Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIG DAWG NEWS.....Buffalo Thunder Resort Names Travelin' Jack Official Spokes-Dog for "Dog Days of Summer" Promotion

OKEE DOKEE DOGGEE....Here's the scoop I've been promisin' you!

Yours truly...Travelin' Jack is the OFFICIAL Spokes-Dog of Buffalo Thunder Hilton Resort's "Dog Days of Summer" promotion. 

What's it all about you ask?  Well, I'm here to tell you there's a whole kit and caboodle (or is it dog and caboodle?) slew of great things happenin' at this one dog-dandy pet friendly resort.

That is besides me being the BIG DOG at their photo shoot recently.  Here you see me (photos by MY personal photographer LuAnne DeMeo Jackson)  dining on DEE-licious Lamb Chops in their upscale restaurant Red Sage.  Pretty snazzy eh?  But that's just the beginning.  Here's the big scoop:
  • Pets Stay Free ALL Summer long! (I talked 'em into that one!  And are welcome!)
  • "Throw Them a Bone" Fundraisers for Espanola and Santa Fe Animal Shelters now through August!
  • YAPPY HOUR  August 12th...YOU ARE INVITED! and Fido too of course! There will be paw-dicures, pup-cake decorating, paw-digraphing my book, pet-ography.......and more!
  • Jack's Lamb Chop Special!  (Buy the lamb chop dinner. It's a fundraiser special for the shelters!
  • Surprise Star Visits from Yours just NEVER know when I'll show up to dazzle the guests!
  • And of course, what would a Travel Promotion be without some Words from the Wise Dog....

So with that I am going to start the ball a rollin' for all you good boys and girls.  You can check in for my very own "Pet Travel Tips From Travelin' Jack".....starting today with Tip #1.  Here goes:

TRAVEL TIP # 1     IT'S PET-CATION TIME! Plan a trip with your pet!  Travelin' Jack wants YOU to bring your Fido along for the fun....more and more hotels are inviting Fido along with his people....including the fabulous Hilton Resort at Buffalo Thunder!  And don't forget....Buffalo Thunder is waiving the pet fee ALL SUMMER LONG!  So call now and book YOUR pet friendly vacation getaway at Buffalo Thunder Resort!  AND don't forget to tell them  Travelin' Jack sent you!

Okay...simple as that.  Stay tuned....because I'll be sharing MORE great Pet Travel Tips with you all summer long!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses.

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