Friday, June 18, 2010

Look at Me...I'm A Model Now!

This is the life.....what bulldog wouldn't want to be me? I wander all over New Mexico exploring pet friendly places...I have a TV spot (called Jack's Tracks in case you forgot)...I get awards from the Governor's Conference on Tourism, I'm writin' my own magazine articles....and now I get to be a MODEL too! grand friends at the Doggie Door Company decided they needed a spokesdog for their fancy schmancy pet travel yours truly will be modeling some dandy doggie articles that NO POOCH should be without!

Today I am modeling the really special "Wacky Walker"....gotta luv the name to start with...and then....woah...what a treat to walk on this leash. It stretches with me! So instead of stopping me tight (and pulling Jill's arm out of her socket), it just gives a bit more room for roamin'....and everyone is happy! You can check it out at the store...OR you can check it out online! Just click on the doggie icon on this page! You'll find all sorts of snazzy dog stuff, I dog-uarantee!

PS Tell em Jack sent ya!

Oh and I almost forgot...we're havin' a party at their store on July celebrate Dogs in addition to ME! And YOU are invited! I'll be modeling some cool doggie stuff...and you can get a paw-digraphed photo of me!
doggie hugs and slurpy kisses


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