Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Picnic in the Mountains!

Me and my two fav gals, Jill and LuLu (my very own photographer)...are OFF on a grand Labor Day picnic adventure....up to the mountains near Jemez Springs. We dog-scovered Battleship Rock Picnic grounds...take a look at that humongous Rock would-ja?

We found a cozy little picnic spot right above the gurgling Jemez River. YUM...good food and company...what better way to spend a summer's-end holiday, eh? Photo time...from the old cell phone no less. Is this a good enough pose? afternoon hike down to the river's edge. Hey....surely you don't expect me to put my tender little toes in this icy cold water, do you?
Hey you...BLACK DOG....down there in the water? Look up here!!! I want to say HI!

Well, this was one doggone grand adventure. If you want to check out the good times and places...head up Highway 4 to Jemez Springs along the Jemez Mountain Trail and make sure to check out Battleship Rock!

until next time...doggie hugs and slurpy kisses from this dog-venturin' pup!