Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shop till ya Drop at the Lavender Festival!

Okay...first there were dogs...LOTS of dogs at the Pet Parade...then there were all sorts of great booths to sniff and snoop around...and this canine reporter doesn't let ANYTHING get past him! No sirree doggies..... I made some fab finds at the Lavender Festival.

Did you think they JUST have lavender at this fest? Well...guess again..they EVEN have Doggie Goodies...both the edible kind and the fun duds.....bags with paws and prints and cats and many daggone fab choices...

So what's a pooch to do? Just shop, shop and shop some more till ya drop! That's my motto and I'm stickin to it! I got a brand new overnight doggie bag at the
Paws-A-Bilities's the Queen of Paws-A-Bilities, Ms. JoAnne showin' off her goods...and they are doggone grand!

And then I got hungry. Well they had all these great lavender goodies for lavender ice cream, cookies and more! But wait....YAH there was a tasty spot for doggies too....with all the gourmet pet goodies a doggaroo could want. With a name like Tailwaggin Temptations how's a dog to go wrong, eh? All I can say is YUM with a capital YUM! Some tasty findins' fer sure!

And once my tummy was full, I moseyed on over to the New Mexico Book Booth....never can have enough books in my dog-pinion....and wow what a find there! Why I even ran across a famous writer...none other than Nasario Garcia....who's penned many a fine New Mexico book!

Made me think a's about time this dog got to pawing my first book. ...and now I am dog-spired to do just that! Think I'll call it "Jack's Story...from Shelter to Star" Yep, that's it...that's the I just gotta get down to dog-business and start workin' on it.

Yep, next year at the Lavender In the Village'll find your canine bud paw-digraphing his very own book...I dog-promise!


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