Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Lizards its LEAP DAY!

To this pup that means an extra day of FUN!  Hmmm...let's can I possibly spend this FREE day?

                            Maybe LEAPING off wild bulls at Bishops Lodge in Santa Fe...that would be fun!

 Or LEAPING through tons of snow at the Elkhorn in Chama!  BEEN THERE....DONE THAT!
                                        Or LEAPING into dancing classes...well practicing anyway!
 Maybe LEAPING up for an encounter with a famous Racer...the one and only Al Unser!
 But then it might be LEAPING up for a tasty bite at a lakeside picnic at a New Mexico State I've been caught!
 and LEAPING into cool mountain waters for a swim.....NOT this dawg..thank you very much!
 Maybe instead its watching Native American Dancers LEAPING through their dances at the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial.

                                       Or OTHER dogs LEAPING after flying frisbees......
For this travelin' dog...the ideal way to spend a day is LEAPING into the car for another dog-venture!

 Like maybe LEAPING on board for a smooth Sail on Lake Heron with my friends Roswell & Eric!
                             Or even LEAPING for LOVE with my sweet little furry bully-buddy!
 Adventure awaits in Los Alamos when I LEAP on board the fire engine...LET'S GO!

 Or...maybe it's LEAPING into New Mexico's fab favorite...the Green Chile Cheeseburger!

 Then there's LEAPING into high mountain treks in scenic spots like Ghost Ranch!
 Or possibly LEAPING into costume contests?  HEY you stole my skeleton guy you!
 And then there's fun LEAPING through the sandy dunes at White Sands National Monument! 

 And LEAPING on board for a tour on the ABQ Trolley Company....good times fer sure!

                                   or LEAPING up to check out a great hiking area in Las Cruces!

Or then LEAPING on board for my first ever Conference gig at BlogPaws national pet conference! 

but no matter how you decide to spend your day this 2012 LEAP YEAR DAY.....make sure and take time for a Leapin' Grand Adventure somewhere today in the Land of Enchantment-New Mexico!
That Your LEAP YEAR TIP from the pup in the know when it comes to ADVENTURES!   

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