Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's an "ALLIE" ALLIE OOP mission for a new family!

                                                   HERE'S ALLIE!
Hi, I'm Allie.  A 14ish month old, Shepherd, ridgeback, etc? mix.  I weigh 45 pounds, spayed, have all my shots, chipped, LOVE to go for walks and am great on a leash, am great w/ children, and other dogs...but older, dominant females may have problems w/ me.  I've been going to doggie day care at the Canine Country Club once or twice a week and have no problems w/ the 30+ campers that I play w/.  I'm very much a sweetheart that needs a loving home.  

TRAVELIN' JACK here.....Isn't she a sweetie!?!  Allie needs a new home.  Allie has been loved for the past several months by a family who has adored her.  However, her 12 year old Canine Sister did NOT...and so in sadness, Allie is in need of a new and permanent family.  

We met up with Allie yesterday at Groomingdales Pet Salon  (my personal groomer)  and let me tell you she is one SWEET doll baby!  Why if I weren't on the road so much with my career....after all us travelin' reporters gotta stay trackin' as I always say!.....I'd be adoptin' Allie me, myself Travelin' Jack.  But Allie deserves a regular family...not a crazy mixed up family like I'm here...BARKIN' it out to EVERYONE to help find a home for Allie!  Let's all get our brains a rollin' together...send out this report on Allie to anyone you know who needs a good sweet gentle loving beeee-uuuuu-tiful Pup in their home. 
ALLIE is your girl!  Now let's all show her a lotta luv here....okey dokey doggies!?!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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  1. Allie has been adopted! She is happily settling into her new home!