Monday, December 21, 2009

Play Date at Animal Humane--Unexpected Holiday Gift!

Meet Blackie. She is an adorable cutie that is waiting for her next forever home. I met her when I visited the Animal Humane of New Mexico. You might wonder why I would want to go there. Well, there is a doggone good reason. I wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to my canine cousins waiting to be adopted. I took doggie biscuits for the wonderful folks at Animal Humane to put in their doggie stockings on Christmas Eve. And I believe Jill might have slipped them a doggie donation to buy food with and other neat dog stuff.

You see these poor critters....dogs and cats too...are waiting for their forever family. I felt it only my dog duty to share the hope with them that there are lots of great folks out there looking to adopt. I happened to me!

But what I didn't expect was to land a great doggie date with this little queen. Blackie has had a rough go of it, I found out. She was picked up over a year ago with injuries to her face. The good doctors tried to fix her up...and they did, but they couldn't save her one eye. So she has one good eye to see the world with...and as you can see, she has spunk galore and has NO problem getting around with her one eye. She was adopted by a nice man after she was healed. She went off to live with her new forever....she thought....guy. They were very happy together. But then the guy-owner got very sick. Sadly he died about 9 months after she was adopted. So she has landed back at the Animal Humane...once again looking for another forever family.

I tried my hardest to convince Jill to adopt her....after all she is A-DOR-A-BUL! But all I got was a great play date with Blackie. Jill says my TV schedule is just too hectic for another dog right now...and I know she is right...because we have been hitting the road hard.

So after a nice visit at the Animal Humane, we headed content to know that I had left some doggie treats for their Christmas stockings....and a romping play date as well.

If you are so inclined you can play Santa Paws too! Maybe you've been thinking about adopting...well here is the perfect place to find that perfect pet for you. Or if you just want to help out like I did, you can donate. And there are lots of shelters all over the country that can take care of you.....just remember, it's that time of the year. Let's all do our part!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas goodies-Oh Boy

They say that Christmas is for the children...but hey, us dogs have 'kid' in us too! Wow! Talk about cool! This musical Santa Snow Globe is Just Doggone Intriguing.....gotta get up close and personal. Can't wait for Santa Paws to come to my house! It's just so-o-o-o-o RUFF waiting for that magical day when there are doggie packages under the Christmas tree! At least that's what the tell me. Since I was a young pup last holiday, living in another state, I don't really recall the doggone details. But you can be sure I will this year! I'm counting down the days on my paws......hope there's a bone or two for this ol' bulldogge this year! but for now....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Checkin it out at Navajo Dam

Wow, take a look at this view would ya? Cool clear water and lots of roamin' territory too! Jill and I along with my camera team at Travel Guide New Mexico hit the road to check out the northwestern portion of the state. As you can see, there's plenty of room for action here...from boating to fishing to even hiking along the shore. Pretty doggone cool if ya ask me!

I can't talk much now, got to explore...and of course get taped for my next TV make sure and tune into Travel Guide New Mexico for a real close encounter with this ramblin' canine! See you on TV!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My TV screening debut

Hello there from Travelin' Jack...on the road. This time with a totally new twist. My TV screening debut for the television show, Travel Guide New Mexico. Yep, you heard right!!! This silly bulldogge has landed a spot on this wonderful television show. It will be called Jack's Tracks. Each week I will highlight a pet-friendly activity and destination in our beautiful state. Doggone lucky, I would say!

Here's a shot of me waiting for my debut shoot, watching the pros in action. I'm on the Riverwalk in Bloomfield. Great place to check out the river action as well as take a nice leisurely stroll. Here you see Richard Holcomb, the host of the television show, being filmed by Ace Cameraman, Chuck! He's my newest best friend (besides Jill of course!) because he follows me around with that big camera lookin' for my best angle!

Stay tuned....literally...for this dog's debut on the show. I'll keep you informed!

....doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pawsing for special wishes for Ruby

To my canine cousin, Ruby in Florida. Here's doggone heaps of wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

luv ya Roobeee.

