Monday, July 18, 2011

Travel Tip For the Day! Pack the Dog Crate!

There's nothin' more comfy cozy when your travelin'
than to have your own little home-away-from-home comfort zone
And that would be MY very own personal dog-crate. 

YUP when this PUP is ready to call it a day....
I  head STRAIGHT for my CRATE. 
Comfy space, Favorite blanket, my dog-personal play toy
....and that's all she wrote! 

I'm ready to hit the sack JACK!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

HEY how'd this pic get in here?  
 Oh... you think you caught me don'tcha?  Well you would be WRONG! 
Here I am simply posin' for a camera shot at my fav vacation spot..... Buffalo Thunder Resort!
This is JUST a pic of know from my dog-modeling career and all. 
I DOG DEFINITELY DON'T recommend sleeping on their nice beds and covers
That would be just rude! 

Yup, the travel crate is DOG-DEFINITELY the best way to go...all the way around. You won't get in trouble either!  THAT is Travelin' Jack's recommendation...and story...and DOGGONE it I'm stickin to it too! 

Now I'll just have myself a little bedtime toddy and sing myself to sleep
(get it BUFFALO and Hilton Buffalo Thunder dog-personal theme song when I'm visitin' Buffalo Thunder Resort!)

PS  Don't forget about The Dog Days of Summer Promotion at Buffalo Thunder!  Going on NOW...tell em Jack sent ya! 

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