Thursday, June 24, 2010

TV time for Jack

Did you see me on TV on Monday? Yep..that was me....highlighted on the Enchantment Photo contest. There are a gazillion fab photos of New Mexico and yours truly was the one picked to be spotlighted on tv on Monday. They pick one a day out of those gazillion photos in the contest. This is THE photo.....shot by none other than my fab photog...Lu...she is the best in my dog-iary. This shot was taken at Ghost Ranch when we were hiking the Chimney Rock Trail. Pretty cool surroundings, eh? And if you really want to make my day...go ahead and vote for me on the contest page.

And my other recommendation......make tracks (get it---it's a bulldog joke) to check out the trails, the museums and all the doggone grand stuff at Ghost Ranch. After all...if it was good enough for Georgia's good enough for Travelin' Jack too!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!


  1. You're becoming quite the celebrity, Jack!

  2. tis true! And more to come....just got interviewed for a feature article in a New Mexico magazine, am set up for a radio interview in July...and hosting my first Paw-Dee Party in july. I'm announcing my hosting of a shelter pet monthly to help find it a forever home too.

    Thanks for following me! Luv my faithful followers....and how's my darling Zoey? Smooches for her from her long distance beau!

  3. Congratulation for became celebrity and looking nice in photo. Scented candles