Friday, July 27, 2012


                                                      ROCKER DUDE JACK.......... 
reporting on the TOP-DAWG pet product line of 2012!   And if you are wondering WHAT? and HOW? and WHY? did I-Travelin' Jack become a Rocker Dude's the scoop.

 It all began at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City Utah!
Now this is only THE pet-event of the case you're wonderin. 
And this Pet Travel Reporter was THERE....representing New Mexico...and of course MOI-Travelin' Jack! 
 Well, I put my paws in forward motion and headed right over to the tradeshow booth of my favorite pet store....PetSmart! (I heard through the bark-vine that they were handin' out goodies!  Well...that rumor was TRUE!)  I met up with my fav PetSmart gals......schmoozed 'em a bit (doesn't take much for this pup-Romeo!)
and what did I get?  TOYS!  yup-pup...bark about some good STUFF! 

AND then...just when I thought I had seen it all.....whoah-doggies!....were my brown eyes opened wide when WHO do I see there but Bret 'cardboard person'!  YUP! True...he was there....and I got to meet him up close and dog-personal!  He might just be America's most loved my dog-pinion for sure!   
          (JACK-TIP:  Click on this Bret Michael's link..and he'll talk to you!)

And 'specially now that he has created this dog-onaire pet product line! My PetSmart sweetie, Kelly  not only introduced me to BRET....but even to his absolutely paws-down furr-tastic PET PRODUCT line!  Take a look at this neat dog-bed!  WoW!  Pretty comfy lookin' if ya ask this dawg!  I'm gonna get my own for back home...but maybe not in Pink....if ya know what I mean! 

And because PetSmart LOVES me...I'm one of their dog-ficial Product Reviewers ya know!.....I got invited to their special luncheon where they showed off the whole fab Bret Michaels product line! 
                          Course I had to get one of these flamin' HOT Bret Michaels Doo Rags! 
                             WhY what rocker dude dog wouldn't want one?
 I also tested out one of the cool water bowls...too...Why I liked it SO much....
I brought it home with me!  ROCKIN' KOOL, ain't it? 
And I brought home a couple other goodies from BlogPaws too!  TEE-HEE.....
                                                   BARK about Hitting the JACK-Pot
                                  Now this is what I call MY lucky day! Wouldn't you agree?
 Now which ond should I play with first!  Tough call....just take a LOOK at all these rockin' neat Bret Michael's pet toys too! 
                           's another JACK-FACT (and hot tip) for the day! 
It's PetSmart's 25th Anniversary!!!! YAH...just think of all the happy dogs, kitties, birds, fish.....(I could go on all day long here!) that have gotten toys...and clothes....and supplies.....and FOOD from PetSmart! I know that sure does include ME! And they even gave me their little commemorative 25th-Anniversary Kitty toy ...and some special PET gift certificates too! I can go add to my Bret Michaels wardrobe too!  AND go shopping at PetSmart!  

                       (Later that day...After my shoppin' trip to PetSmart)
This is MY new Rocker T-shirt wardrobe!  Pretty doggone KOOL, eh?  Here's my Dog-vice for you!  Head on over to your local PetSmart and get your very own Bret Michaels duds.  AND in recognition of PetSmart's 25th anniversary...there are discounts of 25%  on this TOP-DAWG line!...Oh and tell 'em Travelin' Jack sent you too...okay?  I'm just doggone sure that will get your pup a treat at the check out counter!  (tee-hee...better stock up on doggie bones PetSmart!) 

 Couldn't wait to wear my new T-shirts so here I am modeling one other T-shirt form the Pets Rock Rebel T-shirt!  I'm thinkin' they made this one 'SPECIALLY for me....don't you dogree?  It fits me to a TEE!   (Ha!...slipped one of my famous Jack bulldog jokes in there too!)

BUT....we're not done yet!  Remember that BLACK/PINK dog-bed that I showed you from the tradeshow?  Well.....HERE's the special Bret Michaels dog bed that I chose! ( pink for this dog-dude!)  This one is the Cuddler Skull/Guitar Bed....and believe you me........

 It's a keeper-cuddler! And it fits dog-dandy inside my travel crate too!  I'll be hitting the road in style now for sure! YEP...this Bret Michaels PETS ROCK Collection is just doggone DREAMY....and speakin' of dreams.......I'm gonna cuddle down here and dream about the day that I am really.....really....REALLY.... a PET ROCKER Dude Dog ...and I really DO hit the stage with my favorite rockin' partner...Jill.............

                  PS  THIS is what I call dreamin' in full color...! 

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS....(Most) of these great Bret Michaels Collection items were gifted to me by PetSmart!  But NOT ALL...cause I just had to add more good stuff to my dog-personal wardrobe.  LUV...LUV...LUV this Bret Michaels PETS ROCK Collection!  And they are found exclusively at PetSmart stores and on-line too!


  1. Wow! You got a ton of stuff! We didn't do nearly as good. A lot of the Bret Michaels Pets Rock stuff was already gone plus my dogs are all way to big for some of the products. However, we did find a few models to show off the pleather vest and hoodies. By the way, looking good in your doo rag...I wish we could have grabbed one of those too.

  2. Got a lot of this cool stuff from BlogPaws 2012...AND then hit the PetSmart store on our return to New Mexico! We just LUV the Bret Michaels PETS ROCK collection, don't you?