Thursday, March 25, 2010

GULP....BACK to the Doc!

Two weeks after surgery....and I have to go back. I'm just a-prayin' that the doc likes what he sees. No more surgery for this way!! I'm thinkin' while I'm on my way in....have I followed his orders to the T...or not? HMMMM. Have I been a good boy, stayin' quiet and all? Ya know that is NOT an easy thing for a fancy dancy bulldog!

But really Doc...I dog-promise I've done my best! Puleese believe me!

So they took me in the back...and what did they do? They weighed me again. Ya know, I weighed in at 77 pounds pre-surgery...and they said I need to shed a few of my jiggly pounds. Not easy for this food lovin' bulldog. But YAH....I weighed in at 74 pounds! Doc said I'm doin' good!

AND he gave me the nod for the healing of my incision and my CCL surgery. Says all's good for now.....BUT (and can you believe this!) Six more weeks of rehab....NO running....NO jumping....No climbing stairs. Wow....what's a pup to do any how?

Ah well....guess I'll just resign myself to be a good little bulldog patient. After all, I do want to be 100% again soon, so I can continue down the road on my travels searching out the best pet friendly places to visit in New Mexico.

But for now, think I'll just lay back a bit. I'm exhausted from that visit to the doc. I AM convinced though that I have the BEST dog doc in the whole wide world. Dr. Schwarz is MY personal hero. And all the good folks at VESC they are just doggone FAB!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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