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving's the best with the family!

Well, that wonderful holiday nicknamed "Turkey Day" has come and gone...but not without fond memories for this ol bulldogge! Lots o good eatin, then relaxin' in front of a cozy fire...and best of all a hike in the snow with my step-dog sister Roxie. We headed out to Sargents' Wildlife Refuge in Chama....20,000 acres of hills and vales to roam and romp in. Didn't quite explore all of it...but pretty doggone Anyway, there was fresh snow to run through...and eat too. But you won't catch me snufflin up the white stuff.....oops, ya got me I guess! Aw well, the truth be told it was one grande adventure for these two cruisin' dogs.

time to head back to the warm fireplace now though......but not before I wish you

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing all my good friends out there a Turkey Day filled with good friends, good times....and of course good FooD!!!! Yum.....can't wait for my own plate of turkey (no bones please)...and then a nice nap afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you ready to roll yet? I AM

Time for this ol dog to hit the trail...and there is nothin' so aggravating as havin' to wait for Jill...harrummph! saying something about getting organized...well, I have my bandanna on...and I'm in my seat...that's what I call organized. get the keys already...and let's roll! wonder where we're off to today? can't wait...tune in and you'll find out too!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ski New Mexico comes ski season

Greetings from Jack-land! Just got back from snowy Chama...and that sure makes a dog want to hit the mountains and ski trails! So....reviewing my trip to the Ski Swap, I revisited my visit with the Big Guy at Ski New Mexico.....none other than George Brooks!

Now if there is anyone that knows New Mexico is George Brooks! He was the Ski Coach at UNM for many years...and thanks to him and under his ski leadership, the university took a National Championship.....the ONLY national championship that UNM has ever achieved. And after retiring from this important job...he took on the leadership of Ski New Mexico! WoW!

So...there I am, visiting with the various New Mexico ski resorts at the Swap...and who happens by but his truly.....the Ski King of New Mexico! Got a photo op with him as well....and he took time out of his busy business to visit with this ol' bulldogge!

I quizzed him about skiing in New Mexico and he shared all the great scoop with me. Too many good things to I recommend...head your mouse straight to the Ski New Mexico website and check out all the facts. You'll find everything from daily Snow reports to great ski deals...the whole doggone deal!

As for me, I'll check out the dog friendly ski destinations and action and report back to you later on that can count on Travelin' Jack...the curious bulldogge!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NM Ski I come

aaahhh...there's a nip in the air and some frost on the paws! and that got me to thinkin.......SKIING!!! And what better place to ski than in New Mexico! Great ski resorts around the state....even cross country skiing, fabulous scenery, great action on and off the slopes (so I hear through the dog-vine) and best of all very reasonable rates...compared to our snowy neighboring states!!!!

So, in my dog-intelligence, me-thinks it's time to check out the facts myself. What DO the ski resorts offer us canine slope puppies? And since it is still pre-season, I decided the BEST way to check out the facts was at the annual SKI SWAP in Albuquerque.

So I put on my Travel-Dog Back Pack and off we went to the Ski Swap. (hint no dogs allowed in the show, but I pulled out my 'press pass' credentials, my business card and Jill explained to the nice lady that I was there on a photo with a little dog-finagling, in we were at the 2009 Ski Swap!

I headed straight to the Ski Resort arena and went visiting with the various resorts to see how they would welcome me...and doggone it....I made some real finds!

For instance Red River has a great cross country ski resort called Enchanted Forest where they actually have some dog friendly trails. Gonna check that out once the snow starts flying! (hmmm...wonder if they make snowshoes for doggies?).

Anyway, while I was at the Red River booth, I fell in love. Yep, that's right...this pooch saw stars and snowflakes with this cute Snow Bunny, Lauren.....AND (let me clue you into a little bulldog secret)...if you hit the Red River Ski Area you might just be lucky and find her there...I hear she hangs out there a lot since she is the Marketing Manager! Boy, do I know how to pick 'em!

