Thursday, August 18, 2011

Row Row Row your Boat...Gently Down the Rio!

 Well, it's August...and that means the dog-dayze-of-summer are upon us!  What's a pooch to do during these hot summer days?  Well,  being the road warrior, adventure seeker pup that I am...I decided it was time to hit the waves on the what better place than the RIO CHAMA in northern New Mexico!

Now, let me pup-ucate you a bit here if yer not up to snuff on your Spanish!  Rio means River in Spanish...thus the appropup title of this dog-blog-travelogue! 

AND dog-forbid...don't EVER call our 'big river' in New Mexico the Rio Grande River!  Why that is just  wrong!  Anyway, I dog-gress!  Back to rowing down the river....or rio as we say it here in New Mexico......
 Ever since my new Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket arrived in the mail....compliments of PetSmart...I've been itchin' and scratchin' to try this pet-friendly product on for size!  Course I had to get the large know...for my manly muscles and all....but they come in different sizes for all sizes & types of pups!  And different colors too for that fashion conscious pooch!  I picked ORANGE...compliments my blondeness so paw-fectly!

So Jill and I hit the road....and decided to do some white water rafting in my new pet life jacket to try it out for size. 
 OKAY...we're here on the shore of the Rio Chama.  HMMMM...fits pretty nice and snug.  Got 3 easy snaps that adjust to fit the doggie girth just right.  Two easy snaps on the side...then one nice velcro/snap combo around the neck. Extra cushion at the neck too...just in case a pup needs to float awhile in the water ya know!  And a nice snug fit underneath the tummy too!  Yup...feels mighty fine!

 So....I'm all dressed up in my high performance dog floatation I'm ready for some water sport adventures....but hey...1st of all how the dog-heck do you get in this raft-thing anyway!?!  I sure DON'T want to get my toes wet!!!!
 A little help from my friend....and a handy landing spot to grasp onto with my paws
 and I'm on board ready to roll! 
 Now you MUST admit...I do look pretty snazzy in this dandy Pet Life Jacket by Outward Hound!  Now let's go....get that engine roarin!  What you laughin' at any way? Oh...there's no engine!?!  There are OARS????? And you have to ROW??????  Sorry....I just had a paw-dicure...guess you'll have to do the rowing missy!
Rowin'.....rowin'...rowin' down the rio.......See ya round the bend!!!!!

ps (which means Pup-Script)  Thanks to PetSmart who provided this product to Travelin' Jack for his dog-personal review!