Friday, August 24, 2012

Howdy PAWdners! Time for some rip-roarin' fun!

                      It all started with a phone call.  Red River was plannin' a rip-roarin' party! 
                             And it was none other than their annual BUCKAROO BALL!

                              Photo: Happy Buckaroo Ball day! Join us this evening for a BBQ, live music, and auction to benefit our early childhood development center and other important programs and activities in Red River!
                             Now that's what I call a good 'scuse to GET OUTTA TOWN! 
And this Sheriff is the horse saddled up, got my spurs in my back pocket (so to bark!) and I'm ready to HOE DOWN! 
                                                     Red I come!
 Got there just in time one of my favorite cowgirls....Annie Oakley...OOPS wrong favorite cowgirl!   This fun-time cow-gal is none other than Miss Rebecca, Tourism Extraordinaire for Red River....kickin' off the whole she-bang in style! 
                                      (Aand no, that she-bang was NOT a gun shot!)
No way there were any wild cowboys comin' to MY party...I kept a sharp eye out...and on the ready to make sure all was cool at the Buckaroo!

                                        And just when things were gettin' hot.....whoo-doggies!  Who do I run into?  But the Mayor herself!  Mayor Miss Linda....I'm sure happy to share the reins with you tonight!  You do a darn good job of keepin' this town in order all 365 days of the year.  Sure appreciate you makin' it easy for me to be Sheriff for one night!  All's KOOL in Red River....and this was one fun Buckaroo Ball! 
My advice from this roving sheriff--NEXT YEAR get your boots on and head over to Red River for the Ball
                              ...but DON'T wait till then Dog-ForbiD!

                     There's fun to be had EVERY day in Red River!
There's a shoot-out every afternoon in the summer in the center of town!  WHOA doggies-- this is some wild west action if ya ask this cowboy dawg! 
Red shore do know how to put on a show for yer outta town visitors!  YAHOO! 

But for now...this Buckaroo Ball has worn me out.  Time to hit the I'm headin' to my FAVORITE Red River inn, the Golden Eagle Lodge.....see's PET FRIENDLY!  Now that's what this travel-hound likes to see!    Not only that....
....but they have goodies for the pups when they check in!  Pretty doggone friendly in my dog-pinion!

So of dog-course this pup has to show his appreciation. Here Miss's a paw-digraphed copy of my award winning book, Travelin' Jack's Story....from Shelter to Star!
                    Hope you like my book as much as I like stayin' at the Golden Eagle Lodge.

And who wouldn't like the Golden Eagle Lodge for dog-ness sake!

The lodge suites have kitchens, everything comfy and cozy inside...great for the whole family!

....Playground for the kids outside...includin' this 4-footed kid!

                     Even an outdoors patio to relax in...but now it's time to get rollin'.
                       Gonna catch the bus to take me to downtown Red River.

Hello Red River....thanks for the friendly welcome!
And check this out would' dog-doubt about it...this is one super-dooper pet friendly town...why they even have doggie stations around town! THAT's a case the urge strikes when yer mosyin' around town!

And speakin' of mosyin'....while I'm a-mosyin' on down the street...WHAAAAATT do I see with my sharp ol' dog-eyes?
A street named after ME!  Jacks and Sixes
....not sure 'bout the sixes cause I don't play poker.....

OK...time to check out the action on the slopes  'cause everybody knows (includin' us dogs) that Red River has a fab-tabulous fun ski area...the Red River Ski in the winter...but WHOA-doggies...what is THAT over there!?!?

A SUMMER TUBING HILL?????? about fun in the sun on the ski slopes! 
But here's a bit of dog-vice from this dog-in-the-know.....NOT for dawgs....just people!  Super Kid Fun!  You two gals, Miss Lauren and Jill....go ahead and ride those tubes!...ME-I'm gonna watch from the green grassy sidelines,  thank you very much!

                                      Wonder what else there is to do in town? Let's go! 
AHA.....New Mexico Adventure Company...what's that all about? 
                                                      I'm bettin' there's some FUN awaitin'!

                                            Yup....BIG FUN!  See, I found it! 
Off-road Tours...AND they are Pet-Friendly!  Now that's what I like to see!  Let's go!

...and while yer into's another dog-dandy discovery in Red River.....A SURRY RIDE.! Now THIS looks like fun!  I'm gonna check out this pet-friendly basket on the surry....YEP works just fine!  Now get in and peddle wouldja Jill?  I'm ready to roll!  Thanks Sitzmark Sports for being pet-friendly!                                   But why-o-dog-why is Red River named Red River, I wonder?
AHA....this is why! 
NUTTIN' gets past this dog-savvy reporter!  Here's the ever famous (and fun for fishin too!) Red rollz right through town!  Handy-dandy fun!

And course...there's old-tymie replicas from the mining  too....WoW...Red've got it all! 
LUV YA!   This has been one fun trip.....I'm comin' back for sure during ski season! 
But I recommend to all you adventure seekers......
                                                   ADD Red River to your bucket list!
 (Hey....see this bucket thingy behind me.....another one of my dog-dandy bulldog references...I'm just SO funny.....savvy.....handsome.......)

YUP...this pup has got it all.....


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