Pretty impressive, eh? This old dog....well young actually.....really learned one new trick at this ski show...and that is head to the hills.....Red River that is...and you're sure to find some doggone good bunnies and all!

...more on the Ski world in New Mexico soon, but signing off for now....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Point A to Point B....along the road

RUFF.....travelin' Jack here again with more news from the road.

If you recall, Taos was our most recent road trip....and what fun it was, but want to finish up this piece with some good dog advice for travelin' on the road. It's NOT just about the's NOT just about traveling from Point A to Point B...but it is ALSO about traveling FROM Point A TO Point B along the road!!! and that is my advice for today from this cruisin' dog.

So here's my most recent report of Point A TO Point B ....or a sidebar on our Taos trip.

Point A-----Apples. The Rio Grande Corridor is very well known for its tasty apples that are ready to pick and munch on every October. So Jill and I followed the river road and came across a sign "ROMERO'S ORCHARD". So...we decided it was time for a stop and a little exploration.

A stop at the barn by the orchard, and we were greeted by Mr. Romero himself. Seems that they have been growing tasty apples of all varieties for 3 generations.....and still going strong. He took us on a hike through the orchard, and then packed up a big bag of tasty sweet juicy apples for us to take home with us.

Hey....and let me tell you, those apples were good! Don't think a dog likes apples? Well, you would be wrong because this pudgy dog appreciates a good apple! Jill and I munched all the way back to Albuquerque!....but on to Point B! from my list.

Point B......BATHROOM BREAKS! Yep that's right. We dogs on the road need bathroom breaks....the more the merrier! (and hint for my doggie pals out there reading and learning how to travel on the road....sometimes when you are going through some gorgeous back is a good idea to start wiggling around. Works every time.) And there are many forest roads, service roads, quiet country lanes along the way in New Mexico, let me assure you!

So off the road we pull at the next side road. Once we are parked and have walked a ways down this quiet country lane, Jill let's me off the leash. OF COURSE it is very important that I follow through on my "wiggling strategy", so the first bush....the second bush...even the third bush I see, I make my mark on.....and then off I go exploring while Jill tags along.

And a good time was had by all!

Yep, it's not just about getting from Point A to Point B....BUT it is about creating Point A and B along the way!...and that's my lesson of the day!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Taos---rrrific's the real dog scoop.......or do I mean the real poop?!? matter what, Taos is good for the traveling canine! We found loads of fun things for me to do...but it all started at our overnight accommodation of choice.....the American Artist Gallery B&B. In addition to the fact that this posh place is "Pet Friendly"...well it's just doggone nice...that's what! Here I am outside before we checked in to our cozy casita. And since we hit Taos just after an early winter snowfall, there was a chill in the air...and that Pinon fire in our bedroom suite sure took the chill out of the air! And cozy too...what better way to spend an evening than in your room lounging in front of a crackling fire!

Morning time came around after a snoozy good night, and Jill goes off to the Main house for some tasty breakfast...said something about just for folks....harumph! anyway, I stayed in the car for a bit and watched the resident Peacock....yes you heard right.....strut and pose around their yard. That will certainly keep a dog entertained for awhile! So...a little while later (actually a big while later because she CAN be a bit gabby!) here comes Jill out to get me and what does she have in hand? Some tasty Bacon! Yep, that's downright dog friendly..and come to find out, Charles, the owner sent it to little ol' ME! Nope, they hadn't forgotten about me at all, thank Dogness!

We also hit the Plaza for fun things to see and do. Let me tell you...I recommend Bent Street...right off the Plaza. Wandering down the street, we came across a little boutique called Sapo..and what was right out front of the door? A dog bowl...filled with cool fresh water! Just for dog visitors! Now that's dowright my dog-book.....and sure dog-friendly as well! Not only do they put out the water, they even invited me into the shop! So while Jill was looking over the goods, I was making friends with other canine shoppers! just don't find that everywhere, now do you?

