Friday, September 30, 2011


OK it's all said I was BAD TO THE BONES...but now there's actual  proof!


I---Travelin' Jack am 4-paws ready to go trick-or-treating...but not before I get LOTS of votes on the PetSmart Monster Cute Halloween Photo contest! IF I win...yours truly will appear on a PetSmart TV commercial!

Now we all KNOW that I have star power.....but just give me that extra little boost so I can go national! 

                                                          PRETTY PULEESE!?!?!

Click on the link below. My photo is located in the gallery. But if you don't want to go through the gallery (where there are LOTS of other monster cute animals)  you can also access it by typing in my name Travelin' Jack (go figure!) and my species- Dog (go figure again) and under the SPOOKIEST category.          

Now pretty please vote for Travelin' Jack...and VOTE DAILY now through October vote a day!

And JUST in case you are wondering where I got this snazzy pet Halloween costume....nothing RUFF about this's PetSmart of course!  It comes in ALL sizes....and even coolest of all (I tested this out myself and it is pups-tively TRUE) ...IT  GLOWS IN THE DARK!

                              Yup..the proof's in the PuP.....I guess I am just BAD to the BONES!
                                                                      THE END!

PupScript:  Thanks a dog-zilion!!!!!!  Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Travelin' Jack
(and Jill says thanks too!)

505 220-4933

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