Monday, June 28, 2010

Lavender Festival Pet Parade

Whooo.....doggies! This was one GRAND day! First of all, I got to meet lots of great dogs in the Pet Parade at Lavender Fest! There was Lady Gaga dog.....Fiona, the Lavender Farm Dog (think I'm in love with her!), There was Sargent K-9 in his cammies, there was a Bride and Groom couple, a family of patriotic dogs..with their persons, there were several dogs ready to take off for a Hawaiian vacation....and most of all there was fun all around!

Since I was workin' know checkin' out the dog-friendly festivals and things to do in New Mexico...I was sportin' my travelin' back pack. Little did I expect to win. I was happy just bein' part of these grand doggie festivities!

Well, first we our favorite color bandanna, compliments of Canine Country Club who were one of the main sponsors, they had water buckets around for all us thirsty pups, then we lined up and marched pup-style through the Grounds and into the Stage area. There we had a doggy blessing and then the Judges did their job...whew, and a tough one it was. With all that competition.

First they named winner of "Right off the Farm Doggie"...and little lavender farmer Fiona took the prize...then they had best family...and the whole dog and caboodle Patriotic Family took that prize....Lady Gaga snagged the Owner/Dog look alike...and she was one dolled up doggie....let me tell you. Finally, they got to BEST IN SHOW....

.....and lo and behold.....who did they name out but yours truly Travelin' Jack...aka Jack la Lane! WoW! Was I surprised....and Jill too I think! Well, we marched right up to the stage to accept our huge basket of goodies...straight from Canine Country Club!

Talk about a Big Day! One banner day for this doggaroo! I'm still flyin' high from the win! And enjoyin' my goodies too! Thanks Lavender Festival and Thanks Judges and Thanks Canine Country Club! This is just the BEST day ever!

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