And right after that little goldmine dog discovery....well here we come upon a store DEDICATED to dogs! That's right. ..... 3 Dog Art Taos and get this...their motto is "Where Pets and People Are Family!" Well, they get a 5-paws rating from me! Not only are they friendly, but they have GREAT dog stuff! I left with a new squeaky ball (really squeaks good and loud too!) and some chicken favorite midnite snack! Wow...what a find.

Yep, I definitely recommend Bent Street for pooches in Taos! But for now, I'm getting hungry thinking about those tasty treats from to the kitchen and food bowl....

But as always,

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mountains are Calling

Travelin' Jack on the Road! And off to Taos on a pet mission. Is Taos Pet-Friendly? A "RUFF" assignment fer sure.....but hey, some dog's gotta do it! And after all....that is why I get paid the big bones!

So, IS Taos pet-friendly? Well, we are about to find out! Jill and I took off from Santa Fe to Taos, following the Rio Grande and river road up to the mountains enjoying the views along the way!

Just look at this spectacular shot of the snow blanketed mountains peeking through the clouds...just as we were entering Taos! Had to stop at a road side picnic area to grab this shot. OF COURSE, I insisted that Jill pull off!

You know it is important to make those unplanned stops along the way. And it is true that part of the adventure is on the road! So my recommendation when you are traveling with your canine buddies....Stop often and stop to enjoy the view! Just a doggone crime to rush past these photo ops along the way...and hey, a bit of exploring and sniffing around the rest area is right up this pooch's favorite things to do!

gotta go now...lots more to sniff and snort about!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top Dog meets up with Top Tourism Dog!!!!

Travelin' Jack here with my bags packed and ready to roll!

We're off to Taos, but not before we prepare properly for a trip! That means research, research and more research! And what better place to check out the options than at the New Mexico Visitor Information Center.

Jill and I stopped in at the Santa Fe Visitor Information Center on our way north, checking out maps, Visitor Guides and the likes. And who did we meet up with? No less than THE TOP TOURISM DOG in New Mexico.....Cabinet Secretary Mike Cerletti! Talk about royal service. He stopped his important work to make sure I had all the right brochures and info for our trip! Doggone Good Service in my books!

I highly recommend this for your #2 important thing to do in planning a trip. What's #1 you ask? Well, going on line and checking out the maps, upcoming events, great things to do and places to go.....all that important stuff to ensure you have a 'top-dog' trip! Check it out's all there, just a paw click away at the New Mexico tourism website.

So get ready...get's four paws to the road...and off we go!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IF anyone ever dares to tell you that dogs don't appreciate fine art....well....doggone it.....tell them to think again! Here is one dog that loves great artwork. But it is important to get up close to appreciate the fine workmanship.

Caught up with this art and artist, Luke Renberg at the Lighter Than Air Fair festival guessed it...The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! Uh, did the balloons in the picture give it away, maybe?

Anyway, I give this painting a 5-paws rating....and that's pretty doggone good...comin' from this persnickety bulldogge!

Hope you enjoy some art in your day!

From your good canine buddy, travelin' jack signing off for n ow....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greetings again from Dog-ville! Continuing on about my great experience at 'Lighter Than Air Fair' I just HAFTA tell you about a super discovery I made at the Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum during Balloon Fiesta. I discovered some of my long-lost canine cousins! That's right! Amazing as that may sound, the city of Albuquerque sent over their traveling animal adoption unit to the festival on the lawn. Remember I told you last time how PET FRIENDLY the festival was? Well here's further proof! Lo and behold this great van arrived on the grounds, and the nice ladies working and driving the van set up these portable pens...and LO and BEHOLD!!!! out come some of the cutest of my long lost canine cousins you could imagine. Now when I say, long lost, that is not entirely true...I had never met these canine cousins before now...but they ARE my cousins none-the-less. And poor things....I could relate to this as my beginnings were at a shelter as well....they are looking for their forever families....someone wonderful and kind to adopt them.
What could I do but get up close and personal with them and share my happy ending story of adoption! Let me tell you...were they glad to hear that there are good people out there looking to adopt! And they are now more hopeful since I relayed my success story with them!!! As a matter of fact, Lucky Paws adopted over 20 animals during 'Lighter Than Air Fair'.....and I'd call that a barking success! Now we just need to find good homes for all my other canine cousins. They deserve a wonderful family too! And I also heard through the dog-vine that there are similar animal adoption organizations everywhere! So if you are not in Albuquerque reading this blog...just check out your town's animal shelter and you are sure to find some cute, cuddly little critter waiting just for you!

