Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm THANKFUL for.....

 It's that time......THANKSGIVING...and I'd just like to take a little break here and reminisce about what a great life I have...and all this pup has to be thankful for.
And it's a LONG list...but gotta start with my bestest friend in the whole world.  My very own Jill...we make a heck-of-a-doggone good team if ya ask me.  Yep it was Jill's lucky day when I found her....and adopted her.  Her life hasn't been the same since.  Why...I've taken her on adventures of every kind imaginable.  See...I taught her that our best plan was to be a Travel Writer team.  Good thing she learns fast.  Now she has graduated to Chauffeur, Pawsonal Chef,  Booking Agent...just to name a few.  Not every gal can say she works for such a dog-fabulous canine celebrity after all!  BOL!    
 Seriously though....I am thankful that Jill and I have been able to do so much....we discover great happenings together.....like the amazing balloon adventures at Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta.  It's only the BIGGEST and the BEST hot air balloon festival in the entire world!  And that is somethin' to bark about!
We meet fabulous celebrities together...like Miss Grace Askew here who was on "THE VOICE"....WoW...can she sing!
We've won tourism awards together...with our other tourism buddies.  Not every dawg can lay claim to winning tourism awards after all....and I can!  WOOF!

We've attended national pet conferences together.....

 We've sailed the high seas together...well maybe a lake in New Mexico...but it was grand all the same!I'm thankful I am an award winning dog-author
 and that I end up in national magazines......
and I get to appear at book signings with my favorite co-authors (Terrie Q. Sayre)
I'm thankful that I get to go on radio for very dog-portant interviewsand even TV...here's my bud, Chad B..he's the host of 2KASA Style...and (I'm not barkin' anything out loud but I'm pretty sure I'm his very favorite guest!)  Yup-Pup!  I LUV going on the show....why here's our latest segment
just click on it for ALL the action!

But I dogress....back to being THANKFUL!
I'm thankful I get to experience all sorts of fun things as a doggone important  Pet Travel Reporter.  Here I am checking out the Gondola at Ski Apache in Ruidoso! WoW!
I'm thankful I need to dogscover bee-u-tiful places....like the Low Rider Bar in Santa Fe at Hotel Chimayo 
and I get to explore the beautiful scenery of New Mexico.  Here I am enjoying a Fall day on the Santa Fe Plaza.
I am thankful I get to wheel all over this great state......(HollyWooF here I come!)
And I get to pawticipate in events.  Here I am helping raise $$$s for the 4-footed kids in need at the "IN THE RUFF" charity golf tournament.  And speaking of RUFF...it is a RUFF job..but some dog's gotta do it, right? 
I'm thankful to be able to share with the world...great pet companies that I dogscover...like the posh ENCHANTMENT PET RESORT AND SPA! I'm goin' there for dog-vacation!

and I REALLY REALLY REALLY love to help raise money for animal welfare groups. Here we are at the Furry Friends Fiesta Day at Balloon Fiesta...where Jill and I won $$$s for our travelogue piece we wrote for the NM Tourism Departments contest, NEW MEXICO TRUE STORIES.  I was doggone proud, you can bet your bones on that!

And of course....I have to share that I am thankful for my pet family....all of em! 
 That would be my dog-sister Roxie.  Here we are exploring the mountains near Chama.and then we can't forget my Kitty Brother, Oscar.  Here I am adopting him from the Albuquerque City Shelter.  Ms. Barbara was introducing us....and we are now bestest of bestest buds.  Oscar lives at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama....cuz he loves it there!  And I get to visit him when we take time off the job and head there for the weekend. 
And last but not least there are my two new Kitty Sisters....they are crazy cats..but I do love them!  They are Sassafras and Jazzie...and they "THINK" they help out in the office.  But unlike me...they really don't know what work is.  I'm the worker in the family as we ALL know!
I LUV my life...and everybody...both 2 and 4-footed in it....and as Thanksgiving Day draws near, I pause.......
 to say THANKS to God above for all that I have good in my live.  May your Thanksgiving be Blessed....

Now....Let's EAT!




  1. Far too interesting! I am able to connect along with anyone of those!!

  2. Blessed Day Doggie Dude from you fav some times roadie on the sly!
    And you too Jilly Willy Smiley Poo!