Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dog Sled Do's & Don' the GREAT Sipapu Carboard Derby Race!

OKee Dokee Doggie...the BIG DAY has come! The 9th Annual Cardboard Derby Race at Sipapu Ski Resort...and this dog is in the RACE! 
 How daffy is that?!? 
DOGGONE DAFFY--- that's how! 

Now what has Jill gotten this pooch involved in? 
Seems there's been some requests to the good folks at Sipapu Ski Resort requesting being the very wise...AND pet friendly resort that Sipapu is...they called on none other than New Mexico's premier Dog Travel Guru----Travelin' Jack!  So I am a guinnea-dog for this event! 
And of dog-course, bein' the good sport that I am...I barked out loud......

"YUP..this PuP is UP for the Fun!  Now where's MY dog-sled!"

Here she is....pretty doggone snazzy if ya ask me! 
It's a "DOG SLED" of ME!!!!
Check out my dog-personalized Vessel...the Jack Tracker Mobile

The day dawned dog-gorgeous!  And the crowds began to gather.  We transported our dog-sled to the race site...Ready to Roll! 

But while we're awaitin' our turn...gotta visit with some of my friends who seemed to just APPEAR on the spot!  Glad ta see ya LuAnne (my dog-personal Photographer) and her beau Craig! 
& Then...who arrives on skis..right off the fab slopes at Sipapu..but my ol' buddy Vincent!  Howdy Vincent!  Lookin' Good on those Skis!'s time to get dog-serious.  The CARDBOARD DERBY RACE has begun!  1st one down the slope....slidin' nice! With over 65 "vessels"--the official name---entered, there were sleds of all shapes/sizes/colors. Talk about a show!  Dog-Dandy Grand!
Take a look at this Kool-Dude 'vessel'.  The Dangerous Dozer.  Not ONLY did it look grand....they took several prizes!  Way to go Dozer!  You are sure enough DANDY!
 And here comes the "CRANE" vessel....Watch out guys!  That wall is gettin' kinda CLOSE!!!!!
                                   CRASH!  BANG! BOOM!  There's one crash for the books! 
Hope that doesn't happen to the 'Jack Tracker'!  IF ya know what I mean!  Gotta protect my doggone good looks ya know!
 OK....Time!  Up at the top....GULP!  And then they set us up inside the Jack Tracker...ready to slide!
                            Cheers from the crowd as we start rolling.   DOUBLE GULP! 
 WHEEEEEEE!.............down we go...the Jack & Jill Team!  Hanging on for dear life! TRIPLE Gulp!!!
 Fast...Faster...FASTEST!  We were twistin' and turnin' and rollin' faster than a dog can GULP!
       "What was I thinkin?"  Says BOTH Jack & Jill!  But YAH...I think I see the end of the run ahead!
 WAHOO!  Shake it off!  We made it down ALIVE...and in ONE PIECE!  And the Jack Tracker made it down okay too! 

 Double WAHOO!  We're done!  We DID IT!  And I-Travelin' Jack, am proud to be the 1st Ever Dog to run this course!
Winners?  No prizes...but HEY.....just gettin' down alive was a WIN in my dog-diary!

                                               Now..time to enjoy the fun times at this pet friendly resort!
 It's St. Paddy's Day after all!  I wore my Green sweater to dog-celebrate....
...and who did I run into on the slope..but a GUY dressed in a SKIRT......blowin' into this thingy-ma-bob that made some strange sounds!  After he finished he visited with me....told me his name is Charlie...and that he was playin' the bagpipes to celebrate the Day! 
OK...Now I get it!  Thanks Charlie!  Glad to make your acquaintance...and glad to hear you...and even see you in that skirt!  You're the DAWG! 
The Race is Over....the Time is High Noon....and my Tummy is calling.  Next  stop for this racin' dog!  A tasty Burger from the slope-side cafe! make that Double Yum! 
And take a look at this setting would'ja! Friends to share a meal with....Riverside Seating....Snow in the background....Sun Shining!  Yep...Life is Good! 

                                              Yup-pup....this was one good run Jill! 
But after a little collaboratin' the Jack and Jill team have the following recommendation:
Sipapu is GREAT!
The Cardboard Derby Race is PAW-SOME!
...but here's my dog-pinion......Leave it to the people! smart...and sit this one out! Don't race.... And if you listen to can enjoy all the happenings at this VERY pet-friendly ski resort...and you can watch the PEOPLE be a little (no a LOT) crazy on the slopes! 

Next year.....maybe I'll be a Judge! Yep..that's the plan!  See you next year Sipapu Ski Resort

And THANKS for a doggone great 9th Annual Cardboard Derby Race!

Signing off for now......doggie hugs & slurpy kisses!


  1. Hey Travelin' Jack!
    Congratulations on making it to the finals of the BlogPaws contest! We just wanted to say hello!
    You've got a wonderful blog and an awesome campaign video! : )

    Katie & Glogirly from
    GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl

    1. Hi Ho Katie and Glogirly! Thanks! Luv ya...hope to see ya at BlogPaws 2012!

  2. Oh, you definitely need to post that "What Was I thinkin" pic to Tillman's FB page! MOL!


    1. Doggone good idea Cokie! We LUV Tillman! Another bully bro!

      Thanks Cokie Cat!

  3. Congratulations Jack. Looks like you had fun. Just stopping by to say congratulations. We are a finalist in the BlogPaws contest too!

    1. Congrats to you too Jessica and the big Wein-er! Let the games begin! Wahoo!

  4. Wow Jack & Jill,

    You actually DID go down that slippery slope!! I'm so impressed with your bravery!!

    I've never even seen Snow and when the family went to find some they left me at home (well at the neighbors technically, but you get my point!) - Can you believe that!!

    Glad you're having so much fun and huge congrats on being in the Blogpaws/PetSmart Final - You Rock!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Hey...Snoop Dog Snoopy...yer the dawg too for gettin' into the finals for the contest. Let's keep our paws crossed...just a matter of time now! Good luck!

  5. LMAO!! OMD that was fun to read ... great photos too. Brave of you to do this! yet what fun!!!

    1. Doggone fun for sure. Brave? May crazy is a better bark-word for it! BOL!!!

  6. I love to travel too! We definitely have travel and EATING in common :) New Mexico looks like fun. My humans and I mainly travel in California, but I have to tell them about this Sipapu Ski Resort. I've never seen snow, but would like to try a cardboard ride.

    1. Doggie are the DAWG! Any other pooch who likes to travel and TOP DAWG in my book! Come visit New rocks!