signing off for now and as always with.....

....doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Happenings!

Travelin' Jack here....back from assignment that was full of hot air.......LITERALLY! Jill put me on a writing assignment at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque Balloon Museum for 9 whole days during Balloon Fiesta! Whew. Tough assignment, those early hours...even for an adventurer like me! And since then I have been absorbing all the great things I did.....most especially at "Lighter Than Air Fair". Why there you ask? Great question. See...this is the latest new addition to Albuquerque's balloon world and the most happenin' new event connected to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! And I am especially partial to it because it is "DOG FRIENDLY!" A great grassy meadow filled with Arts and Crafts Vendors, fabulous live entertainment and added attractions. And NOT just dog friendly I might add......we had some extremely beautiful colorful birds there daily from High Desert Bird Club, Hatch's Parrot Place, Wildlife West and even the Albuquerque Zoo....who came in their wonderful ZooMobile! See how intrigued I am by our fair feathered friends.....attached photo!

Aahh yes the festival was a grand success......and there are many more details to share...but I need to take a little dog-nap now.....we all know how important beauty rest is for for's to Lighter Than Air Fair and my bird buddies....and more to share later.

as always....Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Travelin' Jack here to fill you in on my latest adventure at Buffalo Thunder Resort. One snazzy place for this top-dog! Jill and I checked in for a quick getaway, and wow did we have a good time! They had a goodie bag with some man-sized doggie milk-bones...just for me! And the handsome bellhop loaded up my crate, Jill's bags, my dog food and other doggie travel necessities and off we went up the elevator. Buffalo Thunder is pretty cool...they make it easy for dogs..when you come up to the entrance the door opens magically! and then we went up the elevator...where the door again opens and closes upon command....haven't quite figured this trick out yet, but it sure is top notch! Our room was great! They gave us a dog-friendly room with a door that opened right onto the patio with the big back yard......actually HUGE back yard that we could take walks and explorations in. Wow. Talk about nice!

Evening time Jill took off for a dinner and I relaxed in my cozy cage that we brought from home. Hint.....always good to have your own belongings and toys and favorite foods when you travel away from home. Makes it less intimidating for the canine travelers to snuggle down with their favorite blanket and toy! And speaking of great food! Seems Jill hit the jackpot at this posh dinner at Buffalo Thunder. They served up a sumptuous "buffalo filet" along with all the trimmings. How do I know, you ask? Well, just so happens that I got a specially created doggie bag of this gourmet entree....and yep, it was indeed sumptuous! Didn't last long though, I guarantee you that tidbit of info! So yes, I give Buffalo Thunder Resort dining a "5-PAWS" rating!

But just maybe the best part of Buffalo Thunder for this travelin' bulldogge was hanging out in the Lobby. Talk about attention! Seems everyone loves a Bulldog! I made dog-zillions of friends in that lobby! Coulda spent a couple days there alone with all the petting, swooning and camera action coming my way.....don't believe me? Well here is the proof in the pudding! See what one of my admirers has to say about me!

