Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog on the Catwalk? That would be TRAVELIN' JACK!

I've got my Tuxedo Tie on.....
The Ballroom at Buffalo Thunder Resort is all spiffed up in dog-dazzling style

They gave me my very own dog-personal Buffalo Thunder Resort ID tag. 
                                 ....NOW  ON WITH THE SHOW!
And what's more perfect at  a wedding expo than the opportunity to get some smooches in, eh?  Of course, Travelin' Jack is up for this job for sure! Ya ready for a Jack-Smack smooch sweetie? Oh...and each Kiss from the smoochin' Jack earns a $1 for the 4-footed Kids at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter!
And dog-o-dog I hit the jackpot here!  BRIDE-TO-BE!  Gotta give her a smooch fer sure!

                                                          But now it is time to get serious! 
I, Travelin' Jack, debonaire dog that I am - was part of the snazzy Northern New Mexico Wedding Expo Style Show!  Doggone Cool, eh?
This dog is HITTING THE RUNWAY in STYLE!  Here we go...I'm workin' the cat-walk with this pretty model! 
 and another run down the walkway with the little gals.  Cute aren't they?  It's Ella-Jack-Ella...the two "E dolls"!

                 Now let me dog-splain' there's more to this runway walk than just walkin'........

                                     Take a tip from this Runway Dog.....First....Strut to the end..
                                       Stop for a pose so the audience can get a good gander in.....

                                                   ..... then make the turn JUST SO......

                                                        Then back to the Dressing Room. 
And THAT is how this dog works the runway!  By Dawg...I think I got it! This was ONE FUN EVENT! 

The show's over now. Back to my Suite for some well-dogserved R&R at the fabulous Buffalo Thunder Resort.  Think I'll celebrate. A bit o' the bubbly (water that is!) to celebrate my 1st-ever DOG-MODELing gig
I'm dog-sausted! It's time to call it a day. 
Dog Model...yup it's a RUFF job..but some dog's gotta do it!  Signing off now....

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


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