Friday, August 5, 2011

PupCake Party.....and the FaB-tabulous Fido Friendly Fab 50 Issue!

It was PuPcake Heaven yesterday when I had my grand dog-soiree at Cake Fetish!  There were oh so tasty PuPcakes for the puppy guests and sweet people cupcakes for everyone else!  We had just a grand ol' time...getting to visit.....some of my star guests.....

Winnie and Minnie, the Doxie Sisters.  Now THAT is what I call dog-glam fer sure!  And they even coordinated with their dog-mom Michele....who I hear through the Dog-Vine....just launched their new Discount  Coupon program called The Advantages Card.  It's where Membership has Its Advantages!!!!! Better check it out soon! 
And then there was Rockefeller P. Hounder-Poochment (Rocky for short THANK DOGNESS)...with his Person, none other than WORLD famous Author, Slim Randles!  (Yup...we only mix with the top dog-chelan ya know!  And many other grand folks came too.....
 like the STAR of the whole dog-shebang, Ms. Terrie Q. Sayre Radio Queen of KKOB Radio...and NOW....TV Diva on Good Day New Mexico on KOB TVChannel 4!  WoW...I'm really star-struck now!  My FAV Radio personality turned BIG TIME TV QUEEN!  Here she is posing with Rocky and Slim....although, I must say Rocky seems to be a bit pre-dog-occupied....must be his pupcake down there somewhere! 

Now, me, I'm just coolin' my jets in the shade......and collectin' money for Angel Pups, Pepper and Cayenne.  We're gonna get them a grand Plaque for the Memory Wall at the ABQ City Animal Shelter  .  And it's a donation for th 4-footed furry kids too!  W0W....a double dog dip winner!!!!! And so we all had a doggone grand time at my li'l ol' PupCake party...and did some good too!  Another grand day in the life of this pooch!....but tomorrow is another day....and VOILA....what arrived in the mailbox for me?
 But my VERY own copy of my FAV dog-mag, FIDO FRIENDLY!  Gotta get up close to check out this issue specially!  Why you ask? you see YOURS TRULY Travelin' Jack is in TWO articles in this issue!  How doggone Paw-some is that eh? 
But better keep your paws off MY copy...I've got it covered AND I'm a watchin' you close!  So....You better run right out and buy your own copy....or subscribe to Fido Friendly Magazine....OR you can come by Hastings (Wyoming and Montgomery) TONIGHT!!!!! I'm PAW-digraphing copies of the magazine there from come on by.....and I might even give you one of my Jack famous .....

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!  MWWWWAAAAAGGGHGHHHH!


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