Dog Friendly Travel Abounds in Northern New Mexico

Thursday October 1, 2009
When I was on the road in northern New Mexico, I noticed how much people loved their dogs. It wasn't until I stayed at Buffalo Thunder Resort that I realized that dogs might just be competing with me in the travel writing biz. I ran into a huge one year old bulldog named Jack that is a travel writer! Yep, Jack has his own travel blog. He was at the Buffalo Thunder Resort checking out the dog-friendly staff and accommodations. More on traveling with your dog.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Yep..... that Liz Rose journalist is something. She caught me here in the lobby waiting with Jill for my next admirer to happen by.'s a dog's life for sure!

Stay tuned for more action. We're heading to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta and fun at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum and the all-new "LIGHTER THAN AIR FAIR!" Think I'll check this high-flying action next....but for now....

.....doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greetings from the Land of Enchantment and from this crazy travelin' canine! I've been on the road and fast track with Jill this past week. Adventures abounding everywhere! First stop, Chama and the Elkhorn Lodge. This was no regular foray at the Lodge. The Lodge played host to about 25 journalists exploring Northern New Mexico. And of course it was MY role to ensure that these spiffy writers knew all about our "Dog-friendly" attitude here at the Lodge! Which of course included my personal welcome! I wore my favorite cowboy bandanna to ensure that they got a taste of cowboy! And Jill and Jim added to the cowboy flavor by cookin' up a special "cowboy breakfast" over an open fire. Including some of my favorites, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and of course cowboy coffee (NOT one of my favorites, but the humans seemed to find it quite tasty!). Jill cooked up a whole tassle of scrambled eggs...about 70 in all...over the fire pit in this HUGE skillet....made just for cowboy breakfasts I'm a-thinkin! And the journalists were all over the place with their cameras, shooting the action...and of course ME as well! (I'm hopin' to make the big-time after this little happenin'....time will tell)! Anyway, as soon as I get a photo or two I will post....and then I will add some scoop on my follow-up stay at the snazzy Buffalo Thunder Resort! Stay tuned.......

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome back from dog-ville. Been busy as a not really, more like busy as a bulldog, but they haven't coined that phrase yet......I'm workin' on it, though. This past week my favorite person, Jill, jetted off to Washington DC...and left me at home. She said something about meetings on Capitol Hill, visits to the White House etc, are not on a bulldog's list. That of course is questionable in my books, but alas...she left me at home.

I got my own kicks though! Matt and Vince dog-sat for me. At my home. (That way I don't have to stay at a doggie-daycare or canine club...or whatever). At home in my own bed, with my favorite toys and some guys to play that. Since they are in the 'over 21' set, their excursions are a bit on the adventuresome side. One evening they put on my leash, loaded me in the car and off we went downtown Albuquerque. We went to a BAR....yes, you heard that right...even at my youthful age....where they allow dogs. Seems the owner is a big dog fan, so off I went with them.

Now here's the story that I'm telling Jill......there may be some blanks that you will have to fill in.....yes, mum's the word on the WHOLE story. and you won't get me to squeal...that's for sure. Well Matt, Vince and I went to this club...there's music there, and pool tables and a nice long bar. Matt and Vince decided to play pool...and lo and behold, I discover the owner of the bar has brought his canine pal to the joint as well......we sniffed, met and became friends...that is the other dog of course. Before I knew it, the owner told Matt and Vince I could drop the leash. Yes, that is about PET FRIENDLY. So off came the leash...and my new dog pal and I raced around the bar, chasing each other and having a grande ol' time. Who woulda thought.... Right here in downtown Albuquerque...nightlife to die for...for this ol' bulldogge. I've definitely decided it is cool to hang out with the guys......hmmm...wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life from a Bulldogge's perspective

Hello again from a doggone good day in the life of this crazy ol' bulldogge!

