Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Time Book Signin' Dog

Yup, I introduced my brand new book, Travelin' Jack's Story....From Shelter to Star this weekend at 3..yes, you read that right THREE book signings and paw-digraph parties! Friday night we hit the Hastings in Rio Rancho and I had a grand time there...schmoozin' with the customers. Why they ALL realized they JUST had to have my book! Thanks for the great dog-spitality Hastings! THEN Saturday morning we went on the air with the BEST radio host anywhere...paws down truth there!.....with Miss Terrie Q. Sayre on KKOB Radio and her fav sidekick, Dan the Man. They even made me work, can you believe it?

Next off to Alamosa Books for the 2nd book signings. Why they had it ALL there...reading area for storytelling, yummy donut treats for the visitors, color sheets from my book for the kids...and OF COURSE some newfound fans of this dog, Travelin' Jack! Think I got this fine gent convinced of my dog-portance! Sold MORE books...and raised some money for Animal Humane of New Mexico! Then off for the afternoon signing.....

Check out this photo op with Treasure House Books store owner John Hoffsis...and my good buddy Linda B too! They took great care of me....why they even had water for this know all that talkin' makes ya thirsty!

Got checked in on by the local law....not gonna do anything wrong, I promise Officer Jordan....I DOG-promise! Just Puleeze buy my book for the poor little fur kids lookin' for a home! You do know I am DONATIN proceeds from EACH and EVERY book to New Mexico's animal shelters, don't you? It's true, I do declare!

And where would we be without fab customers and adoring fans, too! This couple came in JUST to meet me and buy my book......MWAAAHHHH...there's a Jack smackaroo just for you Van Deusens. LUV YA!
Yup, this was one grand day! Sold lots of books, visited with great folks from all over..and raised some money for the four footed furr kids still lookin' for their forever family!
If YOU wanna help out, you can pick up a copy of my book at any of these great bookstores...or you can log on to my website store and get your own copy too! Either'll help out the kids..and I'll luv ya for forever and a dog-day!

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