Friday, August 3, 2012

On my way to Dog-Gilligan's Island!

Well maybe not to an island...rather a lake....but I DO think that's a catchy title for a new block-buster movie...don't you?  And who better to play Dog-Gilligan than yours truly---Travelin' Jack! 
 Now THAT's a doggone good  Idea, if ya ask this dawg!  Are ya listenin' W. Disney Studios? 
Me-thinks I would be the Pawfect Dog-Gilligan too!
But....let's get tracking already!  Back to the Subject at paw....
This blog is about BOATING's only the BIGGEST and most make that PUPular Lake in New Mexico! 
So we hooked up with our tour guide...(and a dog-dandy one too, I can tell ya that!)
Miss Dianne, the Tourism Director of Sierra County.
Now if there's anyone who knows where ALL the good action's I put my paws in her trust and let her set up a fun schedule while in Elephant Butte.  And a doggone good plan it was too!

I really wanna get a dogs-eye view of this gi-normous lake...from all viewpoints!  Well maybe a little posing for the camera too! HA!  Did ya get it!  Now on with the site-viewing.... 
....where I got some very interesting sites in view through this dog-dandy ViewFinder. 
Got a close up look at the ELEPHANT BUTTE...why I was able to even SEE the elephant shape (thus the name...can't fool this dog no-way, no-how!)
Pretteeee Kool!  But it really made me want to get ON the lake, so...... we went for a little walk in the waves.!  Fun for me...AND for that family out in the water too! 
And check out that view....nice!  Great place to be on a steamy summer day...where you can cool your toes in the water!  Yes-siree doggie!  This is FUN! 
But what about some boat fun?

 Next stop.....we headed to their Marina del Sur
Dog-O-Dog were there a LOT of boats there!  Big, little, all shapes, styles and sizes of water vessels. And many of them are available for RENTAL too!

We picked out a Pontoon Boat....(also known as a party boat in some circles) and off we sailed under the Pawsome Piloting of Captain Neal!  Hey....this is some special deal.  Yah....doggies!  I donned my handy-dog-dandy water vest and my goggles (even dogs gotta boat safely ya know!)

We took off on our smooth-cruisin' pontoon boat...and I got to take in all the sites!
Aaaaaahhhhh! Feel that cool breeze would ya!  NICE!
And then...wnen I finally opened up my eyes again....what did I see?  This boat...pullin' a big ol' tube...wonder why? Well, I asked Capt'n Neal and he said..."come on...I'll show you"...
...then he docks (see-I got this boat lingo down pretty doggone good wouldn't ya say?) and we disembark at the marina store for a quick look-about!  And what do I see inside there but a Gi-normous tube....JUST for pulling behind the boat!  WoW!  Now THAT looks like fun!  And its available as a RENTAL too!  Gotta be grand fun for the KIDS...but maybe not for me!  
But while I'm in the Marina store...I better check out the goods here.  

 Hey Jill...take a look at these cute me Maam....I thought you were Jill there....guess you're just one of those Model Beach Chicks I read about!  Sorry to disturb you!
                              (I'm SO dog-barrassed!....better get back on the boat FAST!)


Yah..this is better! 
Rollin' along on a sunny afternoon on the blue waters of Elephant Butte Lake!  Can't think of a better way to spend a summer day....can you?  YOU should check it out for yourself!
But for now...I'm gonna while away the afternoon....I'll be back soon I promise!



  1. Pshawwww....Thanks Murray! Yer makin' this pup blush! But Really now...don't you think I'd make a dandy DogGilligan?