Friday, September 3, 2010

Round 2.....Lookin' for a few good families!

As you may "Pet Project" so to speak (BARK!) is to help some of my furry friends find their forever families! Well, our first round with Rooster and Puff went well! We have Rooster adopted out to a great family in Albuquerque...and Puff was relocated to a cat sanctuary so that she can enjoy life.

But now here we are at ROUND TWO! And I am proud to introduce these two cutie pies...both looking for their own family....and I'm a-thinkin' YOU might JUST be the answer to their plight.


Three ways.

1) You can decide to add that special 4-footed member to your family and contact Animal Humane of NM right now...before someone else adopts them!

......or if you just can't adopt...

2) Send a $ donation to they can feed Louie and Rory while they are in their temporary home at AHNM.

3) Share this blog site with EVERYONE you know....someone out there MAY just be looking for that best-friend...and's their dream pet!

AND everyone will be happy! I-Travelin' Jack....will be 'specially dog-thrilled to have these two babies in a wonderful forever home and family! is true....TRAVELIN' JACK NEEDS YOU! I challenge you to RISE to the Challenge!



I'm a grey and white, one and 1/2 year old grey tabby. I'm quite the gentleman who will come and greet you at the door. I get along well with other cats and dogs. I'm VERY friendly and would enjoy being held as we watch a movie or TV on the couch together. Please come and meet me at the Cat House at Animal Humane to see if I would make a good cuddle partner for you. 505.255.5523. 615 Virginia Street SE.



I a one-year-old spayed female Shepherd mix. I am an easy-going, young girl. I am highly trainable and should be swell with other dogs and kids. May I join your family? I’m at Animal Humane’s Westside Adoption & Training Center: 10700 Corrales Blvd. 890-PETZ or

So there you have it...our September Challenge! Won't you PULEEZE help out? Thanks a dog-zillion!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!


  1. Cat looks little dangerous but the dog is very cool. Thanks for providing the details. I hope they will be soon get a good family.

  2. I'm guessing you're a dog person! And nothin' wrong with that in my book...but this little kitty is a sweetie anxious to get a good here's my doggone wish for both of em!

    Have a doggone grand day!

    doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!