Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay, we're checkin' out the happenin' spots in Santa Fe...on a santa-fa-cation! DoG-StyLe! So where to start? Well, where else but Canyon Road. Now wait a minute you say, eh? Canyon Road is not for's for art lovers.

But that's where you would be wrong! heard it here first. Canyon Road is definitely dog-friendly. Why we couldn't get kicked out of the galleries. If they weren't invitin' me in...they were runnin' to get me my own bowl of cool clear a posh water bowl no less.

We meandered from one gallery to the next...and nary a nose in the air at my arrival....nor a "NO DOGS ALLOWED HERE". Why some of that art is worth LOTS of bones in $$$s....and STILL they welcomed me.

And here's another Paws-up nod for Canyon Road......they didn't even know I am famous...and they STILL welcomed me. So what does that mean?

Well, it means you need to head to Canyon Road on your next adventure...and take your Fido...or your Fifi...or your Brutus...or your Chicita right along with you! EVERYONE...four footed and two footed travelers alike will LUV their little SANTA FE-CATION.....I dogarantee!!

sloppy kisses and doggie hugs.

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