Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Travelin' Jack here to fill you in on my latest adventure at Buffalo Thunder Resort. One snazzy place for this top-dog! Jill and I checked in for a quick getaway, and wow did we have a good time! They had a goodie bag with some man-sized doggie milk-bones...just for me! And the handsome bellhop loaded up my crate, Jill's bags, my dog food and other doggie travel necessities and off we went up the elevator. Buffalo Thunder is pretty cool...they make it easy for dogs..when you come up to the entrance the door opens magically! and then we went up the elevator...where the door again opens and closes upon command....haven't quite figured this trick out yet, but it sure is top notch! Our room was great! They gave us a dog-friendly room with a door that opened right onto the patio with the big back yard......actually HUGE back yard that we could take walks and explorations in. Wow. Talk about nice!

Evening time Jill took off for a dinner and I relaxed in my cozy cage that we brought from home. Hint.....always good to have your own belongings and toys and favorite foods when you travel away from home. Makes it less intimidating for the canine travelers to snuggle down with their favorite blanket and toy! And speaking of great food! Seems Jill hit the jackpot at this posh dinner at Buffalo Thunder. They served up a sumptuous "buffalo filet" along with all the trimmings. How do I know, you ask? Well, just so happens that I got a specially created doggie bag of this gourmet entree....and yep, it was indeed sumptuous! Didn't last long though, I guarantee you that tidbit of info! So yes, I give Buffalo Thunder Resort dining a "5-PAWS" rating!

But just maybe the best part of Buffalo Thunder for this travelin' bulldogge was hanging out in the Lobby. Talk about attention! Seems everyone loves a Bulldog! I made dog-zillions of friends in that lobby! Coulda spent a couple days there alone with all the petting, swooning and camera action coming my way.....don't believe me? Well here is the proof in the pudding! See what one of my admirers has to say about me!

Dog Friendly Travel Abounds in Northern New Mexico

Thursday October 1, 2009
When I was on the road in northern New Mexico, I noticed how much people loved their dogs. It wasn't until I stayed at Buffalo Thunder Resort that I realized that dogs might just be competing with me in the travel writing biz. I ran into a huge one year old bulldog named Jack that is a travel writer! Yep, Jack has his own travel blog. He was at the Buffalo Thunder Resort checking out the dog-friendly staff and accommodations. More on traveling with your dog.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose

Yep..... that Liz Rose journalist is something. She caught me here in the lobby waiting with Jill for my next admirer to happen by.'s a dog's life for sure!

Stay tuned for more action. We're heading to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta and fun at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum and the all-new "LIGHTER THAN AIR FAIR!" Think I'll check this high-flying action next....but for now....

.....doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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