Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D-DAY is 5 days away

OKey Dokey Doggie.....Well, it's about time to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! And believe you-me and all my doggie friends...I've been practicin' my speech!

What's all this hoopla about you ask? Well, I'll give you a little hint. It's the "launch" of my 'CANINE CAMPAIGN' and it will be this Sunday at 9:30 SHARP at Balloon Museum lawn. AND its a doggone BIG ANNOUNCEMENT let me tell you!

So, get your paws to the pedals...head to Balloon Fiesta and the Balloon Museum (where you can watch the colorful shapes take to New Mexico's skies...THEN mosey on I take that back..;;RUN on over to my big event "UP, UP & AWAY, A FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY" for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...and more.

You won't be disappointed...I DOG-GUARANTEE!

See you at the Fair!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This dog is gettin' excited BIG TIME! Only 10.....yup TEN days till THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Just to remind you that it will take place at Balloon Museum East Lawn on October 3rd 9:30 AM SHARP!

It will take place at the first ever UP, UP & AWAY...A FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY which is dog-guaranteed to be a grand time for people and pups alike. The Pet Fair will take place from 9am to 12noon. And it is FREE from the Lawn gate entrance!

So....get your alarm clock set dark-early for Balloon Fiesta next Sunday, October 3rd...then head right on over to Balloon Museum for the Puppariffic Happenings!

See you at the FAIR!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Balloon Fiesta is just around the corner...and this dog's not a-snoozin! Why I had SO much fun last year at BALLOON MUSEUM during Albuquerque's grandest Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, that I dog-cided that it was time to put on the Fiesta Ritz myself!

So Balloon Museum and I-Travelin' Jack- have teamed up to co-host the 1st ever UP, UP, & AWAY A FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY! It will be a fiesta of furry fun for the whole family...kit and kaboodle and canines too!

There will be:

  • Music Entertainment
  • Free Give-aways (for people and pets)
  • Adopt-a-thon
  • Pet Business Vendors
  • Games
  • And the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at 930 AM sharp
Yep, that's right....THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! And that would be all about this li'l ol' Yep, it's true...I have a MAJOR announcement....and we're NOT lettin' the cat outta the bag (HA-some dog humor there!) till 930AM sharp on October 3rd!'re just gonna HAVE to come and see for yourself! It's FREE on the Lawn...and it will be doggone cool....let me tell you!

PS. This event then will kick off my month long CANINE-CAMPAIGN around New Mexico. My goal for the CANINE-CAMPAIGN (in addition to fun!) is to raise funds for New Mexico's Animal Welfare organizations. All the proceeds raised from my special items will go directly to the participating animal welfare organizations. BUT that is NOT the big will only know WHEN you are there at

9:30 AM Sharp....ON Balloon Museum Lawn!

After all...this is my 'pet project' (pun intended!).

See you at the Fair!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Picnic in the Mountains!

Me and my two fav gals, Jill and LuLu (my very own photographer)...are OFF on a grand Labor Day picnic adventure....up to the mountains near Jemez Springs. We dog-scovered Battleship Rock Picnic grounds...take a look at that humongous Rock would-ja?

We found a cozy little picnic spot right above the gurgling Jemez River. YUM...good food and company...what better way to spend a summer's-end holiday, eh? Photo time...from the old cell phone no less. Is this a good enough pose? afternoon hike down to the river's edge. Hey....surely you don't expect me to put my tender little toes in this icy cold water, do you?
Hey you...BLACK DOG....down there in the water? Look up here!!! I want to say HI!

Well, this was one doggone grand adventure. If you want to check out the good times and places...head up Highway 4 to Jemez Springs along the Jemez Mountain Trail and make sure to check out Battleship Rock!

until next time...doggie hugs and slurpy kisses from this dog-venturin' pup!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Well there are adventures of all sorts when you are a roadie like me! And Jill and I were just cruising along some of New Mexico's beautiful back roads when all of a sudden, we hear this strange sound. Then the truck behind us starts honking at us...and before you know it...there we are on the side of the road....with wouldnja know it--- a flat tire!

Now that was NOT in the plans....but the good news is...there are some grand folks out there! And Rodeo Cowboys are right on the top of my ANGEL LIST right about now!

You can see from the pic...these two cowboys didn't take one second of thinkin' to get the job done, get the spare tire put on...and we are back on the road whistlin' along happy as can be! Of course I had to supervise from the make sure they did it right....EXPERT DOG MECHANIC that I am.....NOT! Whew...sure was glad they came along when they did! Our Lucky Dog Day!'s true there is chivalry left in this world....and I met up with two cowboy angels and one cowgirl angel.....Matt & Shane & Sage.... you are one class act and one dog-dandy example of good folk!

Yup...cowboys are on the top of my FAV list right about now!

I guess being Labor Day and all...this is a 'dogged' reminder that if you are hitting the road for a picnic, an adventure or a car trip of any sort...make sure you check your car out in advance....but most of all....make sure you have some cowboy angels in your rear-view Window!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses to my newest heroes!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Round 2.....Lookin' for a few good families!

As you may "Pet Project" so to speak (BARK!) is to help some of my furry friends find their forever families! Well, our first round with Rooster and Puff went well! We have Rooster adopted out to a great family in Albuquerque...and Puff was relocated to a cat sanctuary so that she can enjoy life.

But now here we are at ROUND TWO! And I am proud to introduce these two cutie pies...both looking for their own family....and I'm a-thinkin' YOU might JUST be the answer to their plight.


Three ways.

1) You can decide to add that special 4-footed member to your family and contact Animal Humane of NM right now...before someone else adopts them!

......or if you just can't adopt...

2) Send a $ donation to they can feed Louie and Rory while they are in their temporary home at AHNM.

3) Share this blog site with EVERYONE you know....someone out there MAY just be looking for that best-friend...and's their dream pet!

AND everyone will be happy! I-Travelin' Jack....will be 'specially dog-thrilled to have these two babies in a wonderful forever home and family! is true....TRAVELIN' JACK NEEDS YOU! I challenge you to RISE to the Challenge!



I'm a grey and white, one and 1/2 year old grey tabby. I'm quite the gentleman who will come and greet you at the door. I get along well with other cats and dogs. I'm VERY friendly and would enjoy being held as we watch a movie or TV on the couch together. Please come and meet me at the Cat House at Animal Humane to see if I would make a good cuddle partner for you. 505.255.5523. 615 Virginia Street SE.



I a one-year-old spayed female Shepherd mix. I am an easy-going, young girl. I am highly trainable and should be swell with other dogs and kids. May I join your family? I’m at Animal Humane’s Westside Adoption & Training Center: 10700 Corrales Blvd. 890-PETZ or

So there you have it...our September Challenge! Won't you PULEEZE help out? Thanks a dog-zillion!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Attention WORLD...well maybe New Mexico mostly! This dog has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming that you are sure to appreciate BIG-DOG time! And here are the details....well SOME of the details. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be made on October 3rd at 930am at Balloon Museum Lawn! I along with my many furry friends and their companies will be putting on a party called "UP, UP, & AWAY...FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY!" But that is NOT the big announcement. You'll have to COME to the event to hear THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT....and that's ALL I'm gonna spill right now, doggone it! Stay WON'T want to miss this I dog-guarantee!