Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's NOT Too Late to VACATE-tion. Summer Fun!

Summertime is nigh upon us....August temps are where else to go but a lake for dogs sake!
And I know JUST the place to make tracks to chill out for some summertime fun!  Elephant Butte, New Mexico.  And here's a top-dog hint....stay at the fabulous Elephant Butte Inn when you go!
Take my dog's-word for it!  

Nice comfy rooms...even room for my travelin' crate....
 with great views of the lake right from the room...SWEET! 

 A nice veranda to check things out  from a pup's-perspective....
why you might even catch sight of a hummingbird in the flowers...if ya have sharp eyes like this dawg!
Oh and a Gi-normous grassy lawn with a  Lakeside Pavilion too!  Yup no dog-doubt about it...Elephant Butte Inn  is one Top-Paw Resort in my dog-estimation.  'Course they have all those other neat resort things for people a SPA right on property, a dandy restaurant and Pub that I hear through the bark-vine serves up some mighty tasty food...there's a swimmin' pool for the kids...and just about everything you could want at a lake resort! 
Why out front they even have a hiking and biking trail.....they even remembered us pups with a Doggie Clean Up Station...pretty snazzy don't you agree?

And there'll be no thirsty dogs on this trail....they even have a 3-level water level JUST FOR ME!  Thanks Elephant Butte...pretty doggone hospitable if ya ask me!   Okey-dokee that I've found JUST the dog-dandiest place to stay...let's see what fun adventures we can find...Gotta get a dog's-eye view of the area. Here I am at the Dam Site...and NO...I'm not cussin.....wouldn't do that- nope not this dog!  But I'm ABOVE the Elephant Butte Dam to check out the views from high up. Pretty cool lookin' lake and "elephant butte" wouldn't you agree?

Why they're set up pretty nice for eatin'  and listenin' to live music on the weekends up here too!  Dog-definitely a grand place to come at Sunset!  Time to head back to the Inn now...for a good night's sleep...can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring for this snoop-doggie reporter!
AH.....morning coffee on the veranda...quite the dandy way to start the day off....Now that I've had my cup o' joe (wonder why they don't call it a cup o jack?)...I'm ready for some adventure!  So it's off to Elephant Butte Lake State Park for a morning walk on the beach!  Tippie Toes.....hmmmm don't know if I should get my feet wet....ah yes, it's good....nice cool water to walk in.....but hey..what's that out there in the water? 

Looks like there's some pretty doggone cool boat action on the lake....Take me to a boat would'ja...I wanna ride the waves!

Well maybe a nice family (and pet) friendly ride on a Pontoon Boat!  Yah..that's the ticket!  We hooked up with a fun adventure at Marina Del Sur on the lake for our ride.  They have boat rentals, a marina store...all the nicessities for a fun day on the lake!  
I've got my doggie-water vest on.....for safety

My goggles to protect my eyes from that bright sun glare shining off the water.......
..and I'm ready to roll........
                                      this is the dog's-life! 
My recommendation:  For a good summertime getaway to the Lake....head to Elephant can't go wrong, I dog-guarantee! 

And if you want some more advice from this travelin' is my latest TV spot on "New Mexico Style".   ...where I'm talkin' about great getaways like the Butte...and more.  So sit back, watch me and Nikki in action on the Tube....while I sail away......

Bon voyage!



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