Friday, October 11, 2013

It's DOGtoberFest! Let the celebratin' Begin!

I know...this is just too ridogulous!  But they said if I wanted any awards in October...I HAD to wear this silly get up!  Good thing the beer is close at paw....
if ya know what I mean.  Yup...gimme some o' that good ol' Monk's Ale from the Monastary in the Desert.  (OK...I didn't really get to drink the know that is NOT good for sirreee!)  But it's all in the name of a crazy photo right?

And in New Mexico....October means one VERY important thing........BALLOON FIESTA!So....I'm getting my balloon stuff out...ready to hit the one and only (and my very favoriet of ALL museums) the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.... for some doggone serious stuff! 

Like Book help raise money for the 4-footed shelter kids ya know!

that is IF they don't put me to work in the Gift Shop!!!!!! DOG FORBID!!!  But I do have to admit they have some mighty fine stuff there in the gift shop....
....Like my new Little Teddy T-Bear from Albuquerque!
And my snazzy new Balloon Bandanna!  This one is special made to fit right OVER the dog collar...pretty doggone cool idea if ya ask Mr. Travelin' Jack!  And I do so love my little Teddy T....ain't he cute?  You can get both these items there....and lots more too!  But I DOGRESS........

...back to the subject at paw. In addition to book signings and working in the gift shop.....there are Awards And Recognitions. really IS all about ME!  You see...this week I got a whole slew of cool awards.  Now I 'm NOT gonna brag here (well....maybe a little.....OK....A Lot!)....but I am sure proud of my most recent awards.

Like.....the fact that Terrie Q and My PET FRIENDS book (published by Rio Grande Press) was named a FINALIST in the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards! Pretty Doggone exciting eh?  And if that wasn't enough book awards.....
 I surprised everyone (and I was surprised myself) by the latest award....the EIPPY award that I received at the Balloon Museum last Friday night. I...the one and only...Travelin' Jack am THE 1ST EVER CANINE TO RECIEVE THIS the whole world!   And NOT ONLY did I RECEIVE this award from the organization's founder, Viki Winterton (Thanks a dog-zillion Miss Viki!)....honored as a best-selling, award-winning book...but HEY

Don't I just look doggone HANDSOME wearin' my new EIPPY award?  Yup-Pup..the awards keep on rollin' in.....and that wasn't all either for this WINNING Week!......why I got ANOTHER award at the Furry Friends Fiesta Day on Saturday!  Whoo-Doggies!  Take a look at this award!

Pretty cool eh?  This is the Plaque from the NM Tourism Department...but the BESTEST part of the award was the $1000 prize.  And we got to help give it to TWO outstanding Animal Welfare Groups.  SAVE LUCKY PAWS right here in Albuquerque and CHAMA VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY...right there in Chama.  Here we all are with Jordan Guenther from the New Mexico Tourism Department.  (photo courtesy of

Of course the BEST part of all these awards is that they help out the furry kids at the shelters.  You know that is my "PET cause" after I would be totally dog-remiss if I didn't mention our latest TV segment on 2 KASA Style with Chad Brummett.  You see, I along with all the good sponsors (who included my favorite local companies.....GROOMINGDALES Grooming Spa,  Three Dog Bakery, Long Leash on Life, and Sandia Pet Products.....who are all wonderful local companies that do MUCH to support shelter kids too!) put on the 3rd annual FOUR FOOTED FASHION SHOW with six adorable adoptable pups from the Albuquerque City Shelter.......if you want to check it you go    just click on that link!  And you'll see all of us pups in action (I'm in the background just in case you don't see me!)'s been an award winning dog-stellar week for Travelin' Jack.  But don't get doggone lazy now...'cause next week I'll be reporting on the WHOLE dogtastic Balloon Fiesta!   
Stay tuned....more good info and pics from yer favorite travelin' canine reporter,,,,,Travelin' Jack..who else!



  1. That baloon collar thing is pretty nice, but it makes it so we can't see your fancy dog collar which I bet as just as prize worthy as you!

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