Monday, September 6, 2010


Well there are adventures of all sorts when you are a roadie like me! And Jill and I were just cruising along some of New Mexico's beautiful back roads when all of a sudden, we hear this strange sound. Then the truck behind us starts honking at us...and before you know it...there we are on the side of the road....with wouldnja know it--- a flat tire!

Now that was NOT in the plans....but the good news is...there are some grand folks out there! And Rodeo Cowboys are right on the top of my ANGEL LIST right about now!

You can see from the pic...these two cowboys didn't take one second of thinkin' to get the job done, get the spare tire put on...and we are back on the road whistlin' along happy as can be! Of course I had to supervise from the make sure they did it right....EXPERT DOG MECHANIC that I am.....NOT! Whew...sure was glad they came along when they did! Our Lucky Dog Day!'s true there is chivalry left in this world....and I met up with two cowboy angels and one cowgirl angel.....Matt & Shane & Sage.... you are one class act and one dog-dandy example of good folk!

Yup...cowboys are on the top of my FAV list right about now!

I guess being Labor Day and all...this is a 'dogged' reminder that if you are hitting the road for a picnic, an adventure or a car trip of any sort...make sure you check your car out in advance....but most of all....make sure you have some cowboy angels in your rear-view Window!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses to my newest heroes!

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