  That is....    

 People are welcome to bring spray paint to the site...and create their idea of a work of art on the cadillacs!
Pretty doggone groovy eh?  Some even get up high to create their own visual art-scape!

 ...and get this....this is NOT littering!  Nope, here at Cadillac Ranch it is just fine and dog-dandy to leave the paint cans lyin' around after Caddy-picasso has done his work!

                                                    We decided to get in on the action, so.....

 I got out my own paint can...and dog-cided to paw-digraph my name on the side of this ol' caddy.. Do you see it?  JACK in white letters? Yup there it is!
                                                          OK...done...what's next?
 Of course gotta get a photo op in at the site, right?  Is this a good pose Ms. dog-personal photographer?
                                             ...and another photo. 
...and then all of a sudden I was surrounded!  The Pupparazzi had arrived!  (or somethin' like that...) There was this team of photographers from California (top-dog photographers in my dog-pinion!)...and they just started shootin away...seems they know a dog-star when they see one!  

OKey Dokey's this Angle?

                                             Maybe you want to get my handsome profile?

And of course a full front shot too!

 Yup....make sure to get all the good angles!  Good job guys!  You are just dog-FAB in my books!
                                                  Luv ya Beau!  Let's do this again soon, eh?

 And as we are walking back to the more shot...from low-down dog view......
Thanks guys!  This was just the BEST potty stop ever! 

Potty break....hike in the Texas impup-tu photo shoot.
This is one for the Dog Journal fer sure!  

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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