Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lavender Festival......Celebrity dog-Schmoozing's one heck of a find! The Lavender Festival in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. Jill and I made the rounds at this VERY pet friendly events, great things for sale of every sort imaginable, Lavender in a dog-zillion forms, some even edible...AND dogs everywhere...even a Pet Parade (which I will cover in the next blog). But as you know...this canine reporter is always on the job....and in addition to fun finds for the four footed traveler, I am always lookin' to do a bit of celebrity snoop-dogging as well.

And who did I discover at the Lavender Fest you ask? Well, just in case you don't recognize this handsome dude (the other guy...not me!), it might be because he is not behind the wheel of his super duper racing is none other than AL UNSER, racing king of the Indy 500! about this doggaroo bein' on the fast track!

And best of all, Mr. Al is one grand dog lover as you can see from this photo...thinkin' maybe I better check out his pet friendly events that he holds at his very own Unser Racing Museum. Anyway, can't wait for more action at the Festival. It's all doggone grand in my travel explorations!

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