Monday, August 22, 2011

Doggles Are Dandy! And so is ABQ Trolley Company!

 Another special post arrival from PetSmart!  My new very chic Doggles!  Had to try them on Tout-Sweet! Hmmm....lookin' good in my dog-stimation!  And haven't even really tried them out from the sunny angle yet. Here's the scoop on Doggles.
 Doggles do more than just look great ...they're award winning dog goggles designed to protect a dog's eyes from the sun, wind, and even flying know...when a dog JUST has to stick his head out the car window!) UV protection (very dog-portant in sunny New Mexico)....stylish, easy wearing with 2 adjustable straps...and  they even come in a grand little Doggles EyeGlass Bag.  What's the Doggles motto?  "Protecting the world...One dog at a time" tm  
Pretty doggone cool eh? They are best utilized in the outdoors for boating, camping, skiing, hiking....ore maybe even taking a siteseeing tour!  That's the game plan for this pup....let's test out these Doggles on a tour in pet friendly Old Town Albuquerque!  Maybe I'll catch a ride on that super cool trolley car.....  

 Here we are!  Can't wait.  Let's cruise the town in this baby! ABQ Trolley Co offers the one and only tour of Albuquerque on board this great little open air trolley car.....
 Yep, I'm ready for the tour....and dog-nab-it if these Doggles aren't JUST the cat's dog's worries here.  The 310 days of sunshine in Albuquerque can be mighty strainin' on a doggie's eyes...

 BUT not if you're a-wearin' your very fashionable Doggles!  Notice how the bronze color matches my blonde hair...and sets off my black muzzle?  Just too fashionable for dog-words!  And the two handy-dandy under the chin and one around my head (adjustable even for my fat head!) fits nice and snug. Why they are just doggone comfy for this Travelin' Jack!

OK, now it's time to get dog-serious.  Gotta read the brochure to see where all we're goin'.  Old Route 66...Old Town area....Nob Hill....University.....Club House District..... why this dandy tour....(that I might add is DOG-FRIENDLY too! How cool is that my fellow pups!) just THE BEST tour in all of Albuquerque! 

And the tour guides, Jesse & Mike are just TOPS....not only were they totally dog-spitable to me (and to everyone else too!), but they REALLY know their stuff!  Why I couldn't catch em up on even one little factoid about Albuquerque!  They are one smart duo...these Two Guys and a Trolley!   
Definitely the way to see Albuquerue, have fun in an open air trolley...AND learn a whole bunch of neat things about the Duke City!  Thanks sure do know how to run a great tour!  ABQ Trolley Co has Travelin' Jack's very prestigious 5-paws rating!  Why I might just come back for another ride soon I had such a doggone grand time!  Oh...and hey...notice how cool the Doggles look atop my head too....just another grand look for this dog and his Doggles!  

 But now that the tour is tummy is grumbling.  And what better place to go than to Church Street Cafe..right in Old Town Albuquerque.  This historic casita-turned-restaurant has everything a hungry critter (people too!) could want!  Authentic New Mexican cuisine....cozy eating areas, both inside and on the pet-friendly patio...yep that's where I  am a-headin' now!
 Take a look at this dee-licious lookin' TACO salad.....and I just LUV the waterfall to my derriere!   This sunny Patio is ANOTHER great place to wear the Doggles!  OH...and I JUST found out another fab use for my snazzy shades!  Keeps the Pup-a-razzi away!

Well...maybe not....seems a bunch of cameras were snappin'  & catching shots of New Mexico's favorite dog-star...Travelin' Jack!  And is there any wonder whY? gotta admit it...I am one cool dude in my Doggles....maybe they should call me Hollywood Jack!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses

Oh and PS.....My Doggles were gifted to me by my very favorite pet store PetSmart!  Aren't they just the best?  Top-Dog in my book! 

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