Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Mexico's L.A.!

Ha-ha...you are thinkin' you are so smart and you know that L.A. is in California...NOT New Mexico! Isn't that right? Well...guess what..this doggaroo once again has outsmarted you! We DO have our very own L.A. in the Land of Enchantment...and that would be........

a) The Atomic City
b) The City of Discoveries
c) The place where the atomic bomb was born
d) all of the above.....

...and YES, D is the right answer. Yup, this dog knows New Mexico like the back of my paw...and the correcto answer is the one...the only..the Luv-A-Lee LOS ALAMOS!

Tucked high in the mountains, amongst some of the most amazing scenery, but there is more to Los Alamos than just great scenery! How do I know...you ask? Well, this curious pup had to find out for himself...so off we went on our own dog-scovery trip to Los Alamos!

First thing firsts..when you visit a new town....MAYBE just the best thing is to take a city tour! And you can do that in Los Alamos...with the very fabulous Buffalo Tours. They take you in their little yellow tour-mobile...and here's the BEST PET TIP of the week! (drum roll). They accept pets! Yes..that is right. My canine cousins can board the bus right along with Mom & Pop and the Kids...and off we go on a fab-tabulous tour of this town!

We roamed the hills and vales....even caught a glimpse of that mystery bridge that crosses over to the very (shhhhhhh) secretive Los Alamos Labs. Heck...they are so secretive there they wouldn't even let this Dog Reporter inside....but that's OK by me....there is plenty of good stuff to explore in Los Alamos. There are parks and there are self-guided walking tours...and that's just the beginning.

I had one fab day in Los Alamos....and let me tell you...I'm goin' back! For more fun and info...check out the Los Alamos website.

But for now...it's doggie hugs and slurpy kisses to all my FANS in Los Alamos (and other places too!)

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