Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome back from dog-ville. Been busy as a beaver....er not really, more like busy as a bulldog, but they haven't coined that phrase yet......I'm workin' on it, though. This past week my favorite person, Jill, jetted off to Washington DC...and left me at home. She said something about meetings on Capitol Hill, visits to the White House etc, are not on a bulldog's list. That of course is questionable in my books, but alas...she left me at home.

I got my own kicks though! Matt and Vince dog-sat for me. At my home. (That way I don't have to stay at a doggie-daycare or canine club...or whatever). At home in my own bed, with my favorite toys and some guys to play with...at that. Since they are in the 'over 21' set, their excursions are a bit on the adventuresome side. One evening they put on my leash, loaded me in the car and off we went downtown Albuquerque. We went to a BAR....yes, you heard that right...even at my youthful age....where they allow dogs. Seems the owner is a big dog fan, so off I went with them.

Now here's the story that I'm telling Jill......there may be some blanks that you will have to fill in.....yes, mum's the word on the WHOLE story. and you won't get me to squeal...that's for sure. Well Matt, Vince and I went to this club...there's music there, and pool tables and a nice long bar. Matt and Vince decided to play pool...and lo and behold, I discover the owner of the bar has brought his canine pal to the joint as well......we sniffed, met and became friends...that is the other dog of course. Before I knew it, the owner told Matt and Vince I could drop the leash. Yes, that is right....talk about PET FRIENDLY. So off came the leash...and my new dog pal and I raced around the bar, chasing each other and having a grande ol' time. Who woulda thought.... Right here in downtown Albuquerque...nightlife to die for...for this ol' bulldogge. I've definitely decided it is cool to hang out with the guys......hmmm...wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Way to go Jack!! Hope your "Bar" adventure was great!

  2. It was.....another canine pal joined me in the races around the bar.....no troubles though...at least none that I'm spilling on this blog site! Got new adventures to write about now. Thanks for following me! Hope your day is goin' doggone great! Hugs and slurpy kisses!