Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travelin' Jack, New Mexico's Canine Travel Reporter Adopts Oscar the Cat!

This post is my entry into the  "BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare Inc"

Travelin' Jack here with my favorite quote and adoption story.....

                              "PUT YOUR BONES WHERE YOUR BARK IS!"  

That's dog-chat translated into people talk as "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!" And WHAT you ask does that mean? Well it's a long dog's tail....er tale....of takin' action about what yer sayin!

Now you know I am always promotin' Adoption from Shelters, right?   I was sittin' around the house the other day, contemplatin' life...and Jill and I decided to donate some things to the City Shelter. So off we go, to visit the Albuquerque Eastside City Shelter...and visit with the Grand Dame of the place, Director, Ms. Barbara Bruin.

And just as we are entering her office....what do I see but this littlle guy sitting there nice and pretty.

                                                 So, I decide to take a closer look.

Now you may think "dogs don't like cats", but HEY Travelin' Jack is here to dispel that myth...NOT true at all!  Once dogs and cats get acquainted and live in the same family, why, we can be BEST of Friends!

So Miss Barbara, the kitty and I get up close and personal...and I start askin' lots of questions...you know, bein' the snoopy dog reporter that I am. Come to find out..this grand little guy....might have been headed for DEATH ROW if the good director had not intervened.

See, she saw somethin' doggone...er....cat-tastic about this little guy so she jumped in and fostered him right in her very own TOP-DOG office till the right family came along.

Why do some good little kitties and doggies end up on Death Row, you ask? Well, for one thing, there are just too many animals needing homes....especially Kitties... and also this poor little guy was diagnosed by the Pet Doc as having Feline Leukemia. And that's not a good thing!

HMMM I think...so I start to talk to Miss Barbara about the WHYS and the HOWS and all those doggone important things....and then whadya know.......

...but SHE starts interviewing ME.....to see if I would make a good dog-brother to this little kitty. Well, as I sat there contemplatin' the whole thing, she filled me in on the fact that doggies can't get feline leukemia...and that's a good thing in MY Dog Diary. So I start to thinkin'.... "if I don't adopt this little guy he might not live to see another sunshiney day"...and that was all it took.

 Yep, I said...."Where do I paw-digraph on the dotted line?"            
And before you could blink a dog-blink...we were a happy little family! 

And Miss Barbara is handing him off to us to take home!  YAH..another Kitty finds a home! And I Travelin' Jack now have a new kitty brother....DOUBLE DOG YAH!!!!

                                              Once home he needed to check out things....

                                               I just watched quietly from my favorite settee....                           

when what does he decide to do....

....but settle down with me nice and cozy like for a little 'cat-nap' (GET IT?...my kitty cat joke!?!)

So after a nice little snooze together, we got on with important things....like namin' my new BFF.....hey....how does Oscar sound? I DO LIKE the ring of that name...so OSCAR he is and we are SOoooo doggone happy to have him in our family!

Yep, it's true..Travelin' Jack is not all bark... I do indeedy put my bones where my bark is!

Now maybe...just maybe...YOU should be thinkin' about adoptin' from the shelter too! And you too can save a pet's life!

Doggie hugs, slurpy kisses...and sweet kitty dreams!

Travelin' Jack!

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