Today's adventures included a trip to Chama to visit my step-dog-sister, Roxie at the Elkhorn Lodge. She's one good lookin' brindle boxer-BUT don't under estimate her! She doesn't mess around with ornery one-year old bulldogges. Yes, it's true, we've had our little run-ins, and even though she is not stout like me, SHE DOMINATES! You know..that female attitude and all! I haven't quite figured out why she doesn't want to tussle, roll around on the floor and chew on each other non-stop. After awhile she just gets bossy with me! Jill tells me it's because she is 8 years old (that's human years...not dog age!). Hrmph! Don't know what age has to do with havin' a little fun! Anyway, she jumps me after awhile and since she is taller than I am, she gets the best of me! I've ended up with a couple cuts and bruises, but mostly bruises to my manly bulldogge pride! Ah women....the mysteries of life,eh? We eat in separate rooms. She gets very possessive of her food bowl, so I have been relegated to eat in the living room by myself! Another insult! But then the good times get going. Jill takes both of us up to the mountains for an afternoon hike. We load up the car with lots of water and head for the hills. What fun it is to race through the pine forests, leaping over dips and rises, among the mountain flowers and grasses of the high mountain meadows. We take off after imaginary (and real) mountain wildlife, chasing them even as they disappear long from our sight. A dip in a mountain stream cools us off after a hearty run, and then a little siesta in the shade of a giant pine tree. Now this is the Life! No leashes, no cars, no people (except Jill), just pure bliss in a heavenly spot high in the Rocky Mountains! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Of course, as we are romping through the forests and the mountain meadows, we are always circling around Jill as she hikes with us. It is our utmost role to watch and protect her against any and all visible or invisible enemies lurking in the shadows. And let me tell you...we take this job very seriously! She doesn't know how good she has it...protected by two magnificent canines...taking care of their special person! Yep, it's one important job for sure! But now it's time to get back in the Explorer and head back down the mountains to the lodge....but the back seats are filled with two very tired and doggone happy pooches! A great day for a bulldogge for sure! It's time for a siesta signing off for now but not without sending you doggy hugs and slurpy kisses..........travelin' jack

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome to my Dog-Blog!

My name is Jack, and through my personalized dog-blog, I want to share my life's adventures with you.

See, I am not just any ordinary dog (at least I don't think I am!). I am a Travel Writer's Assistant and Sidekick! And I love to hit the road with her on our adventures around New Mexico!
But first, Iet me tell you a bit about myself. In addition to traveling around our beautiful state, I do have a history...I am a rescue dog....and here is how my story began!

My person.....her name is Jill (that's right.....we are the "Jack and Jill" team!) was actively searching for a new bulldog partner. Her special friend, Patricia, who lives in Colorado (and is a special angel in her own rights) works actively for a Great Dane rescue organization. She knew Jill was looking for a bulldog, and when she came across my photo and profile on the Pueblo CO animal shelter website...well, she just knew!
A phone call, and the process was started. Soon I was adopted by Jill. I was a sprite 7 months young, full of p....and vinegar! My first family didn't understand that doggies need more than love and food...they also need direction and training. I didn't know that at first, but I soon learned from Jill what behaving is all about! Of course that came after a couple of little chewing up her new, snuggly soft settee....or stealing and eating that yummy raw steak on the counter.....or chewing through a corner of about 25 of her kids' books.....hmmm. I could go on, but perhaps it is just better to forget those little indiscretions.

Anyway, she adopted me, brought me into her home in Albuquerque...after we took a nice long ride from Colorado to New first "travel adventure". And now we love to zip around the state in search of new exciting things and places for folks and their pets to go! (I'll share a secret with you...she says my input in these adventures is very important. OF COURSE I knew that all along!)

What is my job here, you ask? Well, it is to share with you these adventures, some tips for "traveling with your pet", sharing with you MY favorite things to know/do/see/experience....and just have fun with you along the way. Be on the lookout soon (we'll clue you in...) for a new article on the horizon, called "On The Road with Jack and Jill....traveling with your pet around New Mexico". Filled with fun adventures and tips for traveling with dogs.

So....there you have it...a snapshot of what this DOG-BLOG is all about! Stay tuned...and I'll tell you about some funny...and not so funny things that have happened to me already....some dog-smarts and some not-so-dog-smarts.....etc. But it is Saturday morning...and we are off on a hiking adventure, so signing off for now.....