Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel Tips from a Travelin' Pooch

Well, Springtime is dog-ficially here...and that means summer vacation is JUST around the corner. So, this travel-savvy dog is goin' to share some great tips on travelin' with your pooch! And here is Tip #1.......DON'T wait for vacation to begin. Start Now...doggone it! And that means gettin' your little Fluffy ready ahead of time! 1) Start with: taking your doggie on short trips around town. That way he gets used to ridin' in the car. Easy eh? And so too will traveling with your pooch be! 2)And don't forget those potty training walks too. WHAT is that you ask? Well, Fluffy knows full well how to go to the bathroom in the backyard..but what about strange places? He needs to get ready to sniff out that right spot on a leash in a strange locale. So...the easy answer......take him on walks in unusual places around your neighborhood or town. Take that pooper scooper or doggie pick-up bags with you...and off you go to teach Fluffy how to GO-ON-THE-GO! That is by discovering different places for preparation for those little vacation potty stops. 3) Is Fluffy crate trained? He should be! And that is easy. Just leave that crate in the living room with the door open, his favorite blanket and toys...and watch him snuggle down for little cat naps (or is that a doggie doze?) during the day. That way, when you pack the crate in the car...and unpack it in the hotel room...VOILA! Fluffy's home-away-from-home is his familiar crate. Works every time! ..... And those are today's tips. Stay tuned for more tips from Travelin' Jack. I'll share with you MY favorite travel secrets.....just so you can be a real hero to your Fluffy...come vacation time! Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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