Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lookin' for the BEST Pet-Friendly Lodging Accommodations for this Travelin' Pooch!

The best way to share this blog with you is to give you a REAL-LIFE example.  One of my favorite pet-friendly lodges in New Mexico is in the beautiful mountain village of Red River!  And that Lodge would be none other than the snazzy Golden Eagle Lodge!  Let's check out my little home-away-from-home for all the dog-portant things to look for when booking PET FRIENDLY LODGING!   
 Here are a few Lodging Tips from your favorite Pet Travel Expert......Travelin' Jack! 
#1 Do your research ahead of time.....Here are a couple questions to ask: 
ARE YOU PET FRIENDLY? I'm not staying there if the answer is NO (dog-obviously)! 
DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS? Size or Breed limitations? Number of pets allowed?
DO YOU CHARGE A FEE? If so, what is the fee? Per Day? Per Stay? Cleaning deposit non/refundable?
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...if the answers to these key questions are what you are looking for.....WILL YOU RESERVE A PET FRIENDLY ROOM FOR US PLEASE? Some places have a limited number of pet-friendly units.  Don't want to get there to find they're not available.....BOO-HOO would be the song of the day!
 Next Step (and tip).  Check out the area.  It's not just about the room after all.  We pups need great places to walk, to sniff stretch our legs.  No concrete parking lots for this pooch!  I LUV the roamin' areas right outside my door!
CHECK-IN TIME!  Yup....definitely a warm welcome by the owner Miss Marla!  Hey...I've got a great idea!  I'll give you one of my PAW-digraphed books if you give me a treat!!!  You WILL?  YAH!!!! (works every time, let me tell ya tee-hee!)     
And make sure to check out special pet amenities for the visiting pooch!  Look at this....a basket of dog goodies awaitin' just for me!  Well....maybe other pups too!  They have loaner blankets to share along with dog treats and the official Pet Policy sheet!  Good job Golden Eagle Lodge!  You get my PAW-of APPROVAL
And of there a great little playground in the area?  WoW!!! I found one fun game with this oversized tire gym

...and it's even fun in the wintertime too! 

I know cuz I've been there in the winter time and the summer time too!  Luv ya' Red River and Golden Eagle Lodge! Can't wait to come back again!

Signing off for now...gotta start my research for my next pet friendly get-away! Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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