Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ugh OH.....2nd time around!

Harumph.....the snow fall in Chama was just grand....18 inches of pure powder to romp in and jump through.....and then it happened! Doggone It! My other back leg started to hurt. Well, to make a long tale...short, I tore my OTHER CCL.

If you recall, last March I tore my right ligament in my back leg...sorta like when skiers blow their knee.....and I went under the knife. Now, it's always good when you have the BEST surgeon anywhere takin' care of you...and that's just what I had.

Dr. Peter Schwarz of VESCNM here in Albuquerque took doggone GRAND care of me and my bad leg...and he is JUST THE BEST, let me tell you. And he did warn me at the time...that maybe, just maybe I would mess up my other leg too. You know those ODDS they always talk about. He said that more than 60% of dogs that tear one CCL end up tearing the other one too.

Well, I was dog-termined NOT to be in that dog-stat number, so we partnered up with Dr. Schaffer of PALL Corporation in New York...a canine research facility. We put one of their pilot programs to the test to see if it would help me escape the 2nd surgery.....and it DID for over 6 months....but then the snow and fate caught up with me.

So here I am back again at VESCNM....for Round 2 surgery on my Left Leg this time. And of Course!....I had my very BEST surgeon, Dr. Schwarz do the dog-honors once again. Yep, we went into the Operatin' Room together again last Thursday.....and I'm home now recuperatin...and feelin' better by the day. So once again...I say THANKS, DR. SCHWARZ! for the fab work you do on my bones and body! LUV YA!

And the final leg of this little adventure (HA-LEG...get it! Just a little bulldog humor there....and I KNOW you're glad to see I am still the same ol' goofy Jack I was before all this surgery!) I get to take it easy at home for awhile. Doc's Orders....NO running...NO jumping...NO climbing steps.....HARUMPH....what's a dog to do anyway?

Well, I guess I'll just be a good little dog...and rest away the days till I CAN do those things again. And in the meantime...I've been logging onto Wintertime Adventures in New Mexico that let the doggy get some good little R&R in order to stay on the Job dog-scovering great doggie getaways in New Mexico!

So stay tuned....we're just another adventure away...coming soon!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!


  1. Best of luck, Jack. We all know that you will be extra special careful after surgery and that you will follow ALL of your doctor's instructions, right???

  2. YUP....but only because Jill is MAKING me be good...

  3. I just used your story recently in our local paper and posted on my blog. I will cross post this for all our followers to read. WE all wish you good luck.

  4. WoW...That's way cool, Brian! How can I get a copy of the article? What city is it in? What is the name of the paper. Is it available on line?

    You know....curious dog minds want to know!

    Thanks for sharing my story.