Thursday, September 8, 2011

On the Road with new Pet Gear! Dog-Literally!

Travelin'....Travelin'....Travelin' down the Highway on our way to BlogPaws 2011 where I was a Dog-Speaker!  Bark about a LONG ride......we decided it would be a great road trip....where we could start adding some states to my Pets-Port passport.  (Ask me for one if you so dog-sire). 

We started from my home Albuquerque, New Mexico......
                                                           ...then we headed into Texas

(there's a good reason why they call it BIG!)...where we spent our first night in Shamrock Texas at an independent motel that was pet friendly....of dog-course... with a pet fee of $10! Not too doggone bad!

Day 2...on into OKlahoma.....then through Arkansas...into ELVIS territory for the night, Memphis TN.  We stayed at a Quality Inn there, pet fee of $15...nice digs.
Day 3 Scenery's changing here in Tennessee.....from the flat open plains on to rolling green hills.....we continued into Virginia....overnighted in Roanoke VA at a Ramada Inn...$10 pet fee.  We're on a dog-unfriendly hotels yet. 
Day 4 our final destination, Tyson Corners VA...right outside Washington DC  at the Sheraton hotel for BlogPaws 2011 Conference.  YIPPEE....we finally arrived.  Checked into the hotel.....high rise hotel with ground floor pet rooms...YAH...easy  outside access for my Nature's Calling outings!  A doggie biscuit treat upon arrival...and get this... NO PET FEE!  You Rock Sheraton!
Then on into our room......

 Glad Jill didn't forget my brand new PET GEAR Travel Lite Soft Crate......easy to pack...light weight and easy to least for Jill.....not me!  I'm just checkin' out the perfect spot for my home-away-from-home travelin' dog crate.
 Course we need to assemble it first....that's easy... The Travel-Lite Soft Crate sets up and breaks down in seconds making it the ideal home away from home for me...and your pets too!  

 It's especially good for road trips and at the hotel...but I could also use it in our SUV or even outside on camping adventures!  This is dog-doubtedly the most handy-dandy dog-crate I-Travelin' Jack have used!   Check this link out for more special features of the Travel Lite Soft Crate...and check out this pic of me in my new fav pet travel crate.......

 Easy in-n-out....and quite snazzy lookin' too, eh?
 This 36" crate fits me just dog-dandy!  Makes me look like a suave dog-anair traveler don't you agree?

 And a nice mesh even when I am enclosed, I can see out just dandy.....all's fine with this deal in my dog book!  Oh...and different sizes and colors for all those different sized travelin' dogs!  Tan for match my blondeness!
 Now that I have my room set up with my comfy cozy Pet Gear Travel Lite Crate....I'm ready to hit the conference!  Wonder what they have for me here at BlogPaws?

 WoWee-GaZowie!  Look at this SWAG BAG!.....all that for li'l ol me? Why I'm just dog-honored!  Yup....this whole trip here......all 1879.2 miles each way has been just dog-dandy!  From pet friendly hotels...sleepin' in my new Travel Lite pet checkin' out the bee-u-tiful Americana scenery along the way...... yup.... I DO like being a travelin' dog!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Travelin' Jack

Oh and PS.....My Pet Gear Travel Lite Soft Crate was gifted to me by my very favorite pet store PetSmart  but they are available to you too as an online product!


  1. You represent New Mexico, Dog-gone well keep up the good work, Jack.

  2. I have a similar soft crate for my dog and you're right they are great! Very light weight and easy to set up. Best part is if I have to leave my pet in the room I can put him in one of these and he doesn't bother the cleaning person.