Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sudsy Pups and Perfect Pawdicures!

Some pups are just meant to be pampered....and being the dog-famous Bulldog Model that I-Travelin' Jack am....I expect the bones about it!  So when I'm on the Road or even at is VERY pup-propriate that I am in Show-dog form!  
And what's the BEST way to do that you ask? means the WORKS!  A pupssage at Buffalo Thunder Resort ALWAYS works for me!  Or maybe a PAW-dicure?

Now I have to admit the Official Spokes-Dog for  Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe I'm on a special photo shoot here I'm getting special treatment.  Usually they reserve the Wo' P'in Spa for PEOPLE only!  But who's to say people shouldn't get some dog-fabulous spa treatments too, eh? 

(But I'm just so doggone cute in these photos...I just had to share them!)
AND the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort IS that is really really good in my books! It's on my list of ALL-TIME favorites...and should be yours too!

But back to the subject at paw!  Suds and pawdicures!  You know it's not just about lookin' (and feelin' good.  Grooming for your pet is VERY important!  So I thought I'd share my pup-ersonal reasons for grooming your home and even when you are travelin' on the road.
So to share this info with you let's go on a little photo-journal grooming trip together!

Some people bathe and groom their dogs at home...and that's OK..but  I dog-personally just LUV my trips to my OFFICIAL Groomer...and that would be none other than Groomingdale's Pet Spa right here in  Albuquerque.
Regular grooming helps to ensure your dog is healthy and comfortable. And that doesn't mean just a haircut for your dog either!  Short haired MOI....need grooming too! So I go every 4 weeks to my favorite pet spa for a make-over!  
And here's what happens at a typical visit to Groomingdale's Pet Spa!  Yolanda checks me in (BTW I love Yolanda!)...and she trims my toenails first thing!  Then when that business is taken care of....

 ....into the Tub I go for some luvin-dovin-scrubbin' by my all-time favorite groomer EVER...Miss Rose! After some baby talk from Rose, she gets down to dog-business in wetting me down....

 then sudsing me up good.....AAAAHHHH!  Now that feels SOOOOOO good!  She uses this special anti-shedding shampoo that is just dog-licious and keeps me from shedding so much.  (I think Jill really likes that!)

Next....gotta get those eyes nice and clean.  Very dog-portant to a dog's health too!

And then my ears get a good scrubbing too!  Now this has important health benefits in addition to feeling good!  Since I have been going to Groomingdale's I have not had ONE single Ear infection!  (And I did before then regularly!)  Now THAT is one doggone important reason to go regularly to the groomer, if ya ask this Dawg! then I get some know for that smooth shiny coat that every dog should sport! Now I'm shiny clean......time for the dry down......
                                       Rub-a-dub-dub-dog in a tub.
                                        You know that rhyme don't you?

And don't forget the face....ahhh...NICE! 
(Don't face was already smooshed...Rose didn't do that!)
                                              Next.....a little handy dandy Dryer treatment! 
And I am DONE...but Wait....not before I get a special present for being a good dog!

 I get to pick out a brand new bandanna to wear home!  Hot diggity dog!  Now let's see...what color should I pick today?
 How bout RED...shows off my now smooth, shiny, soft blondeness!  Pretty handsome don't ya think?
 Yep...Miss Rose...I give Groomingdale's my 5-PAW rating!  And you know it doesn't get any better than that!  Thanks for keeping me in great looks!  LUV ya!

                         BUT....there's more to this story dog-fans everywhere. 
What about those dogs on the road!  What to do when you have a dirty pooch in the car?  Well....I made one dog-DANDY discovery on a recent trip to Elephant Butte.   
We checked into the pet-friendly Elephant Butte Inn for our visit to the area....where I checked out the grounds up, down...and all around! PRETTY snazzy place!  Got  my vote for a great place to stay for sure!
One of my favorite things...this from my pup-spective!....A grand veranda that faced the lake...and lots of walking (and sitting too) areas for a dog to explore.  I do like that they put the rules up so that everyone can see what a dog's to do (and not too!). That way I can be sure to be a Great Ambassa-dog while I am visiting! Thanks Elephant Butte Inn!  We dogs appreciate your dog-hospitality! 

But back to the subject....clean dogs, right? Right!  This town is known for the fabulous Elephant Butte Lake State Park...where dogs can get pretty down and dirty with all the fun things to do in the water and on hikes in the area. But WHOA doggies....what does Elephant Butte RV Resort offer? (BTW they are right across the street from the Inn and a sister property for those RVin' dogs and peoples!) 
I heard through the bark-vine that they have something special over there!

bow this I gotta check out! 
So I got Nathan...grand Pooh-bah of the Inn (I think that's his title!) to take me in to check out this state-of-the-art pooch spa.  It's the Do-It-Yourself kind....pretty handy for RVers, Inn-visitors and even locals!  NICE!
So here it full color...and suds too!  Nathan just dropped some coins into this machine...dialed away 7 different options for a shampoo...
...everything from your favorite scented shampoo to conditioner..why they even have SKUNK REMOVER for the poor pooch who encounters MR. STINKY on the trail! 
And then with the Magic Wand, Nathan gives me the 7-step clean up! 
Now this is a pretty snazzy Dog Wash.....I'm sure dog-pressed! 
Thanks Nathan.  Now if I'm a good dog during the shampoo, do I get a treat? 
I DO? 
You mean there's even a dog-treat station right in the Doggie Wash! 
Now THAT's what I call the whole kit-and-kaboodle...or the cat's meow....or somethin' like that!  Now I have seen it all!

So you see it's easy and important to keep a dog clean..whether he's at home
.....or on the road.
And with places like Groomingdale's Pet Spa at home...and Elephant Butte Inn on the road....this is one clean dog....why I'm SO clean...I'm ready to hit the runway for a style show

Till next time here's my dog-vice for the day!
Keep your pup clean and happy...and everyone will be a High-Stylin' Pup like me, Travelin Jack!



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