Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Park....It's BARK IN THE PARK

Hello out there BASEBALL FANS!  Travelin' Jack....Roving Bulldog Reporter reporting here LIVE from the Isotopes Ball Park.  We're here for the 1st EVER "Bark In The Park" Day!  Now is that Doggone cool or what!?  And do you like my 'Topes T-Shirt! Pretty snazzy eh?

And besides Bark in the's none other than MOTHER'S DAY! Now what...I ask...could possibly be better than spendin' the day at the ball park with your Person-Mom....catchin' some rays...and maybe even a fly ball!  Hey...check this out!  I caught a fly ball...EVEN with my back turned to the field!  Now that's some dog-dandy action if ya ask me!
Take a look at this crowd, wouldja? There must a been a dog-zillion pups here with their families...ALL havin' a grand time at the first ever "Bark in the Park" THANKS 'TOPES...for invitin' us pups to the party! We surely do dog-preciate the grand gesture!  And how did we say Thanks?  By being well-mannered dogs, that's how!  Why with about 200 dogs here (in my dog-estimation), I didn't see even one grumpy pup...and that's pretty doggone good in my books!
AW-OH....maybe I spoke too soon! Hey...are you sure you're a dog and not a horse? say you're a Great Dane...and your name is Thor?  Well, nice to meet you Thor...I'm Travelin' Jack!
Speakin' of makin' new  friends.......let me give you a Jack-Smack kissaroo, little Miss Annie!  SO glad to meet up with you here at the Park. LUV YA fer sure!

And of course, being the do-good  dog-bassador for my 4-footed furry friends, I had to check out the whole scene...and I came across the Animal Humane of New Mexico folks here at the ballpark.  Why they had an Adopt-a-thon for the 4-footed kids lookin' for a forever home.  AND they even had a sign-up table for their famous Tail Date Parties...Hey sign me up wouldja please?
Yep...a bee-u-tiful day at the Ball Park!  Thanks Isotopes....for invitin' us dogs to the game!  We do truly dog-preciate it! You're the BEST baseball team ever!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!


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