Saturday, November 16, 2013

BOOK NEWS and BOOK REVIEWS....Travelin' Jack's TOP PAW PICKS for the holidays!

 Yep that’s right…..and I’m doggone proud to add BOOK REVIEWER to my canine resume! It’s a natural if you think about it…after all, I’m New Mexico’s ONLY award Winning Dog-Author! I’ve been awarded the international EIPPY award—the first and only dog to receive this pawstigious award….

so it’s about time I check out some good reading for recommendations for you humans too, right?

As holidays quickly approach, I thought to myself…what better way to inform my faithful readers about some GRRRRRReat books for holiday gifts! Here are some of my “PAWSONAL” favorites!

                                                                    Terrie Q and Travelin’ Jack’s PET FRIENDS





2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards! Pets/Animals Category

Just last night….our book was named the WINNER of the Pets/Animal Category!  We’re just so doggone proud! So great to ‘pawtner’ with Terrie Q. and..... 

....... and our great publishers, Rio Grande Books.  Had to show my dogpreciation of course!  What better way than one of my famous slurpy kisses!  There you go Paul!

 "This compilation features treasured pets. They may be guardians of notoriety like Governor Susana Martinez, Mayor Richard Berry, Anne Hillerman, Rudolpho Anaya, Slim Randles,, the New Mexico State Police Dept, Mrk Ronchetti…and many more adorable photos of cute pets."

Of course yours truly is included. Not only do I grace the cover with my bestest Radio Buddy, Terrie Q…but I also have a Foreword included and other very ‘pawsonal’ photos of me….all scattered throughout this great and entertaining book!

Best part of the book in my dog-pinion? Sales of this book support two very worthy pet groups, Save Lucky Paws and Kennel Kompadres. Now THAT is a double-pawed deal if ya ask this pup!

PET FRIENDS  gets the Travelin’ Jack 5 PAWS rating!

                                        LODGE LORE....Tales from a Mountain Lodge                                                               $14.99

                                             Author: (my very own) Jill D. Lane
                                        This delightful anthology of short stories and articles about our ‘pawsonal’ life at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama New Mexico is a fun re-telling of true tails…’er tales!. Some are doggone funny, some are “AWWWWW sweet” and there is even a Chapter dedicated to PET GUESTS. Of course, I have to dogmit here…one of them is my story about Oscar the Lodge cat. And there is another story about me too…being lent out to a visiting guest!

Doggone good reads if I do bark so myself! Oh..and pup-script, the names of the guests have been changed to protect the INNOCENT…and the GUILTY (Ha!)…but our names are real!

Again, a portion of the sales proceeds from this book supports Animal Welfare. Do you see a theme here? You can bet your bones this is a very PUPular trend in my way of thinkin’….and book reviewin’!

                                                   Our Most Treasured TAILS  Sixty Years of Pet Rescue



                                                    Author: Kate J. Kuligowski

                                                                 I recently met up with author….animal savior Kate Kuligowski. She was at our Balloon Museum event Furry Friends Fiesta Day, where Miss Kate introduced me to her newly released book. This is a moving memoir of her family’s life-long pursuit of animal rescue. It is a DOG-FABULOUS read about all their trials and tribulations of pet rescue. I barked out loud at some of the funny stories, I pondered some of the moving stories, I shed a few dog-tears at the sad tales…but I learned a lot about how everyone can get involved in helping save pets in need.

“This book is not just a collection of heartwarming stories as this family also seeks to seriously involve the reader, asking their help in pursuing stronger animal humane legislation. ….For the sake of your pet, of all pets, become involved.”

A must read-must have-must buy-must share Book….in my humble dog-pinion! Kate, Wally and Kurt…you done DOGGONE grrrreat! AND….this book supports FOUR very worthy New Mexico Animal Welfare groups too!
                                        And...last but not least...for pup-sure!  Here's MY Book!
                                                                                                                    TRAVELIN’ JACK’S STORY…From Shelter to Star



                                                                Author: Travelin’ Jack (yup-pup-that would be me!)

This 2011 award winning children’s book is MY pawsonal ‘DOGOGRAPHY’.

Yep it is my story…from my start at a Colorado Shelter to my dog-lustrious life now. For ages 4-9 (but everyone really!), it is a coloring storybook that entertains and teaches children about New Mexico, about how to help shelter pets…and of dog-course…about ME-Travelin’ Jack! What more could I possibly bark about…it’s just Doggone GRRRRReat! And of course….proceeds from my book support New Mexico animal welfare.

So there you have it…right from this Pup-In-The-Know….the TOP PAW BOOK PICKS for this howl-i-day season! ALL these books get the very prestigious  Travelin' Jack 5 PAW Rating!

Hurry out and get one for yourself as well as ALL your pet-friends/family.

And if all this good book reading news isn’t enough…..I – Travelin’ Jack was REVIEWED/PREVIEWED by the national pet magazine FIDO FRIENDLY in their current issue (available on newsstands everywhere).  Check out Page 54 for my pic and details written by magazine publisher herself, Susan Sims!  Thanks Susan…and doggy hugs and slurpy kisses! You can check out the magazine online at  Or better yet, sign up for your very own subscription to get this wonderful magazine about everything dogs delivered directly to you!  Now THAT's a great stocking stuffer idea, eh?  You're welcome....just another doggone good idea from Travelin' Jack!                                                              And’s HOW TO GET THESE BOOKS!

Our Most Treasured TAILS

Sixty Years of Pet Rescue

The Guys Publishing Company 2013, 242 pp. $20.00 + $1.40 NM tax and, if applicable, $3.60 S&H. Purchase from author at: The Guys Publishing Company, 905 Maverick Trail SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

OTHER BOOKS (about me!)

Contact Me…Travelin’ Jack or Jill for locations and details. or 505 220-4933

And there you have it! My 1ST ever dog-fabulous BOOK REVIEW! Gotta go now…time to get tracking to buy some books for all m friends on MY pawsonal holiday list!



  1. I just finished reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. You can see some fun dog books at where you can also hear the dog stories for the same price as a paperback book, and they are fun to listen to.

  2. this just made my day, i loved the pics of beautiful dogs! wags to you...

  3. I can relate with everyone of those!!.Your dogs look beautiful!!