Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taos....Well it's Just TAOS-RRIFIC and pet-friendly to the ULTIMATE!

It's time to visit TAOS of my favorite Pet Friendly Destinations....but we have a lot on the dog-genda let's get trackin'! 
First stop......Palacio de Marquesa B& lovalee home-away-from home vacation getaway! Lovely courtyards at this pet-friendly boutique B&B.  AWWWW....just check out this setting.
Isn't it pretty? Aren't I posing just right?

Why I even have my very own courtyard...complete with this cute little guy  that is watering the pool.....hmmmmm..........NAAAAH! Won't do it.....just' barkin'

Here's my bedroom....pretty doggone southwest snazzy if ya ask me! 
and what did I dog-scover?  Right in our very own courtyard?  A peeping hole made JUST for ME...I'm a thinkin'  I can really check things out now!And after a snoozy night of sleep in my comfy cozy's breakfast time!  And what do I find when we enter the Dining area?  My very own Table reserved just for me! that is what I call PET-FRIENDLY!  Thank you Palacio de Marquesa!  You are just the dog-dandiest B&B ever! And the even better news was....they weren't just serving the people...but Mr. Chad...the GM fixed me my VERY OWN breakfast.....Eggs Benedict?  YUP-PUP...that suits me just fine.....thank you very much!But it's a day filled with off we go. First stop...Taos Plaza.  Nice setting for both people and their pets.  And there are many pet friendly shops all around the plaza.And of course....good folks to visit with...and regale them with all my dog-knowledge about New Mexico!  This couple was VERY dogpreciative of my wealth of knowledge on our state.  Thanks for visitin' us in New Mexico!  We LUV all our tourists!And we strolled through the Bent Street area, down Kit Carson Road, and meandered all around Taos....then popped by the Kit Carson Park, which has lots of great walking and play areas for pups and people too!  BUT you just can't visit Taos without visiting the most recognized and photographed church....the Church at Rancho de Taos.  Now THIS is one grrrrreat photo if I do bark so myself!And I even found the original Bell from the Church's bell tower.  They brought it down and put it in the churchyard....I'm thinkin' they did this just for my convenience....don't you agree?
And while we were there.....we got into a LONG conversation with one of the local artists.  Mr. Romero is a dog-fabulous FOLK ART specialist....Christena is getting the whole history on his work and the church's history.....see his folk art sign in the background?Well, we just had to visit the Church's gift shop then...and isn't this cool!  The Church Gift Shoppe is PET-FRIENDLY too!  Now that is one big deal in my books.  Got to get a close up look of this great artist's work...right there on the spot! Thanks Mr. sure are special!And LOOK....he even made ME a special little hand-painted rock of St. Francis!  Now that really is doggone special!  I love my little St. Francis rock!  I'm keepin' it close to my paws...NO ONE is getting this away from me!

But I've been working pretty doggone hard touring around Taos...and I'm HUNGRY!  And .........LISTEN UP GOOD HERE all you 4-footed friends out there!  I made an absolutely over the top dog-scovery!  GRAHAM'S GRILLE is not only PET-FRIENDLY...but they even have a DOG MENU!
 That's it is!  Too cool eh? I want the Grilled Angus Burger or the Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast!  Now THAT'S easy...I'll have BOTH...thank you very much Graham's Grille!Here's the first plate....the chicken breast with that tasty (and pretty) side of Fresh Veggies.  I'm gonna eat it ALL!And now onto the BEEF plate.  Come tasty beef patty...I'm ready for you!DONE!  And it was Doggone Delicious too!  You get a 5-PAW rating from this culinary pup, Graham's Grille!  I'm gonna brag about you to the world!  And I'll be Baaaack can be doggone sure!
Dinner is over...time to get back to work...and I hear through the bark-vine that there is a big dog-deal going on at Kit Carson Park.  It's none other than the MUTT STRUT...put on by the good folks at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter...I am SOOOOOO There!  Hi....let's see what all the mutt-fuss is about now!It all started with a Dog-Walk...hmmm musta missed that while I was dog-dining.  But there's plenty of action at the Park.  Dogs havin' a good time with their people on a beautiful Taos day at the park....
Why there are even some fancy-dancy dogs there doin' all sorts of high-flyin' antics. They are none other than the DISC DOGS OF NEW MEXICO! and here's a tip....they are gonna come down to Albuquerque for my FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY on Saturday too!  YIPPEE .....they are some talented pups!  Can't wait to welcome you to my home! And I love to support great animal welfare groups too...Why look at this...I got my very own Mutt Strut T-Shirt!  Thanks a dog-zillion, Stray do good work for all us pups!  We LUV ya!
But...whoo-doggies......all this graet TAOS-RIFIC action has doggone worn me out!  I think I'm gonna make my T-shirt transform into a Night Shirt!  YAWWWWWWWNNNN.  Outta here for now for that dog-nap....but I'll be back next week with more doggone good info for all you pet fans and people